Inbound marketing is used by many different industries. Anyone trying to make a sale can definitely benefit from switching their marketing scheme and start generating some more useful leads.

Outbound marketing

To understand how important inbound marketing is you must first understand outbound marketing.

Outbound marketing is TV ads, print ads, paper mail, spam email, flyers and cold calling known as telemarketing.

Outbound marketing is targeting people who you often times know nothing about and they know nothing about you. So you have to “warm them up” to the idea of your product or services. Everyone knows how annoying it is when you sit down for a meal, the phone rings, and on the other end is a salesperson trying to get you to purchase something you have absolutely no interest in.

How they “warm” you up is by continuing to call, leave voicemails and send emails until you show just a glimpse of interest. Telemarketers can work on lists thousands of pages long and only get a couple sales in the end. Working with cold leads can be frustrating for both the employee and the employer. Discouraged salespeople don’t work as hard as those who are able to make sales left and right with less work put into the sale.

With the boom of the internet sales have started to shift more towards inbound marketing. Consumers now have access to information that they use to consults professionals about. They can now sift through information without having an overly eager salesperson pushing a sale on them.

With inbound marketing you target an audience who is already interested because they are looking for you. This kind of marketing uses social media, blogs, podcosts, eBooks, whitepapers, e-newsletters and SEO (search engine optimization) to draw people in to your business.

Why use inbound marketing

You may be old fashioned and think there is no need to use the internet to make a sale but on the contrary. 2 billion people currently use the internet and 70% of those people use the internet on a daily basis.

So not only are you missing out on more leads and more sales you are also spending more money in the long run than you would by using inbound marketing.

According to Hubspot Inbound marketing costs 62% less per lead than outbound marketing.

Now you are probably wondering how a blog and a Facebook are going to help your business succeed. Well, companies who blog generate 88% more leads than companies that don’t and 52% of all markets found clients via Facebook in 2013.

Statistics will prove time after time that inbound marketing is the way to go. So now all you need to know is how to use inbound marketing effectively.

How to use inbound marketing

There are different ways to go about inbound marketing and they are all important components to the puzzle. Some of these components include: Creating original and engaging content, using multiple outlets of social media, SEO, and blogging.


When I say content I am referring to all of the written language you use for your website, your social media and your blogs. You need to share your expertise and provide useful information to buyers and renters.

Your content needs to be easy to read, engaging and not full of confusing jargon. No one wants to pull out a dictionary in order to understand a page they are reading on the internet. Don’t talk down to your readers but make it simple for them to understand, use words that you don’t need a P.H.D to recognize and keep it light and interesting so the reader doesn’t just skim the first few sentences.

Social Media

Yes, social media can be used for businesses not just for bored college students who would rather post about what they just ate for lunch instead of study for their finals. Social media is a great way to get your business noticed and make sales.

Don’t just use one; use all of them including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn. Talk to people on these sites; don’t just push your own content. You should be giving your social media sites attention on the daily and if you don’t have time then hire someone to do it.


Keep in mind Google matters. In this generation everyone googles everything, from what house should I buy to what is that yellow fungus growing on my feet. This is where SEO comes in.

SEO or search engine optimization is the process of improving the visibility of your website on search engines such as Google. SEO as a marketing tool considers how search engines work, what people are searching for, formulating the best search terms or keywords for your business and which figuring out which search engines are preferred by your target audience.

Being at the top of Google is important to business and SEO is the way to get there.


According to Hubspot companies with 51 or more blog posts experienced a 77% in median monthly leads. So blogging isn’t really an option if you want to use the best inbound marketing strategy possible. Blogging helps with search engine placement but it also brings people to your site. If you are posting interesting articles at least once a week and using your social media sites to promote your blog then you are going to be able to draw more eyes on your site than ever before.

Create a fun and interesting blog that people will subscribe to and actually take the time to read and share on their social media pages. The key is to get your content seen and draw attention to your website which will ultimately bring leads to your front door.

Now you know

Now that you know what inbound marketing is, why you should use it and how to use it, you have no excuse to not be using inbound marketing for generating new business opportunities. It is the most effect way to draw in potential buyers and do it in a way that isn’t pestering them like with telemarketing.

This will not only generate leads for you but it will generate warm leads and hot leads which will put you ahead of those still going off of expensive lists that are colder than the Arctic. Take the opportunity now to expand your marketing horizons and give yourself the edge your company has been looking for.

There is nothing stopping you from being successful when you use inbound marketing.


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