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Quick Tips for a Professional LinkedIn Profile

What is LinkedIn and Why You Need a Profile

LinkedIn can be thought of as a virtual networking event. It allows you to chat with experts in your field, talk about your career goals, and exchange business ideas. LinkedIn can be used by a wide variety of people; students and recent college graduates, a marketing employee from a company, and even an entrepreneur trying to start up a small business. LinkedIn is for anyone who wants to take their career to the next level.
LinkedIn is pretty similar to Facebook as far as layout and features. On LinkedIn you can network with people by sending them “connections” much like how on Facebook you can send people friend requests. You can interact with people through private messages and your profile is public for all to see. Your profile is basically like an extension of your resume. If you know how to use Facebook, LinkedIn won’t take long to figure out. LinkedIn has over 650 million users. There will be recruiters from your dream company hanging out. Potential clients are on LinkedIn and they will reach out to you for your services.

How to Make Your Profile More Powerful

Before getting started with filling out your profile, there are a couple things to think about. Who is your audience? Make sure you are writing in first person. With everything you write, consider who you hope will read it and what you want them to take from your summary. When recruiters read about your accomplishments and past job duties, they are thinking about how you can help them. So instead of “I managed a team of 15 people” you might say “I was able to lead my team and increase sales by 20%.”

  • Start with a professional profile photo.This might be the first impression photo a potential employer or customer will see of you. Make taking a couple headshots your first priority when setting up your LinkedIn profile. Lighting and background are key to a successful headshot. Natural light outdoors during golden hour or mid-day is best. Indoors, set up next to a window that is away from direct sunlight to avoid overexposure. Even though it seems like a small detail, the background of your photo needs to be simple. We want to focus on you, not whatever is behind you. A simple background with a solid color or even a blurred out background will help us focus on your facial features. Remember to smile!
  • Important Headline KeywordsLinkedIn automatically defaults your headline to your job title and current company but you can change this. You could list your specialty and speak to your audience instead. If you want lots of people to find and view your profile, include important keywords throughout your profile. If that is not as much of a concern for you, keep it simple. Get creative and try to make yourself or your company stand out. Try and keep your headline right around 10 words.
  • Fill out The Summary Field With 5-6 of Your Biggest AchievementsYou can use bullet points to make it quicker and easier to read. Think of your audience again, and base which achievements you choose to list on how you can make this person’s life easier. Get unique; LinkedIn allows you to attach media files in this section so you can include videos. For example, if there is a presentation you’ve done that you’re proud of and you have it on film, upload it. An introduction video could also get you the attention you’re striving for.
  • Fill Out as Much of the Profile as PossibleThis is the spot to put all the stuff that doesn’t fit on your resume. This includes volunteer experience and skills. A lot of employers want a well-rounded individual and with every section that is filled out, companies and customers are able to see more of the kind of person you are.
  • Keep work History RelevantYou don’t have to list every single job you’ve ever had. Instead, list only the jobs where you used the skills needed for the job you’re trying to apply for, as well as the career goals you have.

Follow these tips and hiring managers, recruiters, and potential customers will be impressed and absolutely blown away by your profile! If you are looking to update your company’s LinkedIn to grow your business, contact Social Eyes Marketing today! We specialize in social media marketing and search engine optimization. Our professionals are ready to get started and build a partnership!

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