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Improve Your Online Conversion Rates With These Simple Steps

Internet web connecting elements of digital marketing.

Improve Your Online Conversion Rates With These Simple Steps

If you have a website for your business, you’re probably interested in two things: increasing targeted traffic and increasing online conversion rates.

We know that targeted traffic is the desired demographic of people visiting your website, but what is a Conversion Rate?

In the context of a website, your conversion rate measures the number of customers that visit your website that end up purchasing your service or product- in other words, SALES.

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For many business owners, a problem arises when you get traffic on your website but for some reason that traffic does not lead to a conversion.

Why is that?

Chances are, your website is not optimized for conversions the way it needs to be.

There are several factors that play into the success of your conversions that are obvious, and there are even more factors that are not so obvious.

The most common first steps would be the addition of the following items to your website.

  1. “Call to Action” button: Someone clicks on it and hopefully they move through the sales process.
  2. Contact (or Lead) Capture Forms: Collect their information and get back to them at a later date.
  3. Phone Number: Get your phone ringing through Digital Media Marketing
  4. Email/ Newsletters: Sign-ups can be very beneficial to keep people updated on your services and current events if they aren’t ready for an immediate purchase.

These are the most common “beginner” essentials for conversion, but there may be more that’s keeping your viewers from purchasing your goods.

A deeper look into the following website elements may be the key to your success.

Web Design

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A major mistake that many business owners make is focusing too much on targeted traffic without any attention to optimizing their web design. They think that as long as people are visiting the website, potential customers are bound to buy their product.
Web design is much more than just creating a page that looks cool. A page can be as aesthetically pleasing as you want, but if it doesn’t inform visitors about your brand, or is difficult to navigate, there will be major problems when it comes to conversion rates.
Ideally, you want your web design to

  • Give a Good First Impression
  • Represent Your Brand
  • Be Easy to Navigate
  • Be Optimized for SEO

First Impressions

First impressions matter. If you have a social media account for your business, make sure that your website has a similar design that is easily identifiable as your brand – this builds trust.

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If your website looks nothing like your social media outposts, people may get confused and leave your page thinking it’s not your website.

In terms of the look and feel of your website, be sure to make your web design aesthetically pleasing to the customer while also staying on brand. The website should be simple yet professional, and the transitions from page to page should be uniform and easy to maneuver throughout.

Which leads us to….

Your Landing Page

Your website’s landing page serves as an introduction to what your company is all about. It should be clear and informative right off the bat but also, include elements that draw visitors in. This is the first page they see- which is why the overall design and attractiveness is important.

When designing your landing page, some significant things to consider include:

  • Landing pages should always be the highest quality.
  • Headlines should be compelling and include your Keywords
  • The content of the landing page should be straight and to the point.
  • Make sure that your content makes sense to your intended audience.
  • Make sure the design is attractive, simple and clean. AVOID CLUTTER!!!

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Design Continuity Amongst Web Pages

It may be tempting to construct each page with a different color scheme, but this is extremely harmful to your website’s trustworthiness. Professional websites stick with a theme that is easily translatable with recognizable patterns.

If you can keep the redirection and changing templates on each page to a minimum, more people will likely stay longer on your website.

Your website should give visitors the feeling that you are a reputable, trustworthy company. Color schemes that are consistent throughout your site, along with any fonts and other styling details, help establish that professionalism.

Let’s say you are incredibly happy with your web design, yet you are still not generating conversions. This may be because your website is not optimized with the keywords targeting your desired purchasing clients.

You may be getting traffic, but maybe Google is sending you the wrong traffic.

Optimized Keywords

If you want to increase the traffic to your website, the most important thing to consider when creating content for your pages are the keywords that you use.

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Here are some important things to remember when choosing your keywords.

  • Make sure that the keywords are relevant, so that your intended audience will be able to think of these words when searching the internet.
  • Remember to group and organize your keywords. Specific keyword groupings of a relevant nature will increase the chances of your website showing up in a search.

If you are an ecommerce business, a great way to both build trust and utilize keyword optimization is through your product pages and lets be honest, this is where you want most visitors to land anyway. Product pages mean possible conversions.

Building Trust for eCommerce

People want to see what they are purchasing, and they want as many details as possible. Social media platforms usually provide an opportunity for you to post photos of your products, but these photos also need to be displayed on your website.

Use High- Quality Images

Your product image is an advertisement. The image needs to be eye-catching yet tell the truth about your product. Make sure that the picture is a high- quality image that appeals to the eye.

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Images that have different colors and angles can really boost your conversion rate. For some, they relate more and interpret more visually as opposed to reading text. Especially in a page dominated primarily by text, an image or two is a great way to break up content and keep visitors engaged.

You want to please both types of people by using quality images and clear text.

Detailed Product Descriptions

Product description is a crucial part in the customer’s decision making process, so don’t just fill the description pages of your site with useless information. Use these sections to highlight the features of your product in an easy-to-understand way.

Be Honest

Do not try to trick your customers. Display the prices and extra charges clearly for the customer to see. If a customer goes to pay for their item and realizes that shipping is way too much, then most likely they will leave that item in the shopping cart and go look somewhere else for the product.

