Instagram has become a powerhouse in the world of digital media marketing with 81% of people using Instagram as a tool to research products and services. If your potential customers are similarly treating this social media app to Google or Yelp, then it’s time to take full advantage of this business opportunity. You’ll be surprised at how much engagement you’ll get!

Know Your Business

Before you do anything else, it’s important to identify an appropriate way to post for your business. Will users want to see the behind-the-scenes works at your location? Is it fitting to post about staff members? What kind of updates do your customers want? Think about the things your customers will want to see before you take your business to Instagram.


Once a user finds your business’ page, it’s key to have an enticing and aesthetically pleasing page that’ll make them want to click ‘follow’. But how can you achieve this? The most prominent feature on an Instagram page is the grid-layout feed that shows off your photos and videos. So the overall look and feel of your content must be consistent, simple, and match the branding of your website. A clean and uncluttered look is preferable and will encourage users to stick around.

Have a Variety of Content

The best way to upgrade your Instagram game is to switch up the ways that you post. Having a variety of interesting content will ensure that new audiences have an incentive to follow you. Instagram allows posting through a large range of mediums including videos, graphics, photos, Reels, and Stories. By strategically planning your content, you can utilize each of these mediums to create a feed that works in perfect harmony with your brand.


Videos are an extremely effective way to engage viewers. How-to videos are the most popular form of videos on Instagram. Buzzfeed’s Tasty has mastered the art of how-to videos that show step by step visual guides to their recipes. Other types of videos include behind-the-scenes footage and interviews. High-quality video production services will help elevate your Instagram page, so give us a call and we’ll cultivate our video services to your business.


Graphic images act as great visual alternatives to photos on Instagram that can break up repetitiveness. They also act as an easy way to provide information to your customers about events or business updates. Having graphic elements on your account will tie in well with your website and other social media accounts.


It is crucial to have professional photography to form the basis of your Instagram feed. Stock and amateur images aren’t cutting it anymore in such a highly saturated market. Using high-quality photographs also plays a huge part in setting a reputation for your brand. Don’t know where to start? We have photography services available at Social Eyes Marketing Boise to fulfill any of your needs.


Instagram’s new feature Reels is a great opportunity to put out fun, casual, and entertaining video content that can set your business apart from others. Instagram’s algorithm shows users a never-ending amount of short videos, so you can reach almost anyone. Reels are also an entertaining way for viewers to learn more about your company or get some behind-the-scenes insight!


Instagram Stories are quite literally the perfect way to interact with your customers. Features like polls, questions, and quizzes allow users to answer fun or helpful questions. Want more website traffic? Swipe-ups to web pages are also available on Stories!

Ask the Experts

While these tips can give you a starting point for creating an Instagram for your business, they are just the basics. There is so much more that goes into marketing your business efficiently on Instagram. Upkeeping a consistent posting schedule along with the rest of your business’ social media accounts takes a lot of precious time and effort. Don’t be afraid to ask for professional help! Give Social Eyes Marketing a ring and we’ll have our Social Media Strategists revamp your business’ social media presence.

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