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Throughout the years, the design of business logos has morphed tremendously. With the marketing world transitioning to primarily online, simplified logos are becoming more popular. It’s significantly easier for a customer to remember a logo that portrays your company in a modern, sleek design rather than an overly complicated one.
Let’s take a look at the famous logo revamp of Coca-Cola. In 2007, when the company decided to simplify their logo they connected with a new generation, increased sales, and rekindled the love of Coca-Cola within the older generations. One of their new founding logo principles was “the confidence to be simple.” This case study is a prime example of how revamping your logo can reap numerous benefits for your business. Our team at Social Eyes Marketing has created a list that shares more of the advantages that you will receive after a logo redesign!

Keeps Your Logo Modern

It’s no secret that minimalistic business logos are highly popular among companies still in their infancy. This is actually changing the way that established companies are viewing their own logos. To stay popular amongst the up and coming brands large companies are realizing that they need to modernize their logos. A few ways to create a modern logo are by using simple lines, clean layouts, and bold colors. Utilizing a logo revamp also shows your customers and competitors that you are here to stay and you are ready to be flexible with the new market trends!

Attracts New Customers

Your logo may be the first thing a potential customer sees when they look up business in your genre. If you have a lackluster design, then they may scroll right past it to something newer and more visually appealing. If you have an eye-catching logo, even if the customer doesn’t initially click on your website, they will have a much higher chance of remembering your logo which will bring business in the future.
Now that we understand that younger clients look for modern logos, what about older generations? For the established brands to make all ages happy, they need to take a deep dive into why their current logo keeps customers coming back. Is it purely based on nostalgia or is there a certain color palette? Understanding this can help you redesign your logo to incorporate the elements that will appeal to your entire audience.

Reflects Your Company Identity

Every little line, splash of color, and word in your logo is going to reflect your company’s identity. Your logo is going to be the first symbol of your business that new clients will see and base their initial opinion on. Within your logo, people are going to associate your values, character, and company values all in one glance. There are many different types of logos to choose from while you are in the redesign process and you can learn from your previous logo how customers portrayed it. Learning from your current client base and asking other customers in the market is a very effective way to create a logo that accurately represents your company’s identity.

Consistent Across All Platforms

Having your logo consistent across all platforms is very beneficial for brand recognition and brand trust. If you have multiple company logos or even ones that vary slightly, then a customer is significantly less likely to remember your logo. Brand consistency is the best way to foster lifelong relationships with customers. Having a vast knowledge of your services and knowing what to expect every time they use your services helps customers feel like they personally know you. Revamping your logo to be consistent and being able to take your logo and put it everywhere you can from vans to t-shirts to all of your online platforms is going to help build your brand recognition!

Increased Revenue

When you put all of these benefits together and see how they are able to grow your customer base and promote long-lasting relationships. This will ultimately lead to increased revenue! A logo revamp will attract new clients as well as get others talking about how you changed your design. The chatter about your business will get others interested in your products or help you become a well-known brand in many households. Not only can it boost business, but all engagement on your website and social media platforms. High engagement levels can bring your business to the front page of Google or on the explore page of other platforms to get you more customers.

A logo revamp is not something to be taken lightly. When you decide it’s time to take the leap, hiring a professional is the best way to effectively update your logo. If you make a half-effort attempt to change your logo, you will see a decline in your customer base and brand recognition. Our professional design team at Social Eyes Marketing is eager to help you create a logo that fits your company’s values while fostering a modern, cutting-edge appearance. Contact us today to start your logo redesign!

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