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When you start a business you need to think about how to position yourself to reach potential customers. How are your ideas different from competitors? How will you convey your brand identity in a clear way that will attract attention? How will you create personalized experiences for Boise residents? Here at Social Eyes Marketing, we are based in Boise, ID and we know how to make an impact in this fast-growing landscape. We have cutting-edge marketing strategies that will help you grow your new business. 

Analyzing Your Target Market

You need to analyze your market – in other terms, gather information about your market. Analyzing your market will help you determine the potential risks and opportunities with your startup. The goal is to understand what kind of market you’re entering.

  • Demographics: You need to decide if you’re going to run your business locally, nationally, or globally. Depending on this, your demographics will be a lot different. For the sake of this article, we’re going to focus on your business being local, here in Boise. How big is Boise? What is the potential volume or value of the market here in Boise? You need to research your potential customers and see what their shopping habits look like. This research can be conducted many different ways, a few of the most popular being through surveys and interviews.
  • Target Market: What kinds of people are you hoping to sell your product or service to? You need to consider who your customers will be and what their motivations are. Is there a demand for your product? For example, you want to open an ice cream shop, but there are already 30 ice cream shops in a two mile stretch in downtown Boise. Do you think Boise needs another ice cream shop? Think of other barriers to success you might encounter. 
  • Competition: Going off of your target market, look at the competition in the neighborhood. You want to be better, so look at their strengths and weaknesses. Play off of those when getting your startup going. Talk to customers to see what they think about your competitors. You can also gather additional data on your competitors online – this is usually public information. 

How are you going to thrive? Consider what is going to set your business apart from another competitor who could come in and take all your customers. These are critical ideas to think about when you’re carrying out your business plan. 

Target Market Analyzed – What’s Next?

Let’s say now you know your target market and you know how you will perform alongside competitors. You need to gain a following. You need to think about what potential customers will see when they take a look at your business. 

  • Talk to people! You need to know what is important to people. It’s 2021; you need to have social media platforms set up for your business. Engage with potential customers this way. Set up polls that people can answer and send out surveys to followers. Most people in this generation use the internet, but there are still some that don’t, so consider what you can do to also attract the non-internet users. Do some more research to see how the majority of people shop. Where do they purchase products and find services?
  • Define your brand: This goes beyond just a logo. This is the part that makes you stand out. An outstanding website is a great place to start. Lucky for you, we have professional web designers here at Social Eyes Marketing. If you need help creating the website of your dreams, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Branding also means having a good reputation. This is all about what your clients are saying about your business to their friends. You can’t control everything about your reputation, but you can do your best to be memorable. If customers and clients are satisfied, they are more likely to have positive things to say. This will also create trust and they will become repeat customers!


Now you have all the tools needed for a thriving startup in Boise! If you need help We know that your brand is everything to you – that is why we want to work alongside you and see it succeed! Give us a call today to learn more about the services we offer. 

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