If you take all of these techniques and apply them to your website, then there is no doubt that you will see a positive increase in your web conversions.

Consistency is Key

We’ve said it before, but we’ll say it again. Consistency is crucial to increasing conversions. Visually, consistency is comforting and reassuring- but sometimes visuals are not enough.
Sometimes, the visitors on your website are not ready to make a purchase. They say it takes between 10 and 12 tries before sales are made. And this is why adding a call to action newsletter is essential to your conversion.


You may be asking, how does email marketing help with conversion? It may be a small component, but it has potential to be huge.

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People go to your website for information first, the purchasing part happens after they’ve learned about your product. They may not be in a position to make a purchasing decision immediately, so it’s important you find ways to stay in front of them.

By offering an opportunity to join a newsletter or email list, you stay relevant to the visitor, while also not pressuring them. Get people to opt in to email newsletters and send emails to stay in front of them.

Social Media

Another powerful way to stay in front of people is through social media.
Put social media widgets on your homepage, and get people to connect with you. Getting that connection is much more powerful than just getting another page view on your website.

You want to bring people from social media websites to your own site. However, with Facebook it is different, in that studies have found that people don’t want to leave Facebook. Therefore, utilize the Facebook apps for closing sales. Include an enticing graphic on the app, or run ads that lead directly to the app and use those custom tabs to create conversions within Facebook.

An added bonus to social media is that it will improve the quality of inbound traffic. Your social media traffic consists of people who already know your brand, trust it and have confidence built up with you.

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Leading people from social media outposts to your website requires using the right bait. In the book “How To Win Friends and Influence People”, author Dale Carnegie talks about how he loves strawberries and cream, but for some reason fish love worms. So when he goes fishing, instead of baiting his hook with strawberries and cream he would bait it with worms.

Basically, don’t be focused on what you want, think about what’s in it for your audience. What’s the incentive? What will get your ideal customer excited? Are they looking for discounts? Free webinars? Local providers? Figure out the right incentive that gets someone to move down the sales funnel.
Create compelling offers for your audience. A few ways of doing this are by incorporating the following tactics: scarcity, limited time availability, and consequences. Use an alarm-based marketing formula and your conversions will definitely go up.

Add a Call to Action

The other item you need to consider is the CTA (call to action). The CTA is part of both the landing page and the ads. CTA is important, because it asks the individual to take action. Here are some things to remember when considering the CTA.

  • Keywords are important to creating good ads. These ads need to ask for a CTA, because this brings the customer further into the website.
  • When creating the CTA for your landing page, remember that it needs to stand out.
  • CTAs should be a focal point.
  • CTAs need to be visually appealing.
  • Most importantly, make sure that your CTA on your ad ties into the CTA on your landing page.

Have Easy to Find Contact Information

Questions and concerns often arise during the decision making process of conversion. Your contact information should be easy to access and find. That way, if the customer has a specific question that gets answered by a customer service representative they are more likely to purchase from that website.
Try putting your contact form at the bottom of every page and see how it improves your conversion rates.

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By incorporating and evaluating all of these steps, you’ll see that your conversion rates are easy to increase. At Social Eyes, we can help you with your

  • Web Design
  • Identifying Keywords for SEO Optimization
  • Landing Pages
  • Social Media Presence

Give us a call or fill out a form on our website for a free consultation on how we can get your conversions up!

7 Reasons You NEED a Responsive Web Design in 2022

Multiple internet-connected devices with similar layouts on a pink and purple background.

Responsive web designs have become the gold standard in web design in 2022 for a major important reason – and it isn’t just about looks.

Looks do play a major function in the benefits of responsive web design, though.

Many business owners are still in debate about whether they should consider redesigning their exsisting website this late in the game. Afterall, their adaptive web designs have already been created and paid for.

The fact of the matter is…. You can’t put off the inevitable.

The growing need for optimized web pages means that if you don’t jump onboard the responsive web design trend, you’ll most likely be missing out on organic traffic and conversions. Meaning, your business will suffer in the long run.

What is responsive web design?

In the world of website development, there are two types of modern web design.

  1. Adaptive Web Design
  2. Responsive Web Design

With an adaptive web design, the design layout of your website shifts between devices. Web designers choose and designate different layouts for each individual device in hopes to optimize the web page for specific screen sizes.


The danger of creating these fixed and separate web sites is that not all mobile devices and desktops come in a standard size. In fact, people are now accessing the internet from their TV’s – which we all know come in a variety of sizes.

If you want to optimize your website and increase your traffic, conversions and ROI, there is extreme risk in adaptive web designs. In fact, 8 out of 10 users will leave a website if it doesn’t load properly to fit their screen.


So, unless your web developer has an infinite amount of time and resources, it is impossible to format individual layouts for each device in a pleasing way, leading your users to leave your website for another one.

This is where responsive web design comes in.

Responsive web design focuses primarily on the HTML and CSS programming languages. This means that the internal coding for your web design will seamlessly adjust to whatever screen format or design it needs to optimize the content on the page.


Rather than building separate sites for each device, a responsive web design uses a single website that intelligently adjusts its layout and features based on the device being used.

