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With users sharing countless of links each day, the potential for Pinterest as an SEO tool is huge. Pinning photos from your site – or encouraging users to do so – creates many high-quality backlinks, which can be excellent for SEO. Furthermore, Pinterest can also be an incredible source of new traffic from search engines. However, there are certain steps businesses must take in order to make this powerful tool work in their favor.

Many new Pinterest users are so enthralled by the network that they spend hours creating boards and pinning content that others will love or find engaging. However, all of this time and effort is in vain if your boards and pins are completely hidden from search engines.

Hiding your boards from search engines can cause you to lose massive traffic. When you set up your Pinterest account, it is important that you fix your settings so your pins and boards get indexed by the search engines. Doing this only takes a second and is extremely easy. Just go to “Settings” and make sure the “hide” setting is set to OFF. Click “save” and you’re done!

Here are some other great tips on using Pinterest for SEO:

  1. One of the most important things you can do is VERIFY YOUR WEBSITE! This is an extremely easy and powerful way to boost your profile in search results.
  2. Use Hashtags and categories to tag your content appropriately and organize your boards with relevant content.
  3. “Liking” other people’s/page’s pins may count as a “Social Signal” and help to increase page rank. Liking, commenting, and repining will also help you build relationships over Pinterest, which will in turn create an engaged following willing to share your content as well.
  4. Connecting your Facebook and Twitter accounts to Pinterest is another good way to cross-promote your brand and content. Also, having a strong social presence connected to your website tells Google that you’re a trusted source of information, and will give you a nice SEO bump.
  5. Make sure the images you pin have descriptive file names and alt text. If you are uploading photos, don’t make the mistake of using their default name (which could be something like img19984.jpg) – this doesn’t help you at all in search. However, uploading a clearly-named image like “Facebook Advertising Graph.jpg” can help a search engine decipher what your image is about much more easily.

According to Social Media Stats from 2012, Pinterest drives more referral traffic than Google+, LinkedIn, and YouTube combined. With 11 million users and growing, Pinterest gives companies the opportunity to leverage visual content, quality descriptions, and market research while growing their reach and improving their SEO. Pinterest, like any other social networking site, rewards great content. Focus on creating remarkable content and a strong community around your brand, and you will get results.

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