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Start ranking on the first page of Google right now. PPC puts you one step ahead by driving traffic to your business using paid placements.

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What Is PPC?

Pay Per Click, often referred to as PPC marketing, is designed to bring visitors to your website through a paid placement where the ad publisher is paid each time a potential client clicks on the ad. These placements, often tied into search engine results, can have an immediate impact on your website traffic and result in bringing in new clients to your business.

PPC advertising can come in a variety of forms, from display advertising to search engine marketing, and with quality digital marketing services from an experienced PPC company you can harness the power of pay per click to make your business and client base grow.

Boise SEO Pay Per Click

The Stats.

of mobile users click on a PPC ad at least once a week. (Techjury)

of small-to-midsized businesses have a PPC campaign (Webfx)

of clicks made by users who intend to make a purchase go to paid ads. (Wordlead)

of people who search for something nearby will visit a business within one day. (Valve  and Meter)

Pay Per Click Marketing

You may have the best website in the world, but does it really matter if no one can find it? Pay Per Click marketing can put your business in front of your most likely clientele — today. While the process of Search Engine Optimization takes a long time, PPC works like a faucet, that you can turn on whenever you need to increase your flow of business.

PPC is the quickest way to increase visibility for your website. PPC works to get your website more clicks. The more clicks, the more opportunities for customers to explore your website and purchase a product or service. For smaller businesses looking for increased awareness in a highly competitive field, PPC is a great way to drive more traffic to your site. For well-established businesses, PPC is still a very solidifying way to put your business right in front of your customers on Google always

Client Case Studies

Here’s a small sampling of results we’ve achieved for just a few of our clients. Click on images to expand.

Knight Plumbing logo on the left with text on the right that reads Knight Plumbing:24/7 Emergency Service

Knight Plumbing is a local Boise 24/7 emergency plumbing service. Their employees specialize in all facets of commercial and residential plumbing. They are averaging 40 leads per month from ads (calls, form entries) and 4K ad views per month on average.

red logo with a house outline that has text that reads DJW Property Management

DJW Property Management is a local investment and management business industry leader in the Treasure Valley and surrounding areas. They are averaging 30 leads per month (calls and store visits) and 3.5K ad views per month.

black and white logo with text that reads Escape This

Escape This Boise is an escape room company aimed at challenging your problem-solving and communication skills. They are averaging 156 conversions per month (visits to office and calls) 1,000 website clicks per month and 6.5K impressions per month.

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