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There are many different approaches to digital marketing strategy. For this reason, it is important for every business to develop a digital marketing strategy that keeps up with current trends and Google algorithms- that’s where we can help.

What is a digital marketing strategy?

Digital marketing is the advertising of products or services through digital technologies. While there are many forms of digital marketing, each digital marketing strategy can be customized for a particular target market.

Keeping up with trends is a full-time job in itself, but there are a few steps your business can take to be ahead of the curve and future-proof your marketing strategy.

To start, your new digital marketing plan should begin with an evaluation of what you are currently excelling at within your current marketing strategy, as well as a compilation of the factors that need improvement.
Your updated digital marketing strategy framework should include:

  • SEO
  • Content Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Pay-Per-Click Advertising
  • Google Analytics
  • Email Marketing

But which of these are the best digital marketing strategy tips?

Truth be told, one topic is not more important than the other. Each digital marketing tactic works collectively with the others to maximize your business growth.


So, where should you start?

Search Engine Optimization [SEO]

The first and primary focus of your digital marketing strategy should revolve around SEO. Essentially, this is the practice of using specific keywords and focused content to increase your visibility and page authority.

Anytime someone searches Google for information, Google will provide the results in order of the highest page authority first. Companies can pay to have their business’ landing page listed first through pay per click (which we will discuss later) but the goal of successful SEO is lead generation through optimized keywords to increase website traffic.

If your marketing efforts do not include a focus on SEO, your marketing plans most likely will not generate the results you are searching for.
To update your digital marketing strategy with successful SEO, we suggest starting with:

  1. Do Thorough Keyword Research– It’s important to know what words and phrases people are entering into their search engines when looking for a product or service similar to yours.
  2. Assess Keyword Ranking Difficulty– If there is a lot of traffic and the keyword ranking is difficult, it may be a waste of time to try to rank for that keyword. Remember, the goal is to generate more traffic, so if you can find a keyword that is specific to your business but also unique enough to drive people towards your website, you’re in the money spot.
  3. Use a Content Audit or SEO Plugin– Go through your old posts and pages to see where you can improve the verbiage and content on your page. There may be missed opportunities to add keywords that were not there before. *Note- Be careful not to stuff keywords in unnecessarily. Google will see this as a scam and your page can be punished for trying to trick the algorithm.

If you’d like more information on SEO and its impact on your digital marketing strategy, click here! Otherwise, read on for more digital marketing strategy techniques.


Content Marketing Strategy

You may have heard the myth that blogging is dead. You’ve maybe heard that it’s a saturated and convoluted area of the internet that has little to no return on investment.

This is false.

Blogging is one of the most impactful ways to amp up your digital marketing strategy.

Most marketers agree that adding a recurring blog post to your website is actually a successful strategy for your marketing campaign. The reason this digital strategy works is that with each article (when SEO focused) Google will recognize the additional content as support to your page authority.

When people search for specific keywords, the Google search results will find the pages that seem like the best experts on that topic. Predictive analytics can help your marketing team determine what keywords best fit your company, but your marketing plan needs to reflect the results.

Social media posts are another great form of content marketing that deserves its own pillar in your digital marketing campaign.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing strategy includes the utilization of multiple social media platforms. The more digital media outlets your company is a part of, the more potential customers you can reach through different social media channels. Social media ads increase brand awareness with each and every post, and that’s the key to this type of marketing strategy–more posts.


By providing your viewers with a steady stream of posts and stories, your business has an opportunity to engage and build a following. Constant content, that is focused on your brand, aids Google in noticing your business as an authority.

You are playing into the algorithm by being responsive and engaging with your viewers. Some companies see this digital marketing strategy as a waste of money because it is difficult to gauge the ROI of the time and resources used to create content. With over 4.62 Billion people using social media in 2022, it’s hard to argue that the number of eyes alone on your content will eventually lead to increased conversion rates.

Another digital marketing strategy within the digital media platform is to promote or boost your popular posts. Many digital channels allow you to boost engagement through a social media campaign. You can do this by sponsoring ads on social media, or simply adding content to your social media that is focused on your ideal clientele.