Now, that sounds like some smart web development if you ask me!

Below are 7 key reasons why a responsive web design is essential for your business.

1. Future Proof Your Website

In 2021, there were almost 15 billion mobile devices operating worldwide. By the year 2025, that number is expected to reach well over 18 billion.

That’s a lot of devices! Even more, that’s a lot of people accessing the internet (potentially, your website) in the palm of their hands.


Considering that the average household has over 10 internet connecting devices, we believe it’s safe to say that as an ecommerce business owner, the success of your business deeply depends on your website’s ability to adapt to these devices.

When using a responsive web design, new technological advancements will not be an obstacle to your business. Whatever size the viewport of a device is, by using a web developer who understands HTML and CSS coding, your website will easily flow from device to device, resizing and reformatting intuitively.

How A Responsive Web Design Works

As new devices are introduced to the world, dimensions and formatting of said devices become more complicated and convoluted.

In order to help web designers keep up with the rapidly changing size and formatting of devices, HTML5 introduced the <meta>tag. This tag enables any CSS coding to automatically resize and scale an entire website to fit any screen.

For those of us who aren’t familiar with website developer coding, this simply means that within the formula that builds your website, there is an updating system that continuously optimizes your device without the trouble of redesigning and recreating new website layouts with every new technological invention.

This also means that Google will continue to recognize your website as contemporary and as an authority because of the relevance of your site… and you want Google on your side.

2. SEO

When a website is not optimized with a responsive web design, a mobile browser will default to desktop dimensions. When this happens, the user will have to zoom in and out and adjust themselves to the screen.

This is not user friendly and has many negative impacts on your website rankings.

In terms of building your SEO, Google recommends using a responsive web design for a multitude of reasons.

  • It requires less engineering from your website developer
  • Save time and resources when it comes to Googlebots crawling your site (they only need to crawl one site vs multiple individualizes sites)
  • Reduces load time and therefore qualifies as a mobile friendly site
  • Encourages users to stay on the site longer and read your information

Most people don’t look past Google’s first page of search results. With the millions of web pages out there, it takes time for Googlebots to be able to crawl and index each and every page.

Responsive web designs are preferred by Google, and if you design and develop your site according to Google’s needs, the chances of your page being listed on the first page will exponentially increase.

It’s hard to argue with the company that provides most of the search traffic to your site.
The combination of responsive web design and effective SEO will help Google guide your desired targeted traffic to your website.

Speaking of traffic…

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3. Increased Traffic

In today’s technological environment, you could be losing more than half of your organic online traffic by having an unresponsive, fixed website that doesn’t adjust to your user’s device.

40% of people will switch to a different search result if the first one is not mobile friendly. Keep in mind that Google will register this as a bounce rate that could lower your rankings.

Google tends to favor websites that are mobile friendly and ranks them accordingly. The goal with a responsive web design is to optimize your user experience so that google ranks your website first in the search results.

A good Google ranking gets more traffic to your website, more traffic to your website means more conversions, and more conversions mean more money for you. So why not help Google rank your website by using responsive web design preferences?

4. Decreased Bounce Rate

There are many elements of a web design that affect your website bounce rate.

Slow load times are probably the number one way that websites push visitors away. In the digital age, visitors want the information they are looking for right away and waiting for a website to load is not an option.


When someone visits your website from their device, they want ease of access and consistency throughout their devices. With a responsive web design, you can ensure that your website loads quickly and is user friendly.

Because a responsive web design is already coded to fit the user’s screen, users are more apt to stick around on your site to see the information. If Google sees that people are staying on your website and clicking through instead of quickly leaving (bouncing),it will boost your rankings.

If you are noticing a high bounce rate on your site, consider hiring a professional web design and digital marketing company. They can easily help redesign and reconfigure your website into a responsive web design.

5. User Friendly

Let’s say that a user is accustomed to visiting your website via desktop.

A desktop layout with an adaptive web design will look completely different than the layout built for a mobile device or tablet. If your user is looking for a particular menu item, navigation throughout the website via mobile will feel unfamiliar and could potentially cause that user to leave your site.


Rather than building separate sites for each device, a responsive web design uses a single website that intelligently adjusts its layout and features based on the device being used.

The content on a page seamlessly reformats to the user’s device and stays consistent and fluid throughout the user experience.

6. Social Media Marketing


When it comes to social media, businesses are now realizing that times have changed. The old popular opinion about social media marketing was that it was a waste of funds with zero ROI. This is only particularly true.

Social media platforms may not be generating the actual sales, but they are a key component to your marketing strategy.

In 2022, there are now over 4.55 billion active social media users whose daily average time is about 2.5 hours. Most of these users are visiting social media platforms on their mobile device.

People expect a business to have a social media account. Without one, your business could lose credibility with future customers.

When people see your business on social media, the goal is for them to follow your links to your website. Thanks to responsive web design coding, it doesn’t matter what device the user is using- your website will load and automatically format to the user’s device preferences.

This ease of getting traffic to your website through social media can increase your ROI and conversions as long as your web design is developed properly with that responsive coding.


