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For the last couple years there has been a talk of “Facebook Overshare.”  Friends get unfriended because, frankly, everybody is tired of reading their life story.

Facebook has become the place to complain, compete for likes and stalk old high school enemies to see what dark path life has taken them down. I know exactly which of my friends have run marathons or gone to Disneyland in the last year without even seeing them. Because, of course, Facebook is also the place to brag (thank you to those who post your engagement, post a photo and also change your relationship status to engaged for us singles to scroll through – we love it).

Two days ago I got a play by play of the birth of my friend’s child. I don’t need to need to know when your water breaks, I can wait to see pictures of your baby until you are back in the privacy of your own home. Or even better, wait two months until your baby gets cute and gains a personality.

The problem with the “Oversharers” is they 1. Don’t know that they are over sharing and continue to bombard you with three posts a day about things that absolutely don’t matter and were only funny to them or 2. Take the “If you don’t want to read about my life then just unfriend me” approach. So why don’t we unfriend them? Is the drama that good that we can’t look away? Maybe we actually care a little bit about their life and want to keep in touch with them, or, heaven forbid, they are a relative and we have no choice.

I think we can all agree that oversharers can get extremely annoying really fast. But is oversharing on your business’ Facebook Page a thing?

Absolutely. Oversharing is treating your page like anything except a PR platform. Customers don’t need to know your political views, or read the diary of your employees.  There’s a huge difference between oversharing and injecting some personality into your page. It’s 100% okay – and encouraged – to share fun facts about your business, promotions of employees or let your customers feel like they know you. Your customers should know your business, not your business.

Over-posting is a similar problem. When you over post on your business’ Facebook page, you clog follower’s newsfeeds. Followers soon become annoyed and scroll right past your post without looking at it, or, worst case scenario, unlike your page. Once you get unliked, it’s very unlikely they will ever return. It’s important to post relevant and important information so everything that is posted will be examined.


Meme: Thank you for updating Facebook again with what you ate for dinner. The suspense was killing me.
Meme: Thanks so much for that update about your super busy life... nobody has ever gone to work, the gym, and made dinner in one day. How DO you do it?
Meme: I used to think it would be cool to read other peoples minds. Then I joined Facebook and I got over that.
Meme: I don't know what problems you're having, but I'm here to read about them on Facebook.

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