What is Podcasting?

We continue to hear “Podcast,” and “Listen to this podcast” around us nowadays. But what is podcasting? It is simply a form of digital broadcasting. It’s similar to listening to music; you can easily pause, go back or restart something. Someone can start a podcast, listen for 20 minutes, pause it and resume later. You can also subscribe to them to know when new podcasts are available. 

Podcasts have changed over the years, and are continuing to grow and evolve for individuals and businesses. The term ‘Podcast’ was coined in 2004 by Adam Curry and David Winder as a combination of ‘iPod’ and ‘broadcast’. Their program, iPodder downloaded internet radio broadcasts automatically, and uploaded them to iPod, creating first-ever podcasts. Apple and Spotify jumped in shortly after to over time offer thousands of podcast options. 

How can this help with your marketing efforts? Podcasts usually have a series of related topics, but can also be random. They can be used to describe new products or services, or to market your company in general. On average, a person will stay on a website for about 2-3 minutes, while people listen to podcasts for about 20 minutes. This is a great opportunity to sell your product or business. Not everyone has time to read or watch long videos. Podcasting falls in between, and you can reach people at any time. Whether you’re listening while on a walk, taking a shower, or driving to work, they are easily accessible and a good option for future marketing efforts. 

Advantages in Business

Podcasts provide unique marketing approaches that carry significant benefits. Through podcasts, you can appeal to your audience in a way that text can’t, add another element of brand recognition and loyalty, and earn a supplemental revenue stream.

Audience Connection

There is a stronger connection between the presenter and listener when it’s through podcast form because it builds familiarity that the viewer doesn’t get from reading information on a web page. This familiarity keeps listeners interested and coming back for more. It is a much more personal way to reach out to new potential customers. They may understand the company’s values and business model that they never saw through TV ads or online articles. With traditional print articles or websites, users must focus their attention on the task, something they may not have time for. Podcasts allow the audience to listen while doing other things, while they take the position of important background noise.

A podcast also shows your authoritative presence. It gives you the opportunity to share your expertise in your industry. Audio files allow you to talk with enthusiasm and add authenticity to the information that is often lacking in written work. Podcasts with accurate info or ideas help your company establish credibility. Customers want to trust you, and podcasts help with that. 

Brand Awareness

The consistency of regular podcasts can help develop your company’s brand to make it a household name. You may also get new customers when loyal listeners recommend you to friends and family. It’s easy to integrate your products and services throughout your normal conversations during the podcast. It serves as a type of advertisement for your business. Another option is to have well known podcasts give an ad about your company. Paying a podcast to shout you out may help if it’s a subcategory of listeners that may enjoy your product. 

Easy and Convenient

Traditional advertising is very expensive and takes time and commitment. A podcast is easy to produce and not as time consuming. You simply need a computer to record the podcast, a microphone to pick up the audio, and a software program to edit the audio files. You can also incorporate video elements if wanted; allowing users to watch you as well if they want to watch and listen. There are more advanced ways to make it higher quality, but starting out is pretty simple. As the podcast generates more viewers, you can invest in higher quality products. Press record, start talking, edit, publish in simple words. The more knowledgeable and easy going you are, the more listeners will want to tune in. 

Additional Revenue Stream

The initial thought may be, how do I make money from this? But as you start, you’ll realize it’s fun and less dull than you may have thought. If you have fun with it, so will your listeners. The U.S podcasting industry is getting big, they had a record year in 2017, reaching $314 million in revenue – that’s up 86% from the $169 in 2016 according to the Interactive Advertising Bureau. They also estimate podcast revenue will see 110% growth between 2017 and 2020, revenue will reach $659 million. 

The more consistent your company is with posting, the more you’ll grow. As you become more well known, you are more likely to receive ways to monetize your episodes through affiliate marketing and sponsored content. There are no guarantees, but it’s a possibility down the road. 

Why Podcasting Works

Podcasts can be about anything and everything. You could be an expert in fuji apples or apple computers, maybe gardening, software, education, you name it. No topic is too niche, and you can talk about whatever you are passionate about. For your company, maybe having various topics you talk about while promoting/highlighting yourself. Making it interesting to listen to while still informative. 

Podcasting is simple. There are so many streaming platforms that everyone can listen to easily through their computer, phone, car, even Alexa or Google Home. Listeners can listen when and where they want. The potential customer is listening to you, that’s a personal relationship you don’t get through traditional marketing. 

Podcasting is free. They are free to create and for the audience to listen to. Accessible, engaging, variety at no cost. Everyone loves free stuff. 

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