When you’re starting to get your business rolling, one of the more important things is to get a good website up and running. Websites are important in getting your business’s information on the internet so anyone looking can access it. But, having a website that doesn’t look good and isn’t well organized can also drive away business. Here are some of the most vital reasons for having a website that looks good and is easy to navigate!

Business Information

Making sure you have a good website is imperative for getting your business’s information out to the public. When consumers look for your company on the internet and stumble across your website, they want to be able to find all the information about your business in one place. Having different pages on your website dedicated to things like contact information, rates, origin stories, and a description of your services are all crucial to getting business. However, it’s important that you have more than one page on your website. Having only one page makes for limited keyword space and limits your options for link building. This brings us to our next point, Digital Ads.

Digital Ads

Having a website that your advertisements can direct interested consumers towards is very important. When you have ads on Facebook, Instagram, etc. you generally want consumers to be able to click on them and be redirected to your website. Without a website, all you have is an ad that can give them a phone number of the business to call. Your goal should be to make it convenient for the consumer to find your business. If another company in your industry has a website but you only offer a phone number to call, nine times out of ten they’ll choose the company with a website because of the convenience.


Not only this, but having keywords on your website is essential to digital marketing. Keywords make it so when a consumer searches certain words, your business pops up in the search results. For example, say you own a plumbing business. You would want to have several different keywords all over your website, such as “plumbers in Boise” or “emergency plumbing services in Boise”. Then, when a consumer searches “plumbers in Boise” or even just something basic like “plumbers Boise”, over time your website will be close to the top of the search results if you’ve done due diligence in your keywords.

Link Building

When you have a website that is designed well and has multiple pages, it gives you more opportunities for Link Building. Having more pages on your site makes it more likely that other websites will link back to yours. Many websites will also not want to link to a website that doesn’t offer good information or isn’t well organized, so website design comes into play there as well.

If you are in need of a website that looks amazing and functions just as well, look no further. At Social Eyes Marketing we have a plethora of experience designing websites that look great and function well in the category of SEO. Give us a call today and our Web Design Professionals will help you with any questions you have about your website and Search Engine Optimization!

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