Case Studies

Here’s a sampling of the work we’ve done and are doing now.


Social Media


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Country Place Mortgage

CountryPlace Organic Traffic growth:

  • September (the month before we started), 259 organic visits.
  • January, 8,305 organic visits.
  • #2 in Google for both “mobile home loans” and “mobile home financing”
  • Both terms average 2,600 searches per month
  • Applications went from around 50 a month back in September to over 700 last month.

What Difference a Year Makes:

Social Media Marketing

Rocket Express Car Wash

In June, Rocket Express Car Wash opened in a small rural town with a population of 42,000.  

Two months prior, Social Eyes began a social media campaign using a variety of methods and contest. We collection 2,000 email addresses and grew to approximately 2,000 likes within a few weeks of opening.

Through ongoing social media campaigns and posts, including video contest, dirty vehicle contests and biggest fan contests, we set a national sales record for a car wash within the first year of operation eclipsing 120,000 cars washed.

Using the same methods, a second location was opened in Midvale, Utah and a third location in Boise, Idaho.

Brand Development & Rebranding

Taylor Law Offices

Taylor Law Offices is:

Logo Redesign

Taylor Law Offices Logo
  • rapidly growing
  • expanding staff and office
  • only using the web as a form of advertising
  • ranking #1 on multiple business law terms
  • ranking #1 in organic and Google+ Local with the term Boise Lawyer