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What We Do

Social Eyes Marketing is a premier law firm internet marketing company that specializes in an ROI-focused digital marketing strategy. Our no-wait, no commitment formula keeps the process simple and easy—allowing you to focus your energy on your cases and your law firm.

We know you didn’t start your own law firm or become an attorney to worry about email marketing. You don’t need to understand law firm SEO or know how to launch a PPC campaign, and you don’t have to worry about keyword research, or website maintenance. Social Eyes Marketing will handle all of that. We take care of everything!

Our proven digital marketing and SEO strategies help get you to the top of Google’s search engine results pages. Between our comprehensive SEO and effective Pay-Per-Click campaigns, Social Eyes Marketing has delivered thousands of clients to law firms and other successful businesses across the country. Our online advertising strategy will target the keywords you value most enabling us to send the clients you are looking for right to your front door.

Law Firm Case Study: Rockstahl Law Office

  • Rockstahl Law began working with us 3 years ago to help them grow their DUI practice
  • In the last year, the firm took on 199 DUI cases in new business
  • After proving ourselves, Rockstahl Law let us take over the marketing of their personal injury law practice in January of 2022
  • Since then, they have picked up multiple personal injury cases, some of which are very substantial cases
  • This substantial growth has allowed Rockstahl Law to expand from 3 offices to 9. 

Here’s what Joe Rockstahl, owner of Rockstahl Law, has said about Social Eyes:

“It was an experiment for us when we started with Social Eyes Marketing – we really wanted to see if they could deliver on the results they promised. 

 Within only a few months, we had more than tripled our new client intakes.

Even better, the leads that came in through the website were stronger and more ready to hire us than even our referral clients. If you are looking for a better way to attract more clients to your law practice, I can’t recommend Blane and his team at Social Eyes enough!”

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Why Choose Social Eyes Marketing as Your Law Firm’s Digital Marketing Company

Our primary focus is on helping law firms to get found online. Even if you don’t currently have a law firm website, we can help you make sure that the search engine results page will index your site and generate quality website visitors and potential clients.

We know you would like to find a one-stop legal business solution that is reasonably priced. Since we work with attorneys and lawyers on a weekly basis, we can provide you with the best legal website traffic, calls, and high-quality clients to help your business grow.

At Social Eyes Marketing, our process might look a little different than our competitors. That’s because we aren’t like our competitors. Our approach and our dedicated team make us a standout in the law firm marketing industry.

We aren’t interested in a big upfront paycheck, like some other web development companies. We are interested in creating a long-term, mutually beneficial relationship—we expect to be working together for a long time. Our team is constantly educating and evolving to stay on the cutting edge of the industry to ensure you get the results you need to be a success.

Attract Quality Cases

We help law firms grow their revenue and drive traffic through the use of our proven ROI-focused digital marketing strategies.

  • Get to the top of Google
  • Attract quality leads
  • Grow your business and outperform your competition
  • Lower your client acquisition costs
  • Improve your marketing ROI

Get the clients you want right at your door!
Focus on running your law firm, we’ll make your phone ring.

How it works:

Our proven process to deliver clients, improve ROI, and get law firms to the top of Google. We provide clear and immediate results to help your business grow.


Our law firm digital marketing strategy begins with an SEO specialist who can ensure online visibility and an increase in your search engine rankings. Attract quality traffic to your law firm’s website with optimized content that focuses on relevant keywords specific to the legal industry that describe your practice area.
Gain visibility on local business listings and become the primary choice for legal assistance in your community. Our law firm digital marketing company provides exceptional expertise in local SEO strategies that puts your firm on top of search results, giving you optimal traffic and lead-generating opportunities.


Law firm marketing online can be difficult without an optimized website. Most successful law firms’ digital marketing spend begins with a fully optimized website. This is because this is most likely the first impression your potential client is going to receive after their Google search.
Our creative and efficient web designers will collaborate with you to build your beautiful, functional website that clearly represents your law firm’s brand and turns more leads into actual clients.


If you want faster results, our law firm online marketing strategy includes pay-per-click (PPC) online ads that will reach your target audience. PPC ads increase brand awareness by 80%, and 46% of the clicks in a search go to the top three results (the paid advertisements) on the page. We guarantee a great return on investment (ROI) with high-converting Google ads for your law practice.


Build customer trust and increase your revenue with a strong online reputation management strategy. Positive online reviews, especially in the personal injury lawyers’ local market can be a challenge to come by. We understand that as an attorney/lawyer, you’re looking for the BEST worst result for your clients.
Our law firm online marketing strategy includes online review monitoring, review response, and review generation service to improve your online reputation online and gain client trust.


Our digital marketing experts understand how to optimize your website, so it gets more people to take action and become your clients. With a combination of SEO, content marketing, and strategic web design, our law firm digital marketing company’s CRO service ensures you get the most out of your website’s traffic.


Build customer trust and increase your local visibility with a strong Google My Business strategy. Positive online reviews, detailed product/service descriptions, and regular activity on your GMB listing can help you grow your reach outside of your immediate area.

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