Things to Remember When Starting Your Website

What is your call to action? What is the purpose of your website? Is it to inform your visitors or get their business? Or both? On each page of your website you should think about your call to action.
Any marketing company will tell you that your website should be optimized for SEO purposes. You need some form of optimization in order for new customers to find your website by typing in related keywords. If you need help learning more about SEO and getting this set up for your website, give us a call.
The visual appearance of your website is also very important. These days everything is about looks – if someone visits your website and the logo is outdated or the colors don’t go together, they won’t bother to read the information on your website. However, if everything on the homepage of your website is clean and well put-together, visitors will continue to search through your website and you will have a better chance of getting their business.
Be ready to market your website on your social media! Once your website is finished, social media is the perfect way to promote the launch of your new website. The share buttons that social media allows will also help your SEO!


This is the page most people will see first. People have very short attention spans so you need to catch their attention fast. You need to have all of the information they’re looking for in one small place. The content on your homepage should be intriguing and unique enough to capture the attention of visitors within seconds. Your homepage needs to look professional, aesthetically pleasing, and everything needs to work properly. You should include a short description about what you do, a short list of the services or products that you provide, and a couple of reasons on how you can help your potential customers or clients. Some other things you should consider when building your website:

  • Who is looking for your services? Map out your target audience and figure out how you can reach them
  • Create some kind of call to action and how you will help
  • Try and build a connection with your target audience – make it feel like you’re talking directly to them.
  • Include your motto/values/goals.
  • Include your company logo and have it in a large font on the top left corner of your website.
  • Include your contact information in the footer of the website.
  • Use pictures – people prefer to look at photos over reading text.

About Page

People want to do business or support businesses who are also people. People want to know who is behind the business. In your ‘About Page’ include who is currently working for the company, including photos of each person and short biographies. You should also write a brief summary of the company, the history of the company, and what makes you different from competition. It would also be helpful to list any special achievements the company has received and any goals that may have been met. It is also key to include a name and a phone number and/or email address where potential customers can contact you and learn more. The ‘About You’ page will help you build trust with clients and in case it’s the only page on your website they visit, you need to have contact information.

FAQ Page

The FAQ page is where you answer some of the most frequently asked questions. This will save you time from answering the same questions over and over again. You should provide detailed, honest, and helpful answers to each question. After reviewing the FAQ page on your website, a potential customer should be convinced to take the next step and purchase whatever service or product you are selling. The answers to these questions should remove any doubt they had before and make them feel secure and confident enough to move forward.

Reviews Page

The reviews page is your opportunity to show off positive reviews that your company has received. It is a way to show off how other people have benefited from your business’s services. Effective testimonials should resonate with your potential customers. Great testimonials should tell a story and inspire those who read it. You can use several different kinds of testimonials in your ‘reviews page.’ Some examples include simple quotes and videos. Videos and audio are becoming more and more popular. With almost everyone on the internet and using social media these days, this comes as no surprise.

Contact Page

Your contact page is a place where all potential customers can get in touch with you. You should include your phone number, email address, mailing address, business hours, and all of your social media accounts.

Making an impactful first impression is vital to the success of your business. If you have a beautifully designed website full of useful information you are guaranteed to attract customers and earn their business. If you need help designing your dream website, call us! We have a professional team waiting to help you meet and exceed all of your online marketing goals.
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