Competition will always be present, but how do you distinguish yourself from your competitors? It can be difficult to gauge this when you aren’t quite sure what the next best step is. At Social Eyes Marketing, graphic design is seen as a key fundamental for recreating a company’s image and a perfect place to start when trying to gain more attention for your brand! Overall, the branding of your company can affect your company along with the future profitability of your company. As your friend in the marketing world, we put together the four types of graphic design elements used to change your image and increase brand awareness!

Logo Design

Some of the most renowned companies can be easily distinguished based on their logo. Even if it’s a fortune 500, the name of the company won’t be needed as much as the logo because the logo has gained so much attention and popularity to the point where it’s easily recognizable. At Social Eyes Marketing, our graphic design team realizes this is highly important. A modern and unique logo can be a significant difference-maker when trying to gain more brand awareness for your company. By grasping a firm identity with your company, you can increase success rates all while giving your customers a brand they can trust!
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Social Media Marketing

It seems today that social media is tied into almost everything. Brands have turned to social media as an easy outlet to get their name out there, all while establishing their logo across multiple platforms to increase awareness and popularity. Furthermore, the consistency of these posts increases loyalty and trust amongst current and future clients. With a whopping 90% of people expecting brand consistency amongst all social media platforms, Social Eyes Marketing realizes the importance of sticking to this method. By creating a repetitive identity across multiple platforms, not only do you create a recognizable brand in your marketing presence, but it gives your customers a sense of trust that wouldn’t be obtainable without it. Afterall, strong branding can give people the confidence that they have chosen the right company to fit their needs, in turn creating loyal customers.

Print Materials

Perhaps your company isn’t quite tied into the digital world of marketing. That’s fine! Social Eyes Marketing realizes that print marketing is still alive and well. Printed brand material gives your customers a tangible product to hold on to, and with consistent advertising, they will be holding your brand in their hands more than once! Digital media advertising works well, but with the density of online advertisements, it’s easy for a future customer to swipe or scroll past your ad. Print marketing can allow you to directly target your audience, placing your brand’s advertisement right in their hand! Whether your company markets through the use of brochures, flyers, or mailers, our team has the marketing and design skills to get your company the awareness it desires.
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Website Branding

Like most branding methods, a consistent presence of your logo can create trust and loyalty from your clients! When it comes to branding on your company’s website, it’s important to create a balanced distribution of your logo to build those pillars of authority and trustworthiness with your customers. Perhaps the most important piece to website branding is by establishing a high level of authenticity. Customers want to know the brand they’re looking at lacks no authenticity, because who would want to establish a relationship with a company that is perceived as dishonest? As it is, the numbers show 91% of consumers choose to place their trust in brands that have proven their authenticity! This element, along with brand consistency across your page, is a great way to foster those lifelong customers you and the business world crave. Our web design and marketing team are more than happy to help ensure your branding stays at the forefront of your web presence!

With the business world growing rapidly every day and digital media having a dominant presence, it’s imperative to stay on top of the competition. Whether its company branding, product branding, or personal branding, logo design and overall brand development is essential for any business. With graphic design being a key asset to any company, having help from professionals to create a consistent yet unique brand design might be a good idea. At Social Eyes Marketing, we look to be your friends along the way in the web design process, so the only traffic you run into is when new and repeat customers keep coming back!

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