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A lot of people have taken the past few weeks off to enjoy time with the family for Spring Break. Here are 10 tips for your Social Media accounts and lifestyle. It is a good time to clean house and get to those things you don’t usually have time for during a normal busy week.

  1. Enjoy time with the family in real-time (no electronics).
  2. Update your Social Media profile photo across all platforms. Isn’t it about time for a refresh? Be sure and make them all the same! It is your brand and identity, so keep them professional and consistent.
  3. Update & Change your Social Media account passwords. Make them slightly different, say your root password contains the word: Idaho then change it up for each platform: IdahoTweet! or IdahoFB!
  4. Clean house and disconnect, unfriend and delete any SPAM accounts or BOTs that have followed you or that you accidentally followed. They aren’t doing you any good, so why not just unfollow and block them now.
  5. Repeat #5 but take it to your Inbox. How many SPAM/Junk/Sales emails do you get each day that you either ignore or delete on a daily basis. Really, GAP I get an email just about every day and there is nothing I ever want to buy. I also don’t need the 30% off in-store because you never have the size I want anyway.
  6. Find some new and interesting people to follow on Twitter & Google+. See who your friends are following and follow some of the more interesting people. Also, check out your friend’s lists on Twitter–they’ve already done the hard work to filter. Most lists are public, so you can follow individuals or the list too.
  7. Check out Vine, the new ulta-short-form video service. It is catching on and is going to be sticking around for awhile. You might as well get to know it sooner than later.
  8. Pin some interesting pins to Pinterest. If you have been too busy to play with Pinterest, you are missing out. The #1 demographic on Pinterest is 28-54 year old women. Men are catching up, but there is a lot of marketing power in this platform for just about every type of business niche.
  9. Untag people from your photos. No one likes to be surprised with a shot on Facebook and not many people want the world to see them in your photos. Even with the right privacy settings, it would be best to go old school and email your buds pics from the party instead of them finding out on Google or a timeline.
  10. Create or update your company and personal LinkedIn profile pages. How long has it been since you’ve updated your online resume and the product/services pages within your company profile? If you don’t care, then you should.       (Examiner.com)

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