We’ve all heard it; a picture is worth a thousand words. Now, thanks to Pinterest, we know that is true. What started out as a digital pin board is now a fast growing social media site.   21% of online users use Pinterest – that’s more than Twitter (19%) and Instragram (17%)! With 70 million users, Pinterest is where your business needs to be.

You might be asking, Why Pinterest? It mostly consists of women users right?

Right. But who is doing your grocery shopping and your trip planning? There’s a high chance it’s a – or the – woman in your life. Women make 85% of all consumer purchases. You business needs to be where your consumers are. And where are the consumers? They are glued to their phones, computers and tablets checking in on their favorite social media sites. And Pinterest is one of them.

Here are all the facts on everything woman and everything Pinterest to convince you that your business needs to be on this social media site.


An infographic about Pinterest

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