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Social media tools may not be difficult to figure out, but using these tools for a specific purpose is still a challenge for many. No matter what your business, you can use social media either to find new customers or answer your customers’ questions.

However, before you jump in the social media universe to publicize your brand or start a new campaign, you need to ask these important questions.

What do I want?

Your business will always be in one of these stages: creating brand awareness, providing product information, answering questions, giving comparisons, selling the product or service.

What are my objectives and expected result?

You may have just started your business or you may have launched a new product. The content you develop will fit into one of these categories. Eventually you will have to develop content for each stage, but it is important to define the immediate activity and objective of any campaign. For example, you want to create a buzz for a new product. It is important that you define this objective and define the kind of results you expect from this exercise.

Which Medium to Use?

You have your objective defined – create awareness for your new product. Depending on your business and product, you have to determine the type of media that is most suitable to create a buzz. If your products mainly appeal to visual senses, then creating content in the visual medium is the right choice. For example, if you are a tattoo artist, people will want to see your designs before they come to you and these will also appeal to tattoo enthusiasts. Long texts or short text messages will definitely not have the desired impact.

Which medium will have maximum impact on my customers?

Apart from matching the medium to the product, if you the only contributor to social media activities, selecting the media that best suits your business and that you are good at producing without investing a lot of time will give better results.

Which Social Media Network Will Help?

This is an age-old ideology in HR departments – find a person suitable for the job you have rather than adjusting the job to fit the available candidate.

Fit a social media network to the business, not the other way round.

Now you know your objective and the type of content you need to publish to create a buzz for your product. The time has come to go social media network hunting – with so many around, it can get really confusing. The most important factor, of course, is which network has the most number of active subscribers. For visual media, Pinterest, Instagram, and Youtube are your best bets.

Did it Work?

Any improvement in strategy is possible only when you measure the response to your campaign. If your objective was to create brand or product awareness, how many likes, shares, and visits to the product page did you get? Although these numbers do not guarantee that all the people will remember your brand, they can indicate brand exposure or reach. Brandon Hickie explains different methods you can use to measure the impact of your campaign.

Count the numbers!

These numbers can indicate that the people who engaged in any of these activities know about the brand or the product. There would be others who saw but did not Like or share, but that number can only be higher than those who did click or Like.


So here we are, with a simple 4-step process that ensures your social media activities for business are not random and thoughtless.

Step 1: Define your social media objectives and their expected results.

Step 2: Identify media that best portray your products.

Step 3: Identify social media networks that support your objectives and media.

Step 4: Measure and adjust your social media strategy.

Answering these questions will provide you with a concrete plan to work on your social media strategy. How do you measure the success of your social media presence and your activities on social media networks?

(By: Business to Community)

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