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After finding out that Pinterest will be rolling out some new features and changes to its site, it seems that many of us out there will become even more obsessed with the site than ever  before.

Here are 13 signs that show you may be a little too obsessed: Pinterest Board

1. You pin at least a half dozen recipes daily, but you can’t remember the last time you cooked a real meal.

2. You’re single, but have at least 100 wedding-related pins.

3. You look aimlessly for the “scroll to top” button on Facebook.

4. You have pinned or re-pinned at least a half dozen photos of Ryan Gosling.

5. You are so obsessed with creating the “picture-perfect house” on Pinterest that you can’t remember the last time you cleaned your real house.

6. Two words: electronic hoarder.

7. You spend more time pinning to your weight loss inspiration board(s) than actually working out.

8. Every time you see a cool photo anywhere, you think, “To pin or not to pin.”

9. You can recite at least 50 different memes and E-Cards without hesitation.

10. You have an entire board or boards for exotic/tropical drinks recipes. But the most creative drink you’ve ever made was pouring a glass of wine.

11. Your perfect Friday night: A bottle of your favorite wine and hours upon hours to get lost on Pinterest.

12. When anyone asks what to get for your birthday, anniversary or special occasion, you direct them to your Pinterest board (with no less than 20 items) without hesitation.

13. Pinterest = your happy place. You flee there to escape reality, responsibilities and all that pesky drama on Facebook.


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