Are you struggling to gain traction on your business’s Facebook page? Social media, when used correctly, can have a significant positive impact on your business. Facebook is one of the most commonly used social media platforms, and establishing your business presence on it can help drive traffic to your company. Here are some helpful tips to grow your Facebook reach.

Optimize Facebook Page Content

To start, you’ll want to optimize your Facebook page content. The goal here is to create meaningful interactions between you and your followers while they scroll through their Facebook news feed. This can be done by customizing your website’s content to what your followers will find the most interesting.
Another main goal of website optimization is boosting your brand’s awareness. Relevant content is the best content. By posting material that relates to your target audience, you are engaging your followers and keeping them coming back for more.
Some more helpful tips are:

  • Craft unique captions. Try to avoid using the same hashtags and captions; be creative and relevant with each post.
  • Avoid posting only external links. Format your content in a way that keeps users on the Facebook website. You can do this by using videos and infographics.
  • Consider including a call-to-action to drive discussions and interaction on posts. This can be as easy as “comment below” or “share this post”.

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Schedule Consistent Facebook Posts

Posting content consistently has the power to drive traffic to your page and products. Consistency is a key factor in growing your social media presence, and letting the algorithm know that you’re an active user helps your business be exposed to a larger audience.

Sprout Social and Facebook Studio allows you to create content with the peace of mind that you’re frequently publishing fresh material.

The competition on Facebook is fierce, especially for organic reach. The more effort you put into increasing your content’s visibility, the better. You can use tools such as Sprout’s ViralPost–which can adjust your publishing times based on when your target audience is most active and engaged.

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Analyzing Facebook Insights

Once you start posting frequently, you’ll want to look into your page insights. With this, you can look at a particular post and figure out ways to receive more engagement. The goal is to make a meaningful interaction with your followers. People engage with and share posts that are interesting and fun.

It’s best to keep an eye on long-term reach and to notice trends–whether they are upward or downward. There will usually be outliers in terms of your content, so try not to obsess over a single day or week because it won’t be significant in the long run.

The good news is, you have a variety of tools to help monitor your reach. Facebook Insights is a great tool that gives you a solid breakdown of post reach as well as page interactions.

Remember, however, it’s essential to monitor current trends and takeaways rather than obsess over single numbers and statistics. You’ll want to ask yourself these questions:

  • Is my Facebook reach increasing or decreasing? Why?
  • How does my paid reach compare to my organic reach?
  • Which single pieces of content obtain the most reach? Is there a relationship between them (such as timing, length, and format)?

For marketers, it’s essential to identify the common threads and patterns amongst your top-performing posts. By using Sprout, you can easily track your reach and impressions over time to determine how you’re performing and whether your content strategy changes are boosting you up.

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Facebook Organic Reach

You can also look at your organic reach on Facebook. Organic posts don’t cost you any money while still being able to reach your target audience. With the Facebook algorithm, promoting a Facebook ad can cost you hundreds and thousands of advertising dollars.

Another way to increase your organic reach is by not solely promoting your products and services. You should create a variety of content that is fun, inspirational, and educational, which conveys the vibe of your company.

Organic Facebook focuses more on interest rather than intent. Not every post on your Facebook page should be promotional. Instead, 80% of your posts and updates should be social. Users can be tempted to hit the “unfollow” button when they feel they are being bombarded with ads and promotions in their news feed. Remember, that button is just a click away!

A Facebook post should be used to build a community, start conversations with your audience, and add value. You can also request to join Facebook groups to build your community. You should vary your posts to create different types of content such as:

  • Brand story posts
  • Lead nurture posts
  • Personal posts
  • Authority building posts

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Use Video Content

Although compelling captions can easily convince your audience to interact with your brand, you don’t have to rely solely on social media content to create engagement. You can also boost your engagement levels and reach with the type of creative content you use.

“Native video” has been correlated to racking in the highest engagement rates on Facebook for years. Native video is video content that is uploaded directly to, or created on, a social network and played in-feed on that platform. For example, on Facebook, a native video would be a video that is uploaded directly to Facebook, rather than a link shared from Youtube or Vimeo.

Additionally, across all social media platforms, consumers are showing a preference for video content. To keep up with other platforms, Facebook has introduced new video tools, which give you a variety of options for creating high-performing posts on your Facebook page. These include:

  • Facebook Reels: These short-form videos can be up to 1 minute in length, letting you create bite-sized content that quickly informs and entertains.
  • Facebook Video: You can pre-record video content that can last up to 4 hours in length, giving you a plethora of time to introduce your business, teams, and products
  • Facebook Stories and Live: Facebook Stories and Live videos allow you to connect with your audience more authentically and in real-time, which drives more engagement than native video alone.

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How Social Eyes Marketing Can Help

The truth is that Facebook marketing–and social media marketing in general–isn’t optional. Facebook is the most used social platform in the entire world, with about 2.29 billion daily active users!

It’s not all humblebrags and vacation pics either. For 53.2% of internet users ages 16-24, social media is their primary way of researching a brand. And, at least once a week, 66% of all Facebook users search for a local business page.

The simple truth is that you need to be on Facebook. But what actions do you need to take to begin? Do you need to run promoted ads? What content should you post? Does creating a business page signify you’re in the new metaverse?

We can help answer all of your questions regarding your Facebook marketing strategy, business pages, and other social media platforms. We will provide you with a step-by-step process to start your Facebook marketing journey off on the right track.

We recognize that social media plays a key role in modern marketing strategy. We also recognize that different businesses have different needs. Our team of marketing professionals works with you to customize your social media strategy–be it a complete remarketing, a new social media campaign, or just a little help with management! With in-house photography and videography, we have everything you need to achieve success through your social media platforms!

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