Video Marketing Strategy

A popular addition to current digital marketing strategy techniques is the addition of video production. The best digital marketing strategies increase conversion rate optimization by drawing attention to an informative and captivating video.

Social media has added opportunities for a variety of video marketing in the form of posts, stories, and reels. Wise digital advertising marketing tactics must include adding video to all social media marketing in order to keep up with the current trends.

Video marketing is so important to your digital marketing strategy, that it is predicted that 82% of global traffic will come from video streaming and downloads in 2022. It’s important that you only post your own business-owned media to avoid copyright infractions.


Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Paid ads are critically important to all digital marketing campaigns. It’s the most effective and efficient way to get your company in front of your target audience, though, it does require businesses to spend money in order to generate leads.

PPC ads actually work hand in hand with your SEO digital marketing tactics. While SEO focuses on free, organic traffic, PPC focuses on paid media or advertising to supplement your online marketing strategy.

How does “pay per click” work?

When a potential client searches for certain keywords or phrases, the search engine results page [SERP] will list the paid ads associated with those keywords first. This is why SEO and pay-per-click ads work together. With proper SEO, your paid media advertisements will be seen first.


The tricky part about paid advertising is that the company promoting the ad is obligated to pay a certain budgeted amount every time a viewer clicks on the link.

It may seem daunting to be financially hostage to an unknown amount of client clicks, but this is just the beginning of the digital marketing strategy sales funnel.

Buyer Personas

Many marketers make their strategic decisions based on the buyer persona of their ideal client. This is actually a key component to a successful digital marketing strategy that many people take for granted.

Buyer personas are a semi-fictional representation of your existing and potential new customers. It is an idea of who you want buying your products and what demographic of people need the services you offer.

So, how can you create buyer personas for your company?

The best place to start is by gathering information about your existing customers. What is their average age? What do they do for fun? What online channels are they watching? Is there maybe a common job title amongst your customers? Maybe your product is specific to plumbers or teachers?


By understanding who your ideal client is, you can streamline your marketing efforts towards your target audience and create content tailor-made for conversions.

Google Analytics

Marketing analytics are crucial to the development of any digital marketing strategy. The utilization of marketing analytics will help your business measure, manage and analyze its marketing performance.

When you utilize Google Analytics to help monitor your digital marketing performance, you get key insight into what is working well in your marketing strategy and what can use improvement. The valuable information gathered through predictive analytics can help you figure out how to be more efficient with your digital marketing plan. You can track bounce rates, conversions, and better understand your target audience.

Your content marketing team should be visiting a marketing analytics page at least once a month in order to reveal the pattern of your digital marketing strategy’s success. You can see where your Ads are excelling or failing and can adjust from there.

Email Marketing Strategy

Have you ever signed up for a company’s email list in order to save money on your purchase? Maybe you are a fan of a business and want to keep up with pop-up events or specials on services. Email marketing is possibly the closest marketing strategy to traditional media marketing there is.

Utilizing an email marketing strategy is a great way to build customer loyalty. This digital strategy allows your business to connect with existing and new customers by sharing marketing messages that immensely benefit your marketing campaign.


Email marketing provides your target audience an opportunity to learn about new offers and click within the email to receive those special offers that direct your client to a landing page to purchase your goods and services.

The best part is you can set up your email messages to be sent out on an automated schedule. Retaining existing customers is simple through regularly scheduled messages containing news and special offers. Getting new emails added to your email list is as easy as adding a call to action button to your website. Easy as pie!

Keeping Up With Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is an ongoing component of every business that requires time and dedication. For this reason, digital marketers turn to a digital marketing agency for assistance. These trained professionals regularly keep up with all of the latest marketing trends and implement them to increase your business growth.


A digital marketing agency strives to produce results-based marketing with digital marketing strategies. In other words, traditional marketing strategies (such as cold calling and direct mail) are generally dismissed among digital marketing agencies.

The idea is to provide digital marketing strategies through the use of an agency that is made up of digital marketing professionals with years of experience in this field.

If you need help achieving your marketing goals, we’d love to help! Digital marketing is all about finding efficient ways to reach your customers and at Social Eyes Marketing, we are experts at meeting and exceeding your business goals. Contact us for a free consultation today.

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