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Using various platforms, our in-house social media mavens can boost your client engagement, expand your audience reach, and benefit your website traffic.

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So why advertise with Social Media?

Social media can help you drive repeat business: When you pay for an advertisement on the radio or television, you pay a good sum of money to broadcast ONE message and hope that it reaches your target audience. However, social networks like Facebook and Twitter allow you to build your target audience and market to them on a regular basis. Once you connect with audiences online, it leaves the door of communication open and you can share content, specials, information, services, etc. with them at any time.

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Our proven methods lead to successful social media marketing:

We recognize that social media plays a key role in modern marketing strategy. We also recognize that different businesses have different needs. Our team of marketing professionals works with you to customize your social media needs, be it a complete remarketing, a new social media campaign, or just a little help with management! With in-house photography and videography, we have everything you need to achieve success through your social media platforms!

Social Media Strategy

We start off with an assessment of your current social media strategy, and then develop a new and improved social media strategy that will engage with your customers and bring them back to your page.

Social Media Remarketing

What is remarketing? It’s a tactic to let you advertise to people who have already been to your site. Remind your customers on Facebook of your brand and company and keep them coming back to your site time and time again.

Social Media campaigns

Whether your Facebook page needs more Likes or you have a promotional giveaway, we can create and direct a campaign based on your budget and needs. Our campaigns have proven to be successful.

Community Management

Being engaged on your social media platforms is key to success. We create content to be posted, tweeted and pinned. Then, we respond to the engagement through your social media platforms.

The Stats.

of retail brands use 2 or more social media channels (Ad Week)

of all online US adults use Facebook. (Business Insider)

of Instagram users are younger than 35. (Wired)

adults have a LinkedIn profile. (LinkedIn)

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