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Pinterest is Worth a Thousand Words

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We’ve all heard it; a picture is worth a thousand words. Now, thanks to Pinterest, we know that is true. What started out as a digital pin board is now a fast growing social media site.   21% of online users use Pinterest – that’s more than Twitter (19%) and Instragram (17%)! With 70 million users, Pinterest is where your business needs to be.

You might be asking, Why Pinterest? It mostly consists of women users right?

Right. But who is doing your grocery shopping and your trip planning? There’s a high chance it’s a – or the – woman in your life. Women make 85% of all consumer purchases. You business needs to be where your consumers are. And where are the consumers? They are glued to their phones, computers and tablets checking in on their favorite social media sites. And Pinterest is one of them.

Here are all the facts on everything woman and everything Pinterest to convince you that your business needs to be on this social media site.


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A Few Easy Steps to Greatly Improve Pinterest SEO


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With users sharing countless of links each day, the potential for Pinterest as an SEO tool is huge. Pinning photos from your site – or encouraging users to do so – creates many high-quality backlinks, which can be excellent for SEO. Furthermore, Pinterest can also be an incredible source of new traffic from search engines. However, there are certain steps businesses must take in order to make this powerful tool work in their favor.

Many new Pinterest users are so enthralled by the network that they spend hours creating boards and pinning content that others will love or find engaging. However, all of this time and effort is in vain if your boards and pins are completely hidden from search engines.

Hiding your boards from search engines can cause you to lose massive traffic. When you set up your Pinterest account, it is important that you fix your settings so your pins and boards get indexed by the search engines. Doing this only takes a second and is extremely easy. Just go to “Settings” and make sure the “hide” setting is set to OFF. Click “save” and you’re done!

Here are some other great tips on using Pinterest for SEO:

  1. One of the most important things you can do is VERIFY YOUR WEBSITE! This is an extremely easy and powerful way to boost your profile in search results.
  2. Use Hashtags and categories to tag your content appropriately and organize your boards with relevant content.
  3. “Liking” other people’s/page’s pins may count as a “Social Signal” and help to increase page rank. Liking, commenting, and repining will also help you build relationships over Pinterest, which will in turn create an engaged following willing to share your content as well.
  4. Connecting your Facebook and Twitter accounts to Pinterest is another good way to cross-promote your brand and content. Also, having a strong social presence connected to your website tells Google that you’re a trusted source of information, and will give you a nice SEO bump.
  5. Make sure the images you pin have descriptive file names and alt text. If you are uploading photos, don’t make the mistake of using their default name (which could be something like img19984.jpg) – this doesn’t help you at all in search. However, uploading a clearly-named image like “Facebook Advertising Graph.jpg” can help a search engine decipher what your image is about much more easily.

According to Social Media Stats from 2012, Pinterest drives more referral traffic than Google+, LinkedIn, and YouTube combined. With 11 million users and growing, Pinterest gives companies the opportunity to leverage visual content, quality descriptions, and market research while growing their reach and improving their SEO. Pinterest, like any other social networking site, rewards great content. Focus on creating remarkable content and a strong community around your brand, and you will get results.

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13 Signs you Spend Too Much Time on Pinterest

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After finding out that Pinterest will be rolling out some new features and changes to its site, it seems that many of us out there will become even more obsessed with the site than ever  before.

Here are 13 signs that show you may be a little too obsessed: Pinterest Board

1. You pin at least a half dozen recipes daily, but you can’t remember the last time you cooked a real meal.

2. You’re single, but have at least 100 wedding-related pins.

3. You look aimlessly for the “scroll to top” button on Facebook.

4. You have pinned or re-pinned at least a half dozen photos of Ryan Gosling.

5. You are so obsessed with creating the “picture-perfect house” on Pinterest that you can’t remember the last time you cleaned your real house.

6. Two words: electronic hoarder.

7. You spend more time pinning to your weight loss inspiration board(s) than actually working out.

8. Every time you see a cool photo anywhere, you think, “To pin or not to pin.”

9. You can recite at least 50 different memes and E-Cards without hesitation.

10. You have an entire board or boards for exotic/tropical drinks recipes. But the most creative drink you’ve ever made was pouring a glass of wine.

11. Your perfect Friday night: A bottle of your favorite wine and hours upon hours to get lost on Pinterest.

12. When anyone asks what to get for your birthday, anniversary or special occasion, you direct them to your Pinterest board (with no less than 20 items) without hesitation.

13. Pinterest = your happy place. You flee there to escape reality, responsibilities and all that pesky drama on Facebook.


Pinterest Begins Rolling Out New Site Design

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 Following a trial in January, Pinterest has launched a new look for its content-sharing social network today, which it says should start rolling out to users via an invite “soon”.

