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Although it may be hard for a business to find their voice on social networks it is also extremely important. Many people wonder how to respond, or what they should say but there is a number of different answers for every brand. Below are a few guidelines to help you decide what your voice should sound like:

1. Make a Decision on What You Are Wanting to Talk Aboutfacebook

Planning what subjects you are going to talk about will allow you to plan for those subjects you are not going to talk about. For many property managers this could be about new rentals, or  topics that relate to your management company. A good place to start is to look at competing brands. You don’t need to copy their strategy, but just take note of what they discuss and what they don’t and go from there.

2. Make Sure to Engage your Target Demographic.

Your brand should have a voice that talks to consumers in a language they understand. If you are a property management companies, then you will typically deal with a variety of people who are interested in finding a new home for themselves or are looking to use your management services. The type of communication you use should cater to your tenants or owners. If you are a car wash owner then you are targeting those customers in your area who are looking for a quick, efficient clean. If there is some type of disconnect (even if you have high engagement), you may not be communicating with your most valuable audience.

3. Be Genuinetwitter

Being authentic can set you apart from you’re competition by a large margin. You know your brand’s message better than anyone; therefore, you need to design your messaging to communicate that message. For what does your brand stand for? With what kinds of lifestyles + people can it be aligned? Consider what your target demographic likes besides your product or service and explore how you can integrate these things into messaging.

4. Consumer Response

Always respond to customer inquiries with respect. Respond as though you would expect an employee to respond face-to-face. It is about having a conversation with your fans and followers and interacting with them as much as possible. This will generally keep you on their good side and may create new leads for your business in the future.youtube

Here at Social Eyes Marketing, we are experienced in social media management and have a number of happy clients to prove it. Rely on someone that you can trust when it comes to your social networks.









Source: Social Media Examiner

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