Every business should be using social media as a marketing tool. Social media allows you to connect with your audience and join the conversation happening around your business. So where do you begin? Social media management is so important, but it can take time to learn what tactics work best and expertise to implement those tactics effectively. At Social Eyes Marketing, we’re here to give you some tips and help you get started!

Why Scheduling Is Important

In order to grow your brand, consistency is KEY! You need to give followers a reason to come back to your page frequently. For example, this might be a new blog post coming out every Monday at 9 am. This will give followers a reason to search your website and read the blog post. If you’re able to do this, the algorithm will work out in your favor and the name of your business will appear on the consumer’s feed to show them more of your content.
Time management is a difficult task to master. When running a business, you always have so many things to do – it often feels like there isn’t enough time in the day. Thinking about what and when to post on social media is usually not a top priority. Because of this, your postings are probably going up at random times of the day, or whenever you find the time. Therefore, not as many users are consistently seeing your posts and interacting with them. If you are able to schedule your social media posts in advance, this is one less thing you will have to think about during the day. These posts will reach your target audience even if you are unavailable at these certain times. By scheduling posts, it will lead to having more free time to worry about other responsibilities instead of logging onto social media to post content.
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Before You Schedule Posts

A big misconception about consistent social media posts is that it becomes too repetitive. With a little creativity and thought, it doesn’t have to be this way. For example, introducing a theme that applies to your brand. You can do this by researching your competitors and the industry that you’re in. What are your competitors doing that is working? What kind of things are people reacting positively to? Keep it simple when first starting to post on social media. Take this time to discover what is working and what isn’t. Doing this will give you a better idea of how to accommodate your audience and get the most return. Once you receive and analyze this data, start to plan a social media schedule that tailors to your brand. If you’re able to follow these steps, the next time you post a big announcement to your social media it will not only resonate with your direct audience, but it will be shared and reach more than just your followers!
When planning out your social media platforms, consider videos. In today’s fast-paced media world, people love videos. Videos are popular in businesses because they help build the connection between the customer and the company. People are much more likely to believe what they see when they watch a video versus reading a website.
People have short attention spans – the first 10 seconds of your video are the most important. Statistics show that a catchy introduction will increase conversations that lead to sales. Video content is the most powerful way to advertise your product or your services. For these reasons, videography should be a huge part of your marketing campaigns. Consider making a video introducing your brand and a little background on how you got started. Consumers will more likely choose your brand over competitors if they know more about the culture of your company. You will increase business if your values and beliefs match the potential customers. From there, make videos about milestones or achievements reached, promotional videos for a future event, and videos that showcase a new product or service, etc.
At Social Eyes Marketing, we have a video production team that will inspire, educate, and persuade your clients with high-quality video content.

How To Schedule Posts

Start the process of scheduling posts by outlining any goals or what you want to get out of your social media strategy. Once you have a list of all the things you want to accomplish, this will help you decide the theme of your posts each week. Here at Social Eyes Marketing, we advise creating a theme for your content each day. For example, on Mondays, post a blog with a link back to another blog. Tuesdays, post about an event coming up. Try to post on the same four or five days each week. If you do this, your followers will know when to come back to your page and expect new content.

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