Have you ever written a blog that received more attention than others? Did it drive more traffic and new clientele? Typically, there is a good reason for that. Certain topics, criteria, keywords, and more can catch people’s eyes, which in the short and long term is great for business! Reinventing and modifying your successful blogs in new and exciting ways is another great way to appeal to a broad range of customers. At Social Eyes, we have experience in tweaking successful blogs in order to capture a greater audience, and find repurposed content to be a fantastic stepping stone in social media content.

Reinventing Past Blogs

Blogs are a great way to attract new customers who cross subjects that relate to what you’re writing about. In most cases, there is posted content that may gain more attraction than other content! This is an important aspect to keep track of because revamping blogs with zero traffic might lead you to a roadblock. However, modifying a rather successful blog can be powerful! If a topic has received a noticeable response from your customers, think about breaking it down in additional posts or emphasizing specific categories. At Social Eyes Marketing, this process of thinking outside the box to recreate past blogs has led to positive results for our business clientele. With people who have various learning styles, using different features in these blogs like photos, videos, reviews, and more can all lead to a positive causation of people wanting to check out your content!

Getting Creative

Boring does not sell, let alone bring in a broader range of customers. There needs to be new aspects, features, content, and more when redesigning past blogs! Getting creative means thinking outside the box; ask yourself what you can do to catch the eye of potential customers. A good example of repurposing content could be turning an old blog into a guide. Say you posted a blog about how to use keywords, backlinks, improve click rates, and more. This dusty old blog could be turned into a fresh one with a snazzy title like “The Complete Guide to Capturing Customers Through Content”. Depending on how old your blogs are, updating them and giving them a new shine can be very helpful. As it is, you don’t want those old posts to become forgotten and lost forever!

People Love Infographics

Perhaps the best way to catch the eye of a current or potential customer is through the use of infographics. The darling of the content world, infographics pop, are informative, and can get around very quickly! Although infographics require some research, don’t let that scare you away from using one to blossom new traffic! Start with a clean chart or graph, pretty it up a bit with tools like Canva, and these graphs can become great ways to get the point of your old blog across, all while being informative and stunning to look at!


Perhaps an underappreciated tool used in content is utilizing the voice of the people. People listen to other people, and before they buy anything on the internet, seeing reviews from other individuals can heavily influence their decision-making process. A great way to update an old blog is by mixing in positive reviews from others who have used that particular company’s product or service! Perhaps you’re creating a blog for a spa and the main topic was about how great the hot rock treatment was. Take this solid topic, do some hunting for positive reviews, and implement them within the blog. People who review positive feedback and insight for other companies will have a greater tendency to lean towards that product and service compared to negative ones. Furthermore, adding positive reviews to old blogs can only bring up its charm!

Even More Visual Content

Sorry to dive in more on graphs, pictures, and charts, but if you want to catch the eye of a broader range of customers, emphasizing visual content in old blog posts is crucial. We already talked about the benefits of infographics, but what we wanted to include here is the benefits of visual content like quote graphics, instructional images, how-to illustrations, blog title header graphics, and stat graphics! All are great ways to blow off the cobwebs from your old blogs, making them look clean, informative, and stylish! The one thing to keep in mind when creating these graphics is to make sure they can be embedded inline in your posts and that they make sense in context to your social channels.

Repurposing content is a great way to utilize all the elements of existing content, in order to expand that content’s reach! This makes these blogs much easier to scale, or, in other words, you don’t have to start from scratch. Recreating old blogs gives them clean new looks, and can allow your content to get in front of a completely new audience. So why wouldn’t you want to take advantage of repurposing content? At Social Eyes Marketing, we have a team that would be more than happy to help you out with this. After all, we enjoy bringing you the success you want!

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