10 Car Wash Marketing Strategies

The car wash industry is booming and while that is great for car wash owners, with more facilities being built each day, it becomes more and more difficult to get new customers in this increasingly competitive industry. How do you get new customer’s attention and once you have them how to keep them loyal to your car wash?

Cutting edge and innovative car washes know that old marketing tactics just won’t work anymore, but with a creative mix of PR and Internet marketing you can leave your competition in the dust and have more clients that you could hope for.

1. Dump Direct Mail

Direct mail has long been a stalwart of the marketing community, but the world, and the way we market to it, has changed dramatically in the past few years, making direct mail a dinosaur in the industry. Much like a dinosaur, it is old and bulky, and this expensive tactic can eat your marketing budget up alive.

Digital marketing is far more effective, not only because it is so much more cost effective, but with strategic targeting you are no longer just marketing to everyone who has a mail box, you are advertising to the people who are most likely to be a long-term customer at your car wash.

2. Recognize Your Loyal Clients

You are in the car wash industry, so you already know that the larger percentage of income generally comes from your regular, monthly customers. Since your wash club members are so important to the bottom line, it is important to encourage joining and bring your clients added benefits when they do sign up.

Train your staff to upsell your one-time clients, but just don’t stop there. Once you have your loyal clients make sure they stay that way. Keep in communication with your VIPs, send them unique offers, and create special events that recognize and benefit your best car wash customers.

3. Start a Text Club

People don’t go anywhere without their phones, and while email mailing lists are great, email correspondences generally go unopened and unnoticed. Text messages on the other hand are opened quickly and noticed the moment they are sent. Ninety-eight percent of all text messages are opened within 2 minutes of receipt… now that’s marketing power.

Having a slow day? Send a text notification with an offer or special and get those people in line at your car wash. Need to market a special event? Let everyone know your plans with the push of a button.

4. Update Your Website

You update your equipment, so why not pay the same attention to your internet marketing? A strong website can instill trust and confidence. You can also integrate your car wash clubs with your website so people can purchase online, making their experience easier and improving your bottom line.

5. Social Media Contests

Contests are a great way to get more visibility and ensure that your loyal base stays strong. Use the power of social media marketing to stage a contest – you can grow your likes and shares by offering a giveaway. Once your increase your following through the contest, you have a new audience to regularly market to and eventually turn those followers into monthly customers.

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6. Send Personalized Offers

Digital marketing has the power to target people, not just based on their geographic area, but also their interests and demographics. By harnessing the power of targeting with internet marketing, you can send personalized offers to people that make them feel special and encourage their patronage.

Is it back to school time? Send a digital ad to moms and offer them a special to clean their cars before the school year starts. Football season? Send an exterior wash special to sports fans to get their ride ready before the game.

7. Focus on Search Engine Optimization

In this day and age, phone books are things of the past. If people are looking for your services, they are going to go straight to Google to search. If you don’t have a website or it isn’t optimized for search engines, you are missing out on a large opportunity to bring in new clientele. One of the major cornerstones of any effective digital marketing campaign is a search engine optimization, or SEO, plan. Ensuring your car wash has placement on page one of search engine results page is an important step in creating an ongoing source of new customers.

8. Support the Community

Find opportunities to support your community. Find nonprofits to support that your company can get behind, offer to donate a portion of proceeds or offer a special to a part of the community. Host a local non-profit benefit car wash. Give a discount to senior or veterans. When you support your community, they often turn around a support you too.

9. Geotarget Your Neighborhood

Billboards and direct mail are yesterday’s geographical targeting. And while they have their place, internet marketing can provide real time geographical targeting that increases your visibility where people are paying the most attention – on their phones, devices and computers. In addition, digital marketing doesn’t have the long-term commitments and high costs of traditional ad placement.

10. Host an Event

Bring visibility (and more cars) to your car wash with an exciting event. Host a hot rod night or car show. Halloween time? Host a Trunk or Treat. Invite some local food trucks and have a food truck rally. Utilize social media to promote your event and use live video to get people engaged right as the event is happening as well.

Using these creative ideas, with a mix of help from strategic digital marketing experts, such as the team at Social Eyes Marketing, you can bring your car wash to the next level. Contact us at 208-955-6679 for a free consultation today!

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