Changes to marketing are rapidly evolving, and so are the tactics and tools used to capture the audience. The execution of a social media strategy can help improve brand awareness, raise user engagement, and progress towards overall business goals – and this is just the tip of the iceberg! An effective strategy can also result in the growth of customer conversions, website traffic, and brand loyalty.

We realize at Social Eyes that social media marketing has quickly become a foundational pillar in marketing strategies for businesses. However, it can be difficult to figure out where to start if you haven’t quite utilized all that social media has to offer. We recognize reeling in traffic and potential business for our clients is the number one priority, which is why we put together four main components that will help you increase social media marketing success across your social media platforms.

Social Media Strategy

The more new and repeat clients we can deliver for you the better. At Social Eyes, we create different marketing strategies to fit your business’s needs, granting you the success you desire and deserve. With 91% of retail brands using two or more different media platforms, we understand the importance of having a solid marketing strategy centered around each business and platform.

We have a firm grasp on how we can help each unique business achieve these goals and create a clearer direction for them as well. As it is, companies are evolving and quickly adapting to how important having a social media strategy truly is, and at Social Eyes, we see that in order for our clients’ social media efforts to be worthwhile, a strategy will have to be implemented.

Social Media Campaigns

Creating campaigns for your company is a great way to bring in new clients and repeat customers. More importantly, campaigns will help with brand awareness and overall create an integrated marketing communication. At the end of the day, are we not trying to capture as much attention as possible?

Companies like Nike, Amazon, and Zappos have all become companies with front-running campaigns which helps create the most amount of buzz for their respective products. The growth of monthly users on social media has only escalated and has become a way for companies to come in contact with more customers. Especially in today’s modern era of advertising and communication, people regularly check their smartphones/mobile devices along with their social media feeds while traveling, relaxing, exercising, and more.

With that being said, what better way to market than through a social media campaign? This powerful industry technique is here to stay and will help your company reach out to more people around the world.

Social Media Remarketing

The only thing worse than not gaining any new customers is losing them! By remarketing to website visitors, it gives marketers another opportunity for a conversion. There are an abundance of reasons to remarket, so why not increase brand awareness and conversion rates all while gaining new customers in the process?

Social Eyes uses remarketing as a way for companies to reach highly interested audiences, increase conversion rates, and lower online advertising costs. Audiences will begin to see the remarketed ads that they’ve already shown an interest in, resulting in the brand remaining at the top of their mind.

Community Management

Being engaged with your customers and community through your social media platforms is essential. With community management, we are able to help businesses establish a stronger brand awareness while creating firm relationships with their fans, followers, and customers. There are quite a few perks community management can provide for a business:

  • Customer interaction and sales can be boosted along with the number of conversions.
  • Through conversation, a company can gather ideas and obtain feedback from its customers.
  • Potential customers can learn more about the products, content, and services.

In a perfect world, the escalation of sales, conversions, and overall traffic to your website increases! Investing in community management can make that an attainable goal, and can route your company on the path towards a long-term business with a strong brand.

Social media has become an increasingly important aspect of marketing and the role it plays in retaining and gaining customers. By having a strong social media marketing strategy it can attribute to a wide variety of perks for your business including brand awareness, repeat traffic, conversions, and more.

The four components mentioned above are a few key staples we see as imperative for effective social media marketing and a good stepping stone for companies trying to compete in this modern era of marketing. If you’re looking for assistance or simply just a place to start, Social Eyes has the tools, team, and experience to help you achieve success through your social media platforms! Give us a call today to get started.

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