7. Easily Make Changes

With the old school adaptive format, web designers had to create at least two different websites (one for desktop and one for mobile). This means that when any updates need to be made, there are at least two websites that need to be updated separately.

This is inefficient and leaves many opportunities for mistakes and inconsistencies across devices. With a responsive web design, there is only one website to manage when any changes need to be made- saving you time and increasing your productivity.

Need a small change? The work only needs to be done once and then your web designer can move onto bigger and better things. As we stated in the beginning, if you future proof your website by starting with a responsive web design, the time it takes to make changes will be far less time consuming.

If you need help in restructuring your website, Boise’s top web design and digital marketing company Social Eyes can help you. Our professional web developers can take your current website and optimize it with responsive web design coding- getting you more traffic, more conversions, and an increased ROI.

Social Eyes Marketing Receives Four 2021 Best of Awards by UpCity!

Social Eyes Marketing

This year marks the inaugural UpCity “Best of” awards honoring the top providers around the world in specific service categories based on their Recommendability Rating. The UpCity Recommendability Rating was developed to determine a B2B service provider’s credibility and trustworthiness, giving UpCity the confidence to recommend them to those businesses seeking services. 

We are thrilled to announce that Social Eyes Marketing has been recognized as a Best of Creative & Design, Development, Marketing & Advertising, and Video Production award winner by UpCity!

UpCity is a resource that helps connect businesses to service providers they can trust. With more than 70,000 listed providers—from marketing agencies to accounting firms to HR consultants to IT specialists and many more—nearly 2 million businesses (and counting) have visited UpCity to research and identify the best partner for their needs.

UpCity Blog 2021 Img0
UpCity Blog 2021 Img1
UpCity Blog 2021 Img2
UpCity Blog 2021 Img3

Heidi Sullivan, SVP of Product & Marketing at UpCity, had this to say about Social Eyes Marketing:

“A huge congratulations! The team at Social Eyes Marketing are true experts at achieving significant ROI for their clients. They prove time after time that they have what it takes to compete to be one of the best agencies in the nation.”

—Heidi Sullivan, SVP of Product & Marketing, UpCity

This honor has been driven in large part by our 5-star review rating on UpCity. Here are some of our favorite pieces of feedback we’ve received from our incredible customers:

“I absolutely love working with Social Eyes Marketing. They always take things to the next level for us. We hired them to host and manage our website, and in the first month, they came to us with improvements that not only increase the speed and security– but they also increased the user experience for my staff and clients that use our website…I can’t recommend them enough.”
Amber Lee Henning, Customer

“Working with Social Eyes Marketing was so easy and rewarding. They were super helpful in redesigning my website and getting more traffic to it. I communicated all of my goals and they have done an excellent job in fulfilling them. I’ve seen a huge difference since working with Social Eyes and I would recommend it to anyone trying to improve their business.”
Zoe Werner, Customer

We’re honored to receive these awards and thank UpCity for recognizing our work. We’re also incredibly grateful to our clients who helped make this possible. We’re so grateful to everyone who has worked with us and been a part of our success. After all, your success is our success.

SEO and Why It’s Essential

Search engine optimization is essential for growing your business online! If you want to reach the top of Google, read this!5

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of driving traffic to your website from search engines through organic search engine results. These search engines, specifically Google, rank your website based on the amount of traffic to your website, how optimized your online presence is, and how established your portfolio is. When marketing through the search engines, it is essential for you and your team of marketers to consistently update your business with marketing strategies to stay on top of Google’s standards. If executed correctly, digital marketing can boost your website to the top of Google’s search results while ultimately driving traffic to your business.

Digital Marketing

Because the world wide web has truly gone global, making sure your business’s online presence is optimized is one of the most important areas to focus on when growing your business. As of quarter two in the United States in 2021, 61% of organic search results came from mobile devices (Statista). Organic search results are the top-ranked URLs that an advertiser does not pay for. Because mobile searching is so prominent today, developing your website to be mobile-friendly is essential when trying to increase your business’s rank to the top of Google. Based on the digital marketing agency you choose, search engine optimization strategies like Google My Business, keyword incorporation, and backlink building are just a few of the strategies used to increase your business.


The distinct difference between search engine optimization and search engine marketing is that search engine optimization revolves around the organic search – in other words, the free search results. Search engine marketing is promotions to paid advertising, like pay-per-click services, so you can increase your business’s visibility within the advertised section of Google’s search engine. Oftentimes, using advertisements will boost your website to the top of Google’s first page, however, the services can be quite expensive.

Organic Click-Through Rates

An organic click-through rate shows the percentage of searchers that click on a search engine result. In other words, it collects data on how often a person clicks on your search result after it is viewed so adjustments can be made based on click/crawl rates.
There are many techniques that a digital marketing agency can implement that will help improve organic click-through rates. Some of the easiest techniques include:

Digital Marketing Agencies and Their Purpose

Because search engine optimization/marketing is quite difficult to understand without a basic background in marketing, digital marketing agencies often provide services like web design and development, graphic design, search engine optimization, pay-per-click, and much more. It often requires changes to content, images, coding, and other pieces of a website to improve SEO results. Search engine optimization services are executed by Google analytic and algorithm experts who can properly analyze a company website to implement the necessary changes that will improve the visibility of a website.

