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Digital Marketing

Repurpose Content

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Was there a blog that ever received more attention than others? Did it drive more traffic and new clientele? Typically, there is a good reason for that. Certain topics, criteria, keywords, and more can catch people’s eyes, which in the short and long term is great for business! Reinventing and modifying your successful blogs in new and exciting ways is another great way to appeal to a broad range of customers. At Social Eyes, we have experience in tweaking successful blogs in order to capture a greater audience, and find repurposed content to be a fantastic stepping stone in social media content!

Reinventing Past Blogs

Blogs are a great way to attract new customers who cross subjects that relate to what you’re writing about. In most cases, there is posted content that may gain more attraction than other content! This is an important aspect to keep track of because revamping blogs with zero traffic might lead you to a roadblock. However, modifying a rather successful blog can be powerful! If a topic has received a noticeable response from your customers, think about breaking it down in additional posts or emphasizing specific categories! At Social Eyes Marketing, this process of thinking outside the box to recreate past blogs has led to positive results for our business clientele. With people who have various learning styles, using different features in these blogs like photos, videos, reviews, and more can all lead to a positive causation of people wanting to check out your content!

Getting Creative

Boring does not sell, let alone bring in a broader range of customers. There needs to be new aspects, features, content, and more when redesigning past blogs! Getting creative means thinking outside the box; ask yourself what you can do to catch the eye of potential customers. A good example of repurposing content could be turning an old blog into a guide! Say you posted a blog about how to use keywords, backlink, improve click rates, and more. This dusty old blog could be turned into a fresh one with a snazzy title like “The Complete Guide to Capturing Customers Through Content”. Depending on how old your blogs are, updating them and giving them a new shine can be very helpful. As it is, you don’t want those old posts to become forgotten and lost forever!

People Love Infographics

Perhaps the best way to catch the eye of a current or potential customer is through the use of infographics! The darling of the content world, infographics pop, are informative, and can get around very quickly! Although infographics require some research, don’t let that scare you away from using one to blossom new traffic! Start with a clean chart or graph, pretty it up a bit with tools like Canva, and these graphs can become great ways to get the point of your old blog across, all while being informative and stunning to look at!


Perhaps an underappreciated tool used in content is utilizing the voice of the people! People listen to other people, and before they buy anything on the internet, seeing reviews from other individuals can heavily influence their decision-making process. A great way to update an old blog is by mixing in positive reviews from others who have used that particular company’s product or service! Perhaps you’re creating a blog for a spa and the main topic was about how great the hot rock treatment was. Take this solid topic, do some hunting for positive reviews, and implement them within the blog! People who review positive feedback and insight for other companies will have a greater tendency to lean towards that product and service compared to negative ones. Furthermore, adding positive reviews to old blogs can only bring up its charm!

Even More Visual Content

Sorry to dive in more on graphs, pictures, and charts, but if you want to catch the eye of a broader range of customers, emphasizing visual content in old blog posts is crucial! We already talked about the benefits of infographics, but what we wanted to include here is the benefits of visual content like quote graphics, instructional images