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Website and Marketing Evolution: Why You Should Remain Proactive

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We all know what evolution is, but how does it apply to websites and marketing? The answer is simple. At some point, your target audience is going to change. Whether it is, their personal tastes or you are targeting a different group all together. It all comes down to change. If you develop a website and marketing campaign, and never change it, you will lose the interest of your audience.
Look at social media marketing, it is constantly changing and evolving into something different on a daily basis. This change keeps the content and design fresh and up to date. I am not saying that you need to evolve your website and marketing campaigns on a daily basis, but it is something that needs to be done routinely. By evolving your content, you will be able to stay current with themes in your area of business. Other than updating special offers, you need to update the text on your website. For instance, maybe one of your products or services has changed; if you do not update the information for this, you will be misleading your customers. Another thing to consider is that in any field of business, there are always changes in terminology or acronyms used to abbreviate certain names/titles. If you do not stay current with this change in terminology, you have the chance of missing potential customers, because your site does not contain this new keyword. As I mentioned earlier in this series, it is critical to have these keywords, so that search engines can return your website as a possible fit to someone’s search.
Website and marketing evolution is not as hard as you may think, but if you have questions regarding what should be done; contact us…and let us maintain and evolve your website and marketing platforms.

How To Get Your Website Seen

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How to Increase Your Website’s Visibility on Google?

Getting your website seen by potential customers is the main goal of all internet marketing. There are many ways people can come across your website; maybe they got your website address off of a printed ad, a commercial, business card, referral from a friend or business associate, or ads that they may have stumbled upon while surfing the internet. However, the most common way that your website will be found is through search engines.

When it comes to the internet, 84% off all internet involvement goes through search engines. Throughout this series, you have heard me refer to SEO (search engine optimization)…this is a pivotal plan that must be implemented if you want to get your website seen. Using specific keywords within the content of your website, will allow search engines to bring your website closer to the front of the pack, when returning search results. Associated with search engine results are also things like Google Organic (natural), Google Pay-Per-Click Ads, and Google Local search. Google Organic and Google Local search, help determine which results are returned during a search. Pay-Per-Click Ads are another form of advertising that you can use for your business. Remember it is important to make sure that your website is optimized for search engine results. If you can optimize your website, so that it shows up on the first page of results, you are more likely to reach customers. It is proven that most people who are searching for something, will only click on results returned on the first page.

Here at Social Eyes Marketing, we specialize in SEO. We know what it takes to get your website seen…so give us a call at 1-208-955-6679, and let us help you with your website.

Internet Marketing 6 Part Series

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6 Part Series on Internet Marketing

This 6 part series will cover what you need to know about internet marketing, and how it can benefit your business. Each week I will cover one of these topics:

  1. What is internet marketing, and how does it work?
  2. How to decipher your audience and choose the platforms that will reach them.
  3. How you can get your website seen?
  4. How content can help or hinder you, in reaching your goals.
  5. How, and why, you should implement a solid call to action (CTA) plan for all of your internet marketing ventures.
  6. Website and Marketing evolution; why you should remain proactive.

Conversion Rate Optimization


If you want to increase the traffic to your website, there are three major areas to consider. These areas are part of CRO (conversion rate optimization). CRO is the process of optimizing all aspects of your website that draw somebody in. These include the overall design of your website landing pages, and sponsored search ads.
The most important thing to consider when creating these landing pages and ads is the keywords that you use. These keywords will help individuals find your page.

Conversion Rate Optimization Keywords

Here are some important things to remember when choosing your keywords.

  • Make sure that the keywords are relevant, so that your intended audience will be able to think of these words when searching the internet.
  • Remember to group and organize your keywords. Specific keyword groupings of a relevant nature will increase the chances of your website showing up in a search.

Conversion Rate Optimization Landing Page

The next item to consider is the landing page itself. The landing page is an introduction of what is to come if they continue into a website. This is why the overall design and attractiveness is important. Here are some things to consider when designing your landing page.

  •  Landing pages should always be the highest quality.
  •  Headlines should be concise and compelling.
  •  The content of the landing page should be concise and straight to the point.
  •  Make sure that your content will make sense to your intended audience.
  •  Make sure the design is attractive, but also simple and clean. Try out several pages, until you find out what will work best.  AVOID CLUTTER!!!
  •  Do not request too much information, ask for only what is necessary…keep it user friendly.

Conversion Rate Optimization CTA

The other item you need to consider is the CTA (call to action). The CTA is part of both the landing page and the ads. CTA is important, because it asks the individual to take action. Here are some things to remember when considering the CTA.

  •  Keywords are important to creating good ads. These ads need to ask for a CTA, because this brings the customer further into the website.
  •  When creating the CTA for your landing page, remember that it needs to stand out.
  •  CTAs should be a focal point.
  • CTAs need to be visually appealing.
  • Most importantly, make sure that your CTA on your ad ties into the CTA on your landing page.

If you use these optimization tools, you are guaranteed to increase the traffic to your website.

Homepage Must-Haves

Green Door and Window

A company’s homepage is the very first thing that a consumer will see when they get to your website making it the single most important page on most websites. A homepage creates a first impression that the users will establish the second they access it. You can tell a lot from a company by their homepage. As a jumping off point, a company’s homepage should be well designed, easy to navigate and packed with informative content that makes the visitor want to search the site.

The content on your homepage is also vital because it can greatly improve search engine placement. This is the first place that gets recognized by search engines, and search terms will come off of that page when people go to find a product or service like yours. Keyword strategy should go hand in hand with the selection of content to feature on your homepage.

This page is all about making a good first impression. Research indicates that websites have approximately 10 seconds to grab the attention of visitors before they mosey on to other pages or sites. The content and graphics have to grab the attention of visitors fast and intrigue them to dig deeper into your site to learn more about what you have to offer.

Taking steps to improve your homepage will greatly increase the value of your entire site and will lead to more customers and sales down the road. Take a look at some of the must-have content that should be included on all homepages.

Make sure they know what you do.

Having a great looking website is important, but if visitors can’t understand who you are and what you do in a matter of seconds, you’ll lose them. Start the page with a tagline that summarizes what the site or company does.

Tell them what makes you different.

One of the most important things to do in terms of winning more business is to differentiate your business from competitors. Somewhere on the homepage include information on your business and what makes you unique and the benefits of doing business with your company. The statement should quickly communicate your company’s position in the market and motivate visitors to learn more about it.

Explain how you can help them.

Make to include a description telling visitors what you can do for them. In other words, what pain points does your company solve? This simple element is often overlooked, which can leave visitors feeling as if they are wasting their time on your site.

What’s new?

Be sure to include news and upcoming events on your homepage. This will make visitors interested in your company and keep them coming back to check out the latest events and new updates. Have any sales or discounts going on? Using that in this section will also persuade visitors to search your site more. Don’t let this section take up too much space. Use teasers and provide a link to a dedicated “news” page for visitors who want to read more.

Make it look good, but don’t sacrifice load time.

The visual appeal of your homepage is important to attracting and retaining visitors, but don’t use graphics that slow down page load times. Make sure the graphics aren’t too large of a file size. Even if you shrink the image once you’ve uploaded it, that doesn’t change its file size.

Have easy navigation.

If you’re lucky, most visitors to your homepage are looking for content deeper in your site, so provide them with an easy way to find it. Make sure the navigation bar is easy to use and that any drop downs are simple and look organized.

Making a good first impression is vital to success of your company’s website and the front door of your website is what will attract those customers and make them stay. Encourage visitors to open that door by providing educational, timely content and delivering it in a visually appealing way that instantly engages prospects and customers.