Google Analytics Reports and Their Purpose

Similar to click-through rate data, Google analytic reports provide businesses with insight on what areas of their online portfolio are beneficial or harmful based on Google’s algorithm. Ultimately, the information gives the business owner an idea of how well the digital marketing agency is performing and how much traffic or clicks your company has gained. If your business is still not accumulating enough traffic, don’t be so quick to blame your digital marketing firm. Your business may need additional services to boost your presence because of poor past strategies, non-updated optimization, and poor reputation management.
There is no reason to stress, however! Digital marketing firms like Social Eyes Marketing have the experience and expertise to bring your digital presence back to life!

Why Online Marketing Is Essential

Marketing your business online requires the use of search engines, social media, videos, email, blogging, and so many other online tools. Fortunately, these efforts allow you to reach a large, targeted audience. While you can certainly focus your marketing efforts locally in the Boise metropolitan area, online marketing makes expanding your products or services to your desired location much easier. For this reason, web marketing is increasingly important to modern businesses and absolutely essential for an e-commerce company. In order to successfully market your business online, it is important to focus on search engine and website optimization. Along with SEO techniques, it is crucial to design your website content in ways that will ensure that it is clear, concise, and relevant to your products or services.

Social Eyes Marketing is a digital marketing agency in Boise, Idaho primarily focused on providing ROI-focused strategies to make an impact in a rapidly changing online environment. We don’t just build websites, we build partnerships. Using the right keyword incorporation, backlinks, and Google My Business strategies, your business will skyrocket to the first page of Google. Don’t believe us? Take a look at our client case studies!

If you are in need of improvements to your website and/or online presence, contact Social Eyes Marketing today to schedule a free 30-minute consultation.
Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook for updates, promotions, and more!

6 Key Factors of Good Web Design

A computer and monitor on top of a desk. The monitor display says ‘Work hard anywhere’ over a background of mountains.

It’s 2021. In a world full of digital media, it’s no shock that the design, content, and layout of your website is instrumental in defining people’s perception and belief in the credibility of your brand. It only takes 50 milliseconds for users to form a first impression of your website, which can either make or break your marketing efforts. Your website should be designed to make a good impression as well as capture visitor’s attention. Beyond that, here are 6 factors to keep in mind when designing your website.

First Impressions

It takes no time at all for a customer to form a first impression of your company based on your website, but why should you care? First impressions are important because they last well beyond the moment due to the primacy effect, the phenomenon of remembering the first thing in a sequence more than its subsequent items. Your customers are more likely to remember that a homepage wasn’t up to par rather than the other pages that were.
Making sure your website gives a good first impression is done by making sure it is appealing, user-friendly, and highly responsive with a fast-loading speed. You should be sure that making your website appealing is near the top of your “To-Do” list, because 38% of people will stop engaging with a website if the content or layout is unattractive. Make sure you’re not warding off any potential customers with an unattractive or old-fashioned website.


A good design is key to a good website, but form follows function. That is to say that you need to consider what your customers are looking to see as you go about designing your website. A web usability report stated that 86% of website visitors look for product or service information, 65% search for contact information, and 52% want to see an “About Us” page. If these pages aren’t as easy to find, your users may potentially become frustrated and leave your website in favor of a competitor’s. Standard conventions, like featuring primary services in your main navigation bar and putting your phone number in the upper-right-hand corner of your site can help make the website more easily usable by your customers.
Web design is complex by nature, so consider partnering with a professional design agency when making your website. They’ll be able to utilize insight into what the customer wants and offer up a website that suits their needs.

Ease of Navigation

There is a principle known as Hick’s Law that states that the duration taken to make a decision is directly proportional to the number of choices given. That is, the more choices you are presented with, the longer it will take you to come to a decision. Hick’s Law should be at the front of your brain when going to design your website. Website design should be simplified, and the number of items your visitors can click on should be reduced so they can easily decide where to go and what actions to take. A good rule of thumb is to only have seven options or less on your page.
Having only seven options on your page may be a bit tricky. When narrowing your choices, take a good look into what your categories are. There might be some that are technically duplicates, or others that can be combined into one larger grouping. Simplify your navigation as much as possible so your visitors have an easy time finding exactly what they need.


Conversions are any action taken by a website visitor in response to your call to action. This could include making a purchase, signing up for a newsletter, or even clicking through a slideshow. Your website’s visual design should be optimized for conversion, and there are quite a few ways to do this. One way is to utilize the open space on your page to draw visitor’s attention to your call of action, much like how Apple operates. Another way takes a note from Amazon’s book and utilizes contrasting colors and styles to make important information stand out on even the busiest of pages.
Your goal is to have the power over your audience’s eyes to point them in the direction you want them to be in. If you use this skill correctly, you’ll be able to drive traffic anywhere you want on your webpage, enhance the user experience for your visitors, and experience higher conversion rates.

