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Why Should You Choose Our Public Policy Services?

Social Eyes Marketing’s public policy is built on the unique ability to strategically anticipate and address complex problems, providing calculated, creative, and well-executed solutions for our clients. Social Eyes having a lobbying expert who focuses on the relationship with clients makes Social Eyes a great new lobbying opportunity. The Idaho Legislature typically runs from January through April, yet our work continues year-round. We take the time to meet with Legislators, Idaho Executive Officers, state agencies, NGOs, and local communities to establish robust and valuable public policy goals.

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Public Policy Services

Social Eyes Marketing provides comprehensive government relations services at the local, state, and federal levels. From political advocacy to interest advisory, our public policy services look out for you and your business throughout every step of the legislative process. Our Public Policy Advisor has the reputation of being the premier lobbyist in Idaho, giving you access to one of the industry’s best.


Active lobbying is the key to your industry’s success in the legislative process. Our Public Policy Advisor uses his strategic problem-solving skills to look out for your business in the legislature.

Political Acumen

With a resume filled with success, our Public Policy Advisor can use strategic problem-solving and quick wit to act on your behalf, keeping your business interests at the forefront of his advocacy.


Protecting your business interests goes far beyond active lobbying. By tapping into the extensive experience of our Public Policy Advisor, you will always know your political options.

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What Is Public Policy?

Public policy encompasses the legislation and regulations passed at local, state, and federal levels that affect the people of their jurisdiction. When you hire us to manage your public policy, we actively seek out ways to promote and protect your business in governmental affairs, whether it be advocating at the level of your city council and Mayor’s office, or whether we’re lobbying on Capitol Hill.

Nate Fisher

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Nate Fisher graduated from the University of Idaho earning a BA degree in English Literature. Nate began his career working in Washington, D.C. for then-Representative Larry Craig. He returned to Boise and worked as the executive director of a non-profit, grassroots-created 501(c)(3), The Idaho Council on Industry and Environment for four years. Nate took that experience with him to work for Governor Phil Batt, concentrating on energy/environmental issues affecting the State of Idaho. Nate continued to work for the next three Governors in Idaho, Dirk Kempthorne, James Risch, and Butch Otter.

In 2005, Nate joined Governor Otter’s Office of Species Conservation. In August 2007, Nate was confirmed by the Idaho Legislature and became Governor Otter’s Administrator for the Office of Species Conservation, a Cabinet-level position reporting directly to the Governor. Nate remained in that office for six years, managing and distributing a budget of $15 million to farmers, ranchers, and the conservation community on innovative environmental initiatives in Idaho.

Now as a lobbyist, Nate has worked with clients from Verizon, Fluor, American Kidney Fund, Atlanta Gold Corporation, Thunder Mountain Gold, the Dove Foundation, the Idaho Recyclers, and the Professional Bail Agents in Idaho. In 2016, Nate and his wife, Jean, were the founding members of what is now the Idaho Suicide Prevention Coalition. This coalition has gathered the support of State businesses, leaders, and faith-based communities and has helped to raise the bar for suicide prevention and awareness in Idaho. In the 2016 legislative session, Nate lobbied on behalf of the Coalition for mandated funding the Idaho Suicide Hotline and for a Statewide Office for Suicide Prevention. His efforts resulted in obtaining $960,000 previously unbudgeted dollars for annual statewide suicide prevention and awareness in Idaho.

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