Mission Statement

Social Eyes Marketing is an innovative, full-service digital marketing agency dedicated to providing cutting edge marketing strategies that grow our client’s business. With a focus on high-level customer service, we provide creative and ROI focused strategies to make an impact in a fast-changing online landscape – knowing each client’s success is integral to our own. 

The Team

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Blane Russell

Managing Partner

Blane and Angela Russell are the husband and wife founders and owners of Social Eyes Marketing, a digital marketing firm that sits at the heart of downtown Boise, Idaho. From their incredible vantage point from the top floor of the Hoff Building, you can look out on the expanding Treasure Valley. The landscape of Idaho’s capital continues to grow and Blane and Angela have had a significant hand in that progress.
Digital marketing was not always at the forefront of Blane and Angela’s minds, but their business acumen and career history prepared them for this business. In the 2000s, they were focused on a successful multi-state mortgage brokerage. Come 2008, alongside the financial meltdown, the two found themselves strategizing a new business model.
After the financial crisis, Blane took interest in and began teaching social media marketing to local business owners. Over time, Blane and Angela began to notice the emerging gap in the business world. Businesses were starting to recognize the potential value of online traffic but didn’t have the tools and resources necessary to capture that value.
Blane and Angela know the importance of adapting to change and the concerns other business owners may have for investing in changing their online presence. With the couple’s reputation in the community and a network of business owners, they had an obvious pitch for their clients, “We will get your phones to ring.”
Today, Social Eyes Marketing is a full-service digital marketing firm, providing search engine optimization (SEO), web design, video production services, to name a few. Social Eyes turns complex and unpredictable human web behavior into a calculated and targeted strategy to drive their clients’ websites to the top of Google search results. In doing so, customers searching for their services so that they get the right solution and service based on those searches.
In the digital marketing industry, Blane and Angela know the value of finding and developing young talent. To achieve this, they have partnered with local schools to bring in students from local schools to complete work internships. In these programs, students get valuable hands-on experience and work in a professional environment to hone their skills, while Social Eyes gleans the benefit of energetic and enthusiastic employees. Many interns often advance to more senior roles post-internship.
Blane and Angela believe digital marketing is one of the most important tools for businesses to drive customer behavior. Their two sons, Dutch and Houston, incentivize them to deepen their Boise legacy. As Social Eyes continues to grow, the two have a deep commitment to their clients and the Boise community.

Jensen Crary

Chief Of Operations

Jensen is a Marketing student at Boise State University in his final semester of college. Labeled as the “jack of all trades”, Jensen is constantly trying to learn more about the marketing and advertising world and is currently developing his skills in various Adobe Creative Cloud products on the side. When he’s not in the office or at school, you can find him exploring nature around Idaho, snowboarding, hanging out with friends, or enjoying a nice IPA.

Andrew Jackson

Lead Web Designer

Andrew has been working as a web designer for over three years here at Social Eyes Marketing, helping to create functional yet beautiful websites. When he isn’t spending hours in Adobe Illustrator or the college classroom, he can be found watching movies with his family or playing video games with another member of the team.
SE Zach Dev Final Website

Zach Adams

Backend Developer

Zach is a talented and hard-working web developer who, with the business acumen of Blane, helped create their website network and hosting plans that make Social Eyes what it is.

Chase Durham

Digital Marketing Specialist

Chase Durham is a Boise native, currently in his last year of the Marketing Program at Boise State University. Chase is a skilled content writer, but is also a SEO specialist and works as a Project Manager for social media campaigns. During his time away from the office, he enjoys traveling, skiing, and working on his FJ80.

Jeremy Kovacs


Jeremy is a videographer with experience in all aspects of the video production process, from planning, to shooting and editing the videos. He has been shooting and editing videos for around 7 years now. He also loves movies, video games and tv. You can also catch him watching his favorite soccer team play once or twice a week, win or lose.

Joe Tonkin

Marketing Strategist

Otherwise known as the GMB Goblin, Joe Tonkin is a marketing strategist, helping businesses find success in all avenues of media. When Joe isn't GMB'n you can find him losing constantly to Blane in trivia crack.

Sean Jackson

Web Intern

Sean is one of our Web Interns. Sean specializes in logo design and front end development which makes him a great addition to the team. When Sean isn't working he can be found playing video games with friends and family.

Dani Neuman

Digital Marketing Specialist


Adam Spellman

Marketing Intern


Cari Vanetti


Cari Vanetti is the wonderful woman who keeps the power on and our business moving. Without her we'd be utterly lost!

Thanks Cari!

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