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It’s no secret that people enjoy sharing their opinions online. Whether it’s through Yelp, Facebook, or Google, public reviews have changed the way companies conduct business.

While some of these reviews can be lacking in merit, the impact they leave on a business remains the same. Reviews hold the power to sway public opinion and they are extremely important to pay attention to.

As a business owner, how can you place the power back in your business’ hands?

Easy. Get proactive with your business’ Google Review Link.

Having a Google Review Link has become a powerful and essential tool that, when utilized correctly, has the ability to change your page ranking, and add visibility to your web page, thus increasing your conversion rates and overall ROI.

Best part is, you don’t need to buy Google reviews. People happily leave their opinions for others to see, adding new meaning to word of mouth marketing.

How Do Google Review Links Work

When a business posts a Google Review Link, it allows customers to publicly post about their experience with a product or a company and then rank them on a scale of one to five stars.

Based on those reviews, components within Google’s search engine optimization algorithm will then raise or lower your business’ web presence/visibility.

Multiple low-rated reviews can knock your business’s web visibility from the top of organic search to the very bottom.

Multiple high-rated reviews will elevate your business’ visibility as well as build trust within your brand. This is why it is important to make sure clients are always getting high-quality products or services.

Why it Matters

Now, at the top of Google’s local search engine results page (SERP) lies the map pack. Based on the searcher’s keywords and location, the most qualified businesses will be listed first in the map pack.

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When your business receives those high ranking and positive reviews, Google will recognize your business as an authority in your industry.

Because the map pack only reserves three to four spots for the best businesses, it is pertinent that your business be one of them. Businesses with superior reviews are easier to find on Google. Customers who want to find the most highly touted business in that specific niche are more likely to find it if Google review ratings are high.

The business will often have a plethora of 5-star ratings, but a good Google review score is usually between 4.2 to 4.9. Businesses that have a review rating of 4.2 or higher are much more likely to end up in the map pack of nearby businesses that fit best for the customer.

Google’s algorithm analyzes review quantity, velocity, and diversity as the most beneficial characteristics that boost search engine optimization.Incorporating SEO strategies in unison with your Google Review Link will help your business reach the top of the map pack, meaning more exposure which will result in more clients and more profit.

According to a survey done by PeopleClaim, 70% of people consult reviews before purchasing a product and those customer reviews create a 74% increase in product conversion.
This ultimately means that a major part of your marketing strategy is out of your control… or is it?


Place the power back in your hands.

Respond to Feedback

You’ve heard the phrase “There’s no such thing as bad publicity.” Well, the same is true for situations such as this. You can’t control who decides to leave a review of your product or company. You can, however, use the free feedback as a marketing tool for your benefit.

The trick is to turn all reviews into a positive productive experience.

Paying attention to Google reviews can give businesses a competitive advantage. Google’s review links give feedback to a business, providing them with information on what they could do better to make the product or service a more enjoyable experience.

campaign creators gMsnXqILjp4 unsplash

Think of these reviews as a free ongoing focus group. People are willing to provide feedback at zero cost and every review is a clue as to how to increase your sales.

From a business perspective, it is better to respond to the review to keep your online presence up to date because Google boosts businesses that are active online.

Businesses with a lot of reviews instill trust for potential clients because it proves that other people also have trusted your company before.

How to Respond to Negative Reviews on Google

Unfortunately, at some point or another, a time will come when a customer will write a negative review. Whether or not the review is true, the damage a negative review has is all the same.

You may have the desire to disregard the negative review in hopes that the positive reviews will outshine the bad. Generally speaking, it’s a bad practice to ignore or try to remove Google reviews.

A better solution is to address the negative review head on!

But first…

Confirm It’s Real

It isn’t uncommon for people to leave fake google reviews for a business – disgruntled former employees or customers with a personal vendetta are just a couple examples of this kind of occurrence.

Sadly, once the words are out there for everyone to see, it doesn’t matter whether the accusation is true or false. It’s now time to do some damage control.

In situations where the review is obviously false or clearly written by a former employee, Google Reviews and others like it offer an opportunity for businesses to flag and dispute the review.

On the occasion that there is truth to the negative google review, well…that’s great news! You now have an opportunity to address the problem publicly and most importantly, make it right.


When responding to the reviewer, you should be considerate of their complaints, acknowledge the validity of their experience, and then own the solution. Offer a solution or better yet, ask them how you can rectify their experience.

Owning a problem and then fixing it shows the culture and character of your business. It shows that your business is a place that values all its customers.

If you only respond to positive reviews, people may get the sense that you are avoidant of customers that had issues with your product or service.

Responding to negative reviews shows potential customers that you are there to help in any way possible and listen to their concerns. It shows that you are willing to evolve and improve upon your products and customer experience.

Resolve the Issue

In other words, follow through. Whether this is a replacement of a faulty product they received, a free service you offer, or a refund, make sure that you honor your commitment.

Not only will this reflect positively on your business values, it will also create trust with people reading the reviews. Remember, you may have lost that initial customer, but someone reading the situation may be willing to give your business a shot based on your efforts.

Once the issue has been resolved, you can then ask them to consider editing their review. Reviewers have the option to go back in and edit the review and rating they gave you.

If your business needs help, the Social Eyes Marketing team can help!


More Reviews, More Business

It’s simple. The more positive reviews a business receives, the higher it will climb on Google search pages. Once your business is at the top of the search results page, traffic to your website will consistently increase!

Social Eyes Marketing has search engine optimization experts to help you get more reviews, clicks, and customers. If you’re looking to get your website to the first page of Google, contact our team today!

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