Has it seriously come to this? First, it started out that we couldn’t speak to each other. Instead of talking face to face, we used our cell phones to text each other. And to make that even worse, we couldn’t even spell the words out. U know what I mean? But, alas, we have figured out to condense it even further. Now, we use one simple picture for an entire phrase.

The emoji – literally translating to pictograph – started in Japan in the 1990’s by a communications firm. It started with a heart and quickly caught on. The emojis helped communicate feelings within the text message to avoid misunderstanding. Unlike emoticons, which can only be expressed in type, emojis are an actual cartoon picture. With a large gallery and wide variety of emojis, you’ll always be able to find something to depict your thoughts and feelings.

Starting with cell phones, they’ve slowly moved their way into social media platforms, and our hearts.  If you aren’t currently speaking emoji, it’s time to start. To help you out, we created a cheat sheet of often used emojis. In other words, why use 140 characters when you can use one?


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