Once again, the Gen Z archeologists have uncovered and resurfaced yet another trend from the past and it’s changing the world of marketing in a big way.

Think I’m Kidding? There was once a time when being a Social Media Influencer as a career was a funny and inconceivable thought. Now, with access to video production in the palm of their hands, influencers are utilizing this trend in a whole new way and now control the way businesses market to consumers altogether.

What is this trend I am speaking of? Well, you may remember a website and app called Klout.com which was originally founded in 2008. The name was a clever phonetic play on the word Clout, which literally means influence or power.

Even though Klout officially closed down in 2018, the purpose behind this app was to analyze and determine the level of influence a business or individual had on social media and then award a score on a scale of 1 to 100.

Klout.com scores were a major topic of conversation that turned into competition amongst business owners. The idea being that the higher your score, the more influence or power (aka clout) you had within your field. Naturally, this should mean that a high Klout score would equal higher conversion rates and sales.

A graphic that reads "Fun Fact. In the mid-twentieth century, Chicago writers coined the term "clout" to mean political power and influence. This political usage was taken from the baseball expression "what a clout!" which described a powerful hit.

How to build clout for my business?

Unfortunately, people began to realize that there was no rhyme or reason behind the algorithm generating the Klout scores. High scores were resulting in low conversion rates and the excitement behind “chasing clout” quickly dwindled.

Influence did not equal sales, making Klout.com a short-lived popularity contest and a waste of company time. It soon quickly disappeared into the internet archives.

Fast forward to 2021 and suddenly, it’s a whole new ball game. A term once used primarily by business professionals has been adopted and utilized more effectively than ever before by clout-chasing social media users.

Through creative video production and engaging web designs, social media influencers cracked the code. They have been gaining clout, and people of the internet are buying what they are selling.

So, how exactly are they doing this? How is a whole generation known for eating Tide Pods gaining clout and building their business of… who knows what?

The most obvious (and most effective) strategy to building clout is through creative and captivating video production.

A hand holding a phone that reads "accounts reached," with an analytical bar graph.

How Video Production Can Build Your Business’ Clout

Believe me, it’s not as complicated as it looks. Almost all major social media platforms have put the tools of video production in the hands of anyone holding a smartphone.

A person editing a photo on their smartphone.

In fact, they’ve made it so easy that apps like Tiktok have provided the editing tools usually reserved for professionals.

Need a split screen? Press a button. Slow zoom… add that effect to the start of your video. Need to add drama with trending music?… they have you covered.

The hard part is knowing how to use each platform appropriately and effectively. This can be as simple as speaking directly into the camera of your phone with an honest testimonial or as creative as creating high quality, entertaining videos.

The goal of your videos is to persuade, inspire, or educate your viewers and most importantly, to be Consistent. That is how you build clout.

Through entertainment, education, and consistency, you are not only informing the public about your product – you are also building trust.

But How Does Video Production Make You Money?

People are busy. I’m sure you’re busy too. They don’t have time to sit down and read what your products are about anymore. But add a captivating video in front of someone, and you’ve just bought a little bit of their attention.

Show them something useful as well, and you’ve earned yourself a follower. The more followers you have, the better chance you have of turning those followers into customers.

This is the key to increasing your ROI (return on investment) on the video productions and also increasing your conversation rates! It’s a win-win. Clout building through video production is making sense, right?

According to Optinmonester, 89% of video marketeers see good ROI with video marketing. This means that investing in quality video production is an important addition to your marketing strategy. Successful blogs and businesses need supplemental video.

So What Did We Learn?

  1. Clout literally means Influence or power
  2. Video production is the secret key to building clout
  3. Quality video production builds trust for your product
  4. People will buy what they trust, increasing your conversion rate

Does producing quality video for your company sound overwhelming? Maybe you have a lot on your plate and spending time following trends may be out of your bandwidth? If you are looking for help, we happen to specialize in social media video production. We can help you keep up with the trends and build a trustworthy, consistent stream of engaging video that gets your product seen and builds your clout.

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