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Gone are the days of advertising in the Yellow Pages to attract potential clients. People seeking legal advice from attorneys and lawyers are now relying on search engines and social media to answer the question of “Who is the best attorney near me?”

But how do you help searchers find your page without violating Rule 7.3 in the ABA’s Model Rules of Professional Conduct?


If you are an Attorney at Law or a Lawyer looking to expand your practice area or generate new leads and prospective clients, search engine optimization (SEO) should be the number one focus of your legal marketing strategy.

So, where do you start?

Law Firm SEO Strategy

The first step in optimizing your law firm SEO is to look at your law firm’s website. Specific keywords that are applicable to the legal industry and legal services that your law firm provides should be the first thing a potential client sees when visiting your site.

Proper and relevant legal jargon that fits the needs of your potential clients will streamline your law firm’s website to the top of Google’s organic search results page if used correctly.

Successful Seo for lawyers and attorneys goes beyond throwing a slew of legal keywords together, though. You need to focus your keywords towards your target audience without seeming to solicit new clients.

SEO for law firms can seem daunting at first, but once you establish who you are marketing to and what keywords will get your website noticed, you’ll be on the right path!

Know Your Target Audience

If you were a fisherman, your goal would be to catch as many fish as possible. Without specific bait, however, your fisherman’s net could fill up with a variety of unsellable fish.

As a lawyer or an attorney, the bait (keywords) you cast out on a line need to attract the fish (potential clients) that will meet your marketing goals.

Are you a divorce lawyer? An injury attorney? What type of lawyer are you and who do you want to call your office?

When figuring out what “fish” you want to catch in your net, it’s best to create buyer personas for your desired clients. For example, if you are an injury attorney, your ideal client is someone who was a victim in an accident that their insurance is unwilling to pay for.


That victim is most likely going to type “personal injury attorney near me” into the Google search engine. Google will then present the victim with the top local search results of law firms whose website seems like it presents the best solution to the search.

The best way to figure out a buyer persona for your law firm is to place yourself in the shoes of your future client. By doing so, you are better able to understand what search terms they are looking for in their online search order to find your service.

Keyword Research

The goal of developing a buyer persona is to anticipate a cluster of keywords that make your SEO efforts worthwhile. Your buyer persona holds the key to your SEO marketing and will make it easier to attract the clients you want.

Once you have a firm understanding of your target audience, the next step is to determine what words they are likely to type into their search engines.

These are the words you want on your law firm website.

If you are struggling to come up with a string of keywords, there are several free keyword research tools online that can help inspire and direct your search efforts.

With concise keyword research, you can increase the organic search results for your firm’s site by finding creative ways to incorporate these particular words into your website copy.

You should place these words into the meta descriptions of your photos and videos as well as within your blogs and any additional copy you write for your website.

SEO Campaign Goals

Now that you have contemplated who your audience is and have conducted keyword research specific to your law firm’s services, the next step is to revisit your marketing goals.

If your website isn’t already optimized with legal SEO, the best step is to incorporate your newly found/target keywords into your website text so that you can accurately assess your marketing strategy.

Next, make sure that your personal pages such as Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram, etc are all optimized with your keywords. This will help your marketing immensely because google will recognize consistency across all platforms.

seo 2

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is an excellent way to track the metrics of your SEO success. It helps you see lead generations, email opt-ins, and much more.

By understanding and tracking ranking factors such as page load time and optimization, you can better adjust your marketing tactics to match the trends and interactions on your website.

Digital Marketing Strategy

At the end of the day, your SEO strategy should result in getting your law firm to the top of Google’s search results page. There are many SEO companies that provide marketing services that can help your law firm accomplish this goal, and they usually start with these major areas of digital marketing.

Optimizing You Law Firm’s Website

When it comes to law firm websites, clients can often get lost if the web design is not clear and concise. Your first page/landing page is critical to conversions for your law firm and should be easy to navigate.

70% of law firms gain new clients through a web search. So, why not make your website as easy to use for your potential client as possible?

When optimizing your law firm website, the best place to look at is your headings and title tags. Web page titles can help visitors easily discover answers to the questions they came looking for answers to without having to read walls of content.

A more complicated but vital part of optimizing your website is to test the core web vitals of your website. This includes measuring user experience—loading, interactivity, and visual stability.

Link Building

Link building is one of the most important aspects of conversion and page ranking for your website. It is one of the core web vitals of Google’s algorithm which means that when done correctly, external and internal linking will boost your search engine rankings.

seo1 2

Google ranking factors take into account how many other pages choose to link to your website and how many pages your website links to. When enough external websites link to your website, Google will rank your website closer to the top, making you the authority in your practice area.

Achieve Attorney SEO With a Blog Post

Any SEO agency will tell you that one of the most effective SEO tactics out there is to create content. This can be done with captivating social media posts, but those take a lot of time to compile.

Regular posts that utilize keyword research require time that your law firm personnel may not have. Many law firms hire an SEO company that can quickly create high-quality content that drives traffic to their law firm’s site enabling lawyers and attorneys to focus their time on their paying clients.


Whether your law firm decides to hire an expert or wants to generate content themselves, the most effective way to incorporate your local SEO for lawyers and attorneys is through blog posting.

When writing a blog post that utilizes your keywords, one of the best starting points is research. Look at what people (your buyer personas) are typing into their search engines when looking for your chosen topic.

Once you’ve seen what people are searching for, you can incorporate those questions and answers into the text of your blog. You can lace your blog with technical SEO for lawyers and attorneys that not only help your future clients but also help meet your personal SEO goals.

You can also offer guest post on your blogs as a way to build SEO for attorneys and SEO for lawyers. This is a great way to ensure that your website appears on the Google search results page closer to the top.

Google My Business Online Reviews

When you look at most law firm websites, you’re likely to find a mixture of positive and negative client reviews. Believe it or not, these reviews are included in the search engine optimization of your law firm’s website.


Obviously, positive reviews have the same impact as positive word-of-mouth marketing. The more positive comments and more reviews a law firm has, the higher the law firm website will rank on Google’s search engine results pages for your specific type of practice.

Negative reviews can also help with law firm SEO because they provide your law firm an opportunity to show that you are responsive and willing to make things right. It helps with reputation management.

SEO Success with Social Eyes Marketing

At Social Eyes Marketing, we specialize in on-site SEO, off-site SEO, and technical SEO for your law practice. Our expertise in attorney and lawyer SEO for law firms has helped connect high-quality sales leads to the best, premium law firms through our SEO services. Contact us so that we can get your phone ringing!

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