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Drive traffic to your site using our digital marketing strategy
Develop multiple successful sales pitches
Devise a plan that motivates employees to sell at a high level
Easily track conversion rates to motivate your team
Lower your attrition rate
Upsell your wash plans

Our consulting services touch on the three most important aspects of a strong car wash operation:


This is going to take a high level of engagement from your management team and a laser focus approach on reaching the goals they’ve set for the day. Some customers can’t say no to a great deal! Senior Day? Say no more! Having options and mixing things up occasionally keeps your customers excited and your salespeople continually engaged. Monthly memberships are a car wash’s bread and butter, and selling them is not rocket science.

Customer Service

We don’t want your customers to leave satisfied, we want them to have such a great time that they’re already looking forward to coming back. Some people don’t necessarily shop at your business because you have the best product. Making customers feel welcome and at home is what matters to many who step foot on your property. Cultivating that “at home” feel in combination with the gold standard service will do more than give you a happy customer. It’s going to create an ambassador for your company.


We specialize in giving your team the tools necessary to build the type of environment that keeps customers coming back. When your culture becomes unmistakably unique, you have effectively created a brand. Everyone loves going to Chick-Fil-A. Don’t get me wrong, the food is good, but that’s not why you go there three times a week. Their friendly smiles, the genuine connection between customer and staff, the high level of professionalism, and their signature appreciation for your business keeps the lines backed up to the street.

Car Wash Case Study: Rocket Express

Rocket Express opened in 2010 in Twin Falls, ID, serving a total population of 42,000.
They washed over 195,000 cars in 12 months, setting a national record for cars washed in the first year of operation.
The Rocket Express brand continued to grow, opening four more locations.
Under Justin Russell’s leadership, the Twin Falls location washed over 380,000 cars in 2018.
In 2021, Justin transitioned to the Boise location and grew that location from 6,000 to 9,000 monthly members within a 3-month period.
In 2021, the Boise Rocket washed 310,000 vehicles; 50,000 more cars than the year prior. 
Towards the end of 2021, the owners sold the Rocket Express brand to a large conglomerate for an unprecedented amount of money for the car wash industry. 
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Blane Russell - Managing Partner


Justin Russell - Partner

Your Car Wash Marketing Team

I’m Blane Russell, founder and managing partner of Social Eyes Marketing

At Social Eyes Marketing, we turn complex and unpredictable human behavior into a calculated and targeted strategy that will grow your car wash business using search engines and social platforms

We aim to create a long-term mutually beneficial relationship that is constantly evolving to stay on the cutting edge of the industry, bringing you success every step of the way. While you focus your energy on your car wash business and the customers that support you, we’ll focus on packing your car wash lanes.

Our formula for success in digital marketing and search engine optimization (SEO) has been proven time and again, starting with our very first client Rocket Express Car Wash. Using our expertise Rocket Express set a national sales record for the first year in operation.

Within only 5 years they began washing over 300,000 cars each year, even while being closed on Sundays. Their now 5 locations boast an impressive 38,000 car wash club members and continue to drive impressive ROI numbers.

I recently partnered with my nephew, Justin Russell, who has 11 years of hands-on experience in the car wash industry and knows how to ensure that your business experiences outstanding success.

Justin worked with Rocket Express to grow their monthly wash club, selling over 1,400 memberships in a 30-day period and reaching daily conversion rates of 10-15% under his leadership. During his time there, the Boise Rocket Express location grew by over 2,500 monthly members and earned $250,000 more in annual gross revenue than the other 4 locations in just over a year.

Social Eyes Marketing will grow your customer base and Justin will ensure you keep those high-value membership customers. Our consulting service that offers training in the Gold Standard of Service will teach you how to enhance the customer experience, enrich your work culture, master your sales pitch, find and retain rockstar employees, and more.

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