10 Assisted Living Marketing Strategies

Since the rise of technology in recent years, marketing strategies have needed to adapt to a digital world. With the popularity of digital marketing growing, assisted care facilities are finding their marketing strategies to be stale and ineffective. Below are strategies your assisted care facility can utilize for marketing in the digital age.

1. Provide Testimonials from Clients

Testimonials are incredibly effective in gaining a clients interest, and more importantly trust. By providing testimonials from existing clients, you are simultaneously building trust with future clientele, and boosting SEO efforts as well.

This can be done in a couple of ways, namely with Google reviews and testimonials featured on your website. Google reviews are incredibly important when it comes to improving SEO rankings. Encourage those who you’ve worked with to leave a review, chances are they’ll say yes.

Benefits of having Google reviews:

  • They help localize your business
  • They offer reassurance for potential clientele
  • If given a negative review, your business has the opportunity to quickly respond
  • They provide transparency for interested clientele

Benefits of website testimonials:

  • They establish your company’s credibility
  • They can provide specific reasons why people like your company
  • They can speak to different target demographics, personalizing customer experience
  • Video testimonials and photos of those giving testimonials are great content for your site

2. Prioritize Search Engine Optimization

SEO, the acronym for search engine optimization, is an essential marketing strategy any company can possess, regardless of the product or the consumer. What is it? It’s an effective way to build an online following. Nowadays people conduct Google searches in order to find anything and everything. The results pages go on for days, but the majority of people only click on the first page of results. Effective SEO use means that your page can pop up on the first page of a given search result.

There’s a lot to consider when learning about SEO. Here are a few things to know when getting started:

  • Write original content
  • Post frequently
  • Use links in your posts
  • Keywords are essential

3. Advertise Daily Life

Post pictures on social media of residents participating in day to day activities. Upload a video tour of the facility and post it on both your website and social media accounts to give potential clients a better idea of the atmosphere of the assisted living facility. Providing a clear vision of what those living in an assisted care facility will look like can offer peace of mind to both the person moving in and their loved ones while also creating positive content for your website and social media pages.

4. Appeal to the Adult Child and to Their Prospective Parents

Understand the two main demographics you will be marketing to; the possible feature client, and their respective loved one, which is usually a child or close family member. Knowing the different concerns from each demographic will allow you to market and reassure your potential clients accordingly.

Reaching your target audience can be done effectively by advertising on social media platforms, as they allow you to better reach your target audiences. These sites better allow you to reach your target demographic by reaching those with specific family structures and interests. Similar to Google reviews, advertising on social media platforms can geographically localize your business, so you can better reach future clientele as well.

5. If Your Facility Accommodates Pets or Married Clients, Advertise It

Advertising these benefits helps your assisted care facility stand out from the crowd. Use testimonials and pictures of current clients with their spouses or pets in ads. One of the ways to ease concerns for potential clients is to advertise the benefits many may not consider. Accommodations for married clients and facilities that accommodate pets are important benefits that deserve recognition. If your client knows that their home can come with them, they are more likely to view the facility as a safe and caring place.

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6. Use Social Media to Your Advantage

Social media is not just for Gen Z and Millennials! If you’re not already taking advantage of this resource, you’re missing out. Platforms such as Facebook and Instagram are effective in advertising your business. They’re free and can improve search engine rankings (discussed later).

Take advantage of social media by having a business account as well. Similar to Google reviews, Facebook reviews can help your business appear in the Facebook feed and boost SEO rankings. Having a social media page can also lower advertising expenses, and further exposure to potential clients as well. Social media pages provide potential clients with an understanding of your facility. Content-rich posts such as videos of residential life and pictures of unique and important parts of your facility are all vital to show future clientele why they should choose your facility.
Platforms to consider:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • YouTube
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest

7. Create A Blog on Your Website and Post Regularly

It’s important to recognize and utilize SEO, however, in order to further your page ranking, your site must offer information-rich content. Blog posts are a great way to kill two birds with one stone. You can boost your SEO ranking while simultaneously offering valuable information for potential clients. Blog posts can range in topics, from the importance of having animal visitors to how to properly save for retirement. Offer to accept contributions from other writers as well, this can help build up your site’s credibility and keep the content fresh.

8. Take Part in Community Events

Community events are special. They provide you the opportunity to market to a target audience in person, and to build interpersonal relationships with potential clients. Having a booth or table with pamphlets isn’t enough though. Offer free tours of your facility when speaking to people. Create contests or raffles to attract more people to your booth. Building interpersonal relationships is incredibly important, it builds trust, and can turn a prospective client into an actual client.

9. Recognize the Different Needs of Clients

Advertise to the individual rather than the collective whole. Viewing clients as people first once again helps build those interpersonal relationships that are so important. Recognizing that clients will have varying needs helps both you and those living in your assisted care facility.

Here are two things you can do to better understand the different needs of clients:

  1. Take surveys from existing clients
  2. When talking with potential clientele, ask what they are looking for in an assisted living home. If your business does not already offer this, take note. If this is a noted pattern, consider adapting your facility to better match the needs of these potential clients.

Below are a few things to keep in mind that a potential client is seeking:

  • Do your clients want privacy?
  • Is a strong community important to your client?
  • Are dietary needs accommodated easily?
  • Is there an onsite religious facility?
  • Is there handicap access?
  • Does your facility offer an outdoor space for fresh air?
  • What sort of care does your facility offer to those with mental illness/disabilities?

10. Don’t be Scared to Discuss End of Life Treatment

This is undoubtedly an uncomfortable topic to discuss. After all, no one wants to talk about what will happen when they die. However, addressing this topic in a sensitive and respectful manner can be incredibly beneficial to both you and your future clients. They and their loved ones need to be assured that when the time comes, they will be properly cared for. Advertising the different treatment options your assisted living facility offers provides reassurance and transparency for your business.

Using these creative ideas, with a mix of help from strategic digital marketing experts, such as the team at Social Eyes Marketing, you can bring your assisted living facility to the next level. Contact us at 208-955-6679 for a free consultation today!

Senior Living marketing, web design, branding
Assisted Living marketing, web design, branding
Assisted Living marketing, web design, branding

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