The increasing ubiquity of cell phones, particularly the rise of smartphones, has made social networking just a finger tap away. In a previous blog post we talked about how Americans are now spending more time on Facebook mobile than the website. This finding didn’t come as much of a surprise, since nearly half (46%) of all American adults now own a Smartphone. However, this mobile revolution doesn’t stop in America. Now, according to Nielsen’s upcoming ‘State of Social Media Report,’ half of the world’s social network users visit sites via their phones. Furthermore, the report found that the trend is most prevalent in Asia Pacific.

Nielsen: Country Usage Of Mobile Phones To Access Social Media
“59 percent of social media users in APAC interact with Twitter, Facebook and other services directly from a mobile device. That’s notable, not just for passing the 50 percent threshold, but also because it is 12 percent higher than the global average and approaching double the 33 percent in Europe and the US.” (see graph)TNW

APAC’s high mobile usage parallel with the report’s other finding: that the continent has the largest percentage of smartphone ownership among its Internet-connected populace. According to the report Asia’s smartphone ownership rate is at 44%, beating out Europe (31%) and America (30%).

According to a similar study from Pew Internet Research 40% of cell phone owners use a social networking site on their phone, and 28% do so on a typical day.  Young people, blacks, Hispanics, the highly educated and those with a higher annual household income are more likely to use SNS on their phones than other groups.

Nielsen will release the full ‘State of Social Media Report’ next month.


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