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May 2015

Flat Design: The Trend to Try

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There are two main stages to building a website. The design stage and the implementation stage. The design stage comes first.  What will it look like? What features will be on the home page? What does your company need to get out of having a website? How will your company be represented on the web?  A lot of planning and trial and error goes into this phase. It needs to be responsive. Important information needs to be placed before the fold. Call to Action buttons need to be clear and visible. The point of a website is to give information for your product/services and have it available on the web. So, of course, it’s important to think about these things when designing your site.

But today, it’s equally important to have a visually pleasing website that will capture your customers’ attention. With many competing websites, yours needs to stand out, and more importantly, keep your customer on it. So how will you keep your customer on your website? Here’s one tip that will engage your customer and keep them scrolling through the pages:

Embrace the new trend: Less is More.

Flat designs have become popular in the last few years, and it’s continuing to get even hotter in 2015. Flat design is a style without any stylistic elements to give the illusion of 3D. It’s focused on minimalist use of elements, typography and colors.  The simple and minimalist design is clean, attracting customers to your site. 3D designs with shadows and gradients tend to be too cluttered and distracting. A complicated website is distracting. Complicated and distracting designs will lose your visitors, text heavy sites are overwhelming, and stock images are generic and corny.  Keep it simple; Keep it flat.

Flat design really took off after it was introduced to the Windows 8 interface. This was the beginning of the shift from gradients and bulk textures to a more simple, “flat” appearance. You’ve probably noticed Google and Apple’s flat design approach with on their websites. It’s a simple design trend that is taking over major companies.


And it’s not just on the internet. Flat design is slowly taking over brands from Olive Garden to Netflix to Hershey’s.


Major businesses are re-branding their companies to stay with the trend, not only in their logos, but online as well.

Flat, minimalistic designs and simple elements allow your browser to load quickly, keeping visitors on the page. When your site won’t load, you could lose a potential customer. Many public Wi-Fi connections remain slow, leaving you with no room for a slow website. Use a flat design to keep it fast!

Stay ahead of your competitors and stay relevant with your web site. Is a flat design the right move for your company?

3 Social Media Platforms to Know

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Facebook, Twitter, Instagram… The list goes on and on of Social Media platforms that are checked daily. And just like me, you probably check more than one platform frequently. We all have our favorites and our go-to’s that we check constantly as we’re stuck in traffic, bored at work or waiting for our food at a restaurant.

There are three Social Media platforms that you’ve probably heard of but maybe haven’t check out, yet. Picasa, Vimeo and Scribd have some great advantages but the one weakness they all share: they aren’t prefered over other platforms.



Picasa is a photo organizing, editing and sharing site. The best thing about it, it’s owned by Google – so you know if has to be good. The Tagging feature allows you to do quick searches by user. And just like all Google services, Picasa is easy to use and loads quickly.



Vimeo is the platform for people interested in sharing videos with a community of positive, creative professionals. You can purchase films and series and support the creators. It’s a platform all about promotion. The downfall to Vimeo: when you hear internet videos what do you instantly think of? Not Vimeo. Although, Vimeo did sign with HBO to pick up it’s orginal series “High Maintenance.” Is Vimeo the new thing?



Scribd is the largest social publishing and reading site in the world. You simply upload your content (speech, eBook, PowerPoint) into the site and share it with others. It’s a great way to get your content in front of thousands of viewers. It has expanded into a subscription-based book service, and recently signed a deal with Penguin Random House, bringing 9,000 of the publisher’s audiobooks to the site (making Scribd have a total of 45,000 audiobooks). And don’t forget about the comics!

So, now you have it. Here are three more social media platforms to add to your daily list of To Do’s.