Brand Credibility

Screen Shot 2021 08 18 at 9.48.05 AM

Take a look at these two hallways and think about which one you would rather walk down. If I had to guess, I’d say you picked the one on the right. It is bright and clean, whereas the left choice is dark and scary. Web design is kind of like these hallways, just without the fear of tetanus. Modern, professional designs promote trust and brand legitimacy, while outdated, poorly designed websites make users doubt your credibility.
A Stanford Web Credibility Research study found that 75% of judgements about a company’s credibility are based on the company’s website design. It also found that 46% of consumers base their decisions about the credibility of a website from its visual aesthetics. Knowing this, make sure that your logo, colors, fonts, and general style are all visually appealing to keep your website professional and consistent.

Mobile Friendliness

Google is pushing a mobile-first approach. A report from Hitwise revealed that nearly 60% of all online searches happen on mobile devices. 85% of adults think a mobile website should be just as good if not better than its desktop version. The facts are piling up, it’s extremely important to have a well-designed mobile website.
Don’t get caught up in only designing your website for desktop functionality. In our mobile-friendly world it is more important than ever to have a reliable website that functions no matter what size of screen it lands on.

It’s a good idea to work with a website developer as you go about designing your page. Web Developers like Social Eyes Marketing work with you to turn consumers into customers and create a memorable experience for anyone visiting your website. Put your content directly in front of your target audience and turn your website into a lead generating machine! Go ahead and give us a call to get a quote for our professional design service.

Website Must-Haves

Hand with a watch on wrist typing on a laptop

Things to Remember When Starting Your Website

What is your call to action? What is the purpose of your website? Is it to inform your visitors or get their business? Or both? On each page of your website you should think about your call to action.
Any marketing company will tell you that your website should be optimized for SEO purposes. You need some form of optimization in order for new customers to find your website by typing in related keywords. If you need help learning more about SEO and getting this set up for your website, give us a call.
The visual appearance of your website is also very important. These days everything is about looks – if someone visits your website and the logo is outdated or the colors don’t go together, they won’t bother to read the information on your website. However, if everything on the homepage of your website is clean and well put-together, visitors will continue to search through your website and you will have a better chance of getting their business.
Be ready to market your website on your social media! Once your website is finished, social media is the perfect way to promote the launch of your new website. The share buttons that social media allows will also help your SEO!


This is the page most people will see first. People have very short attention spans so you need to catch their attention fast. You need to have all of the information they’re looking for in one small place. The content on your homepage should be intriguing and unique enough to capture the attention of visitors within seconds. Your homepage needs to look professional, aesthetically pleasing, and everything needs to work properly. You should include a short description about what you do, a short list of the services or products that you provide, and a couple of reasons on how you can help your potential customers or clients. Some other things you should consider when building your website:

  • Who is looking for your services? Map out your target audience and figure out how you can reach them
  • Create some kind of call to action and how you will help
  • Try and build a connection with your target audience – make it feel like you’re talking directly to them.
  • Include your motto/values/goals.
  • Include your company logo and have it in a large font on the top left corner of your website.
  • Include your contact information in the footer of the website.
  • Use pictures – people prefer to look at photos over reading text.

About Page

People want to do business or support businesses who are also people. People want to know who is behind the business. In your ‘About Page’ include who is currently working for the company, including photos of each person and short biographies. You should also write a brief summary of the company, the history of the company, and what makes you different from competition. It would also be helpful to list any special achievements the company has received and any goals that may have been met. It is also key to include a name and a phone number and/or email address where potential customers can contact you and learn more. The ‘About You’ page will help you build trust with clients and in case it’s the only page on your website they visit, you need to have contact information.

FAQ Page

The FAQ page is where you answer some of the most frequently asked questions. This will save you time from answering the same questions over and over again. You should provide detailed, honest, and helpful answers to each question. After reviewing the FAQ page on your website, a potential customer should be convinced to take the next step and purchase whatever service or product you are selling. The answers to these questions should remove any doubt they had before and make them feel secure and confident enough to move forward.

Reviews Page

The reviews page is your opportunity to show off positive reviews that your company has received. It is a way to show off how other people have benefited from your business’s services. Effective testimonials should resonate with your potential customers. Great testimonials should tell a story and inspire those who read it. You can use several different kinds of testimonials in your ‘reviews page.’ Some examples include simple quotes and videos. Videos and audio are becoming more and more popular. With almost everyone on the internet and using social media these days, this comes as no surprise.

Contact Page

Your contact page is a place where all potential customers can get in touch with you. You should include your phone number, email address, mailing address, business hours, and all of your social media accounts.

Making an impactful first impression is vital to the success of your business. If you have a beautifully designed website full of useful information you are guaranteed to attract customers and earn their business. If you need help designing your dream website, call us! We have a professional team waiting to help you meet and exceed all of your online marketing goals.
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Build Backlinks for More Business

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One of the more underrated aspects of expanding your business on the web is backlinking. There are several different types of backlinks that can be utilized in different ways to boost your online presence. Whether you are incorporating backlinks for your own business or a client, these tools will help you increase traffic to your desired website. In this blog, Social Eyes Marketing will show you how to develop new backlinks, build broken backlinks, and where to find the best backlinks to give you a competitive edge over your competitors.

