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Social Media Marketing


Managing a brand with thousands of fans and followers requires coordination, teamwork and well-defined goals. It requires listening, responding, engaging, and pushing fresh, relevant content to the masses. Then monitoring, measuring, and optimizing your social media marketing investments so you can understand their tangible impact.
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Search Engine Optimization


The days of static websites and 10,000 backlinks to get good search engine rankings are over. Google’s algorithm gets more precise every day. It’s not about smoke and mirrors with the use of garbage backlinks anymore, it’s all about creating quality content and the ability to disseminate that content effectively.
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Web Design & Development


Current studies are showing that nearly 80% of all buying decisions start with research on the internet. Business websites need to be designed to convert visitors into customers or clients. At Social Eyes we pride ourselves on producing meticulously crafted user centric websites that will drive traffic and produce results.
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Content Creation & Brand Development


Building a brand is an essential part of growing your business. Each company needs a brand and message that resonates with consumers and drives customer loyalty. What is it that the end user of your website (your client or customer) wants to see or learn when they get to your website? We can help you figure this out, create it, and then get it into place.
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What Clients Say

Social Eyes Social Marketing has been great to work with. When they understood the time crunch that I was under to get my site up and running, they worked double-time to accommodate. With Social Eyes, I feel like I have a partner in business, not just a service that I am paying for. Thank you to Blane and his crew for fantastic service, a quality product, and a great partnership.
Matt Gresham, Owner
We hired Social Eyes in June of 2011. We originally hired them to help us with our Facebook presence but then we found out they could help us with our entire online brand presence, so we also tasked them with redesigning our website. They were able to gauge our preferences and create a design we loved on the first try. Then they took that design and created a matching Facebook Microsite and Twitter background skin. We are so happy to have a consistent and cohesive online identity now. Not only did they do a great job, they worked quickly and got everything up and published within a matter of weeks. We look forward to our continued business with Social Eyes Marketing.
Patty Wiersma, Rockstahl Law Office
We hired Social Eyes Marketing early on to handle our social network marketing and we contribute a good deal of our success to their efforts. We already have over 3,000 Facebook fans, with the assistance of Social Eyes Marketing. They also do a great job actively managing our with Facebook, Twitter, etc, marketing. Most recently Social Eyes is assisting us in building a texting database. I highly recommend this firm.
Joe R, Owner Rocket Express Car Wash