The first noticeable change is to the close-up view of pins. Now, when a user looks at a webpage for a specific photo or web clipping, they’ll be able to see other pins from the same board on the right-hand side. It uses the exact same mosaic-esque layout used on the home screen and individual boards, further extending Pinterest’s design ethos across the website.

Just underneath, users will able to see other pins sourced from the same website. So if, for example, you’re looking at a pair of incredible shoes, some of the pins underneath should show other kicks available on their online store. Likewise, a stunning landscape shot might have other snaps uploaded by the photographer to this website.

Pinterest rolls out its site redesign with easier access to boards and related content from a pin page

At the very bottom of the screen is arguably the most significant design change though. Pinterest now shows a board, covering the entire width of the webpage, that displays pins posted by other users who also pinned this content.

Follow? The idea is that if you’re interested or intrigued by a certain pin, the likelihood is that you’ll also enjoy other pins posted by that Pinterest user. The likelihood, however, is that more than one user has posted that image or link though – so the new feature offers a way to look at all of this related content collectively.

Pinterest says it will be updating its Android and iOS apps “soon” to include “People who pinned this also pinned” content.

The social network has been working hard elsewhere too. The end result is a simpler and cleaner experience marked by subtle changes such as slightly bigger pins.

Pinterest rolls out its site redesign with easier access to boards and related content from a pin page

“We also responded to some feedback from pinners who told us they hated losing their place while browsing,” a blog post reads. “Now, when you scroll through pins and click on something that interests you, the back button lands you right back where you were no matter how far you’ve gone.”

These changes should keep users engaged in the site, not only because it’s a more enjoyable experience to navigate, but also because it’s easier to find new and relative content. That in turn increases the likelihood of a user being interested in a particular product, service or experience – improving Pinterest’s potential for monetization further down the road.

(Source: TheNextWeb/Pinterest)

How to Reap the Full SEO Benefits of Pinterest

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From planning your next vacation destination to designing your dream home, Pinterest is a great way to waste time online.  However, in addition to alleviating online boredom, the popular social bookmarking site offers many unique tools to boost SEO. Since Pinterest creates new ways of having your content found and shared, optimizing your Pinterest presence is a great way to improve your rankings in the search engines.  If you want to reap the full ranking benefits of Pinterest, here are a few tips for using the addictive social media site to increase your SEO:

  • Content is King: As with any other social media site, sharing new and unique content is the backbone of Pinterest.  Since the SERPS take into account how many times a piece of content is liked, re-pinned and shared, it is important you pin engaging material that’s relevant, interesting, or useful to your audience. Whether you’re sharing blog posts, shots of products, or images of your office, Pinterest is a great way to reach out to a massive audience without requiring a great deal of effort.
  • Build Backlinks: As mentioned above, Pinterest exponentially grows the viewership of content pinned. In the process it also creates a huge amount of backlinking to your website. Since search engines generate page rankings by taking into account the number of outside links that lead people to your site, a backlink is an invaluable thing to have. While a backlink is created every time you pin an image from your website, you can also insert links into the captions of your Pinterest posts so that a new backlink is created every time someone re-pins your image.
  • Add Keywords:


  1. a. Use hashtags and keywords in the description of your pins to increase visibility and exposure. Also make sure you have keyword-specific board names and keyword-dense board descriptions. If possible, it’s beneficial to include keywords in your username as well.
  2. b. If you upload your own image ad keywords to the file name and make sure it contains your targeted key phrase (for example DSC0119 won’t rank as well as Social-Media-Icon.jpg).
  1. c. In addition to providing a way for people to find your content, keyword targeting will bring your Pinterest page up in the rankings for those keywords – which increases the value of backlinks and ultimately further boosts your SEO.
    • Build followers: Assemble a network of Pinterest users who like and re-pin posts. Growing your followers will cause the content that you share to spread further and faster, which greatly increases the SEO of the linked website. Also, make sure to follow back anyone who follows you, as it will cause you to be recommended to other users and further help grow your number of followers.
    • Share your pins with your other social networks: Drive more people to your Pinterest profile and encourage engagement by letting your other networks know that you’re on Pinterest. Share your profile (and occasional pins) on your other social profiles and vice-versa.

    When optimizing your Pinterest presence, it’s important to remember to be yourself and keep it personal. Don’t pin solely business-related content, share images you like and re-pin images from others. Furthermore, though keywords are powerful on Pinterest, they should be subtly included into the captions of your pins without losing the pin description. If you opt for simply loading keywords into your pin’s description (rather than actually describing the image) it may come off as spammy, and turn users away. Keeping this in mind while simultaneously employing the above techniques will help you reap the full ranking benefits of Pinterest. Happy Pinning!

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