About Backlinks

Backlinks are incorporated links from another website that connect to your website. For example, within a website, any link that directs you to another URL is a backlink. Having backlinks in different areas on the web will increase traffic to your page and improve your Google rating so you can reach the first page of Google. According to Hubspot, 75 percent of users do not scroll past the first page of Google. Backlinking is a substantial piece of achieving Google algorithm. Since Google has tweaked its algorithm, choosing relevant backlinks to post consistently is the key to improve your rating. This blog will help you become familiar with the types of backlinks and how they can be beneficial to your business!

Types of Backlinks

Citation Backlinking

Consistency is most important when building your brand through citation and directory listings. Citation and directory listings, also known as name, address, and phone number (NAP) listings boost brand awareness by increasing your presence through SEO. To add your business name into a directory or citation list, conduct a backlink search through a helpful backlinking tool like Ahrefs, UberSuggest, or BuzzSumo. When using these resources, just insert your URL into the search bar. From there, there will be a list of links. Your job is to find universal directories or citation links that are specific to your business niche. The best way to find citation lists within your business is to search a competitor’s URL in the same search bar to see where they are listed! Steal traffic from opposing businesses while boosting your brand is an easy way to get your business to the top!

Guest Post Linking

Hard work pays off! Guest post links, often the toughest but most rewarding link to obtain, are earned by providing quality content for another website or blog. To utilize guest post linking, find a willing reciprocal that will insert your link onto their website. Businesses that accept guest blog posts often get increased traffic, grow their social media presence, and improve their backlink profile, all of which ensure a chance at securing the top spot on Google. An easy way to find willing participants for the guest post is to filter your Google search results to “Blogs That Accept Guest Posts” while using the “Past Week” timeframe.

Internal/External Linking

Internal linking takes place within your own blogs. These are any links that navigate the user to another page within the same website. Incorporating your own links into your own blog not only boosts your Google rating through its algorithm but also increases traffic to your website without any cost. This is one of the easiest ways to improve your backlink score without doing research on competitors’ backlinks or using outside sources.
External linking is the addition of outbound links that are integrated into your business’s blog post. These types of links boost your SEO more than casual people think. By including external links, Google’s algorithm will better understand your business niche so it will appear in more search engines, creating more traffic to your website. Although there is no limit on the number of links you can include, most blogs make sure to have 1-2 external links.

Repair Broken Links

Once a link has been added, website changes or updates can alter that backlink to where is no longer accessible. Broken links can impact your Google algorithm rating so be sure to check on a repeated basis if there are any backlinks that need to be repaired. To repair a broken link, reach out to the website with the broken backlink and ask them to replace the backlinks with a working link that has similar information. Sometimes this may not be possible because the URL has been deleted from the web and the directory or citation list is no longer available. Be sure to delete the link altogether if the website has not gotten back to you as it may be affecting your Google rating.

The Missing Piece of the Puzzle

Because search engine optimization has become a huge part of digital marketing, people often overlook the power of the backlink. While some may see backlinking as the last piece of the puzzle to perfect search engine optimization, some people are still missing the final piece. Make sure to cover all areas of Google’s algorithm by using this forgotten strategy. For more information on search engine optimization and any other aspects of digital marketing, visit Social Eyes Marketing!
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Get Your Business On The First Page Of Google

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When your business shows up on the first page of Google, not only does it increase your exposure but also your clickthrough rates, website traffic, and generate more leads. How often do you really click to the second page of Google to find what you’re looking for, let alone the third or fourth pages? As great as this is for your business, there is a lot of tedious work and numerous steps that go into trying to reach the front page and some methods are more successful than others. Here are a few secrets to help get your business to appear on the first page of Google!

Identify Keywords

Using keyword-heavy content is one way to get searchers to your website. You essentially want your website to use the same language as your potential customers would be searching for. Identifying what queries and keywords people are using to pull your website up on Google can help you reach more customers. Keyword research is an ongoing process. There are several websites that can help you pull what keywords are getting people to your website and help you create keyword-rich content.

Emphasize Location

Putting your location (whether that be your town, state, or region) is really important for getting your website on the first page of Google. When customers search for your industry and add your city into their search query, your business is more likely to come up if your location is posted in multiple places. Adding your location in content, social media, your website, and your Google listing will boost you to the top of location-based inquiries.

Optimize Your Listing

This can be considered one of the most crucial steps for getting your business to the first page of Google. Ensuring that all of your information is filled into your Google Listing helps your business with visibility and ranking. Complete listings get nearly seven times more clicks than ones that are incomplete. Updating your information is also important for keeping your business at the top of the listings for your category. Google’s algorithm loves when you upload media that encaptures your business services and the atmosphere or culture, so put your professional photography hat on and snap some photos!

Enhance User Experience

If you have a website that is difficult to use and get information from, customers will likely not be happy and neither will Google. If a customer doesn’t find what they are looking for when they click on your website, they will quickly leave your site and go to the next option. Google can tell if customers return to your website and can move you up in the rankings and onto the first page. Happy searchers are one of the biggest keys to getting your business to the first page!

Getting your business to the front page of Google is not for the faint of heart. Frequent adjustments are necessary and lots of background research into the most successful tactics will be ongoing. If you are looking to improve your exposure, website traffic, or any other aspect of your business’s marketing, contact Social Eyes Marketing today to speak with a member of our professional marketing team!

Showcase your Local Expertise to Increase Conversion Rates

local digital marketing tips

A big challenge for local businesses is contending with large, out-of-state companies with large, out-of-state marketing budgets. It’s easy to fall behind in Google listings or find yourself buried underneath ads from your large competitors. Although local businesses may not have as large of a marketing budget as their out-of-state competitors, they do have one big advantage. Simply being local gives them an edge over non-local competitors.

Local businesses are often highly sought after for a few reasons. Many consumers enjoy investing in their community, and that includes using local businesses as much as possible. It’s much easier to trust a business that has been operating locally because they have far more accountability than a company that’s never set foot in your town. Local businesses also have local knowledge and expertise that improves a customer’s experience.

Although local businesses already have a built-in advantage over out-of-state competition, many owners aren’t capitalizing on it. If you’re a local business owner, there are a few things that you can do to increase conversion rates on your website and bring in more leads.

List a Local Phone Number Prominently on Your Website.

Your phone number should always be prominently listed on your website. At any point, a prospective customer should be able to see a number on your website and call. On mobile, it’s crucial to have a “Click to Call” button floating on the screen. The easier it is to call you, the more calls you will receive.

Displaying your phone number not only makes it easier to call you, but also demonstrates that you are indeed a local business. With this in mind, it’s important for your area code to be the local area code.

Consumers seeking local expertise will shy away from out-of-state or 1(800) numbers. They want to speak to someone with specific knowledge of the area, and a non-local number casts doubt on regional authority.

Let’s use the example of cash home buying in the Treasure Valley. This is a highly competitive business, with both local and out-of-state businesses competing for properties. Selling a home is an emotional transaction, and many sellers prefer to have that transaction with a local buyer. Displaying the (208) area code in this case gives the local business a leg-up immediately from out-of-state competition that will be more difficult to trust.

Your Branding Needs to Appear Local.

Your brand is your identity. It is the first impression consumers have of your business. If you’re local, your branding must reflect that in order to set yourself apart from non-local competition. There are two major aspects to branding: logos and online reviews.

Your logo shouldn’t be generic. Generic looks big and national; you want your brand to look specialized and local. Try to include something easily recognizable to your local consumers within the design of your logo. For example, Action Home Buyers in Boise, Idaho uses the Idaho state shape in their logo (along with prominently displaying a local 208 phone number and using local photos). Check out their website ( to see these examples. The idea here is that you want a logo that differentiates you from your out of area competitors.

Create Specific Pages for Local Cities

The content on your website is a great opportunity to showcase your local knowledge and experience. Create local pages on your website with content specific to cities that you service. The content you put on these pages demonstrates your local knowledge and expertise to both Google’s algorithm and your prospective customers. These pages, along with the rest of your website, should feature local photos. For example, Carlon Heating & Air in based out of Nampa, Idaho, but they serve all of the surrounding cities in the Treasure Valley (Eagle, Meridian, Boise, Caldwell, etc.). So they have created multiple local service area pages for each of those individual cities. Most large, out-of-state competitors only use stock photos, which feel impersonal and staged. By using local photos, you make a subconscious connection will a potential customer, helping to increase your conversion rates.

The three practices above can massively increase conversion rates for local businesses. Local businesses do have an advantage over out-of-state competitors, but you must showcase the fact that you are local to your potential customers, otherwise you risk losing them to you out of state competitors.

Why It’s Important to Redesign Your Website

Person on a laptop on the internet with a coffee and candle on their desk and a pen in hand

As a business in today’s digital age, one of the most important assets you have is your website. It’s crucial to have a well-designed site that includes all the information anyone could need on your business, all the while being easy to navigate and incredibly user-friendly. While those elements are key to initial online success, it’s equally important to continually redesign your website for the reasons listed below; check it out!

Adding Functionality

When you’re first building your website, you may be feeling like you should just get something published as quickly as possible. If you’ve never designed a website before, you may not realize some of the features that could significantly benefit your business. For example, something like an online scheduler for consultation appointments or live stream functionality embedded directly into the site can make your life easier as a business owner and can be equally as convenient for the consumer.


With the implementation of Google Analytics you can see tons of data about your website, including where website visitors are clicking the most, how long they stick around on the site for, and much, much more. Analyzing the data can tell you if the content you have on your landing page is doing its job of catching the interest of a website visitor. Website data analytics, if used correctly, can help you optimize your website to achieve your marketing goals and drive more traffic to your business!


Although we don’t recommend rebranding your business often and it would not be considered part of continual redesign, it’s important to revamp your website if you do end up rebranding or taking your company in a different direction. You could keep the general layout of the website, but it would be smart to update your content, the color scheme, and of course the logos if they’ve changed. If you don’t keep your website consistent with your brand, you can miss out on a lot of potential customers or clients.

If you’re looking for help with redesigning your website or optimizing it to bring in more traffic and conversions, give Social Eyes a call! We offer web design services, as well as anything else digital marketing, that will help enhance your business’ online presence. Contact us today for a free 30 minute consultation with one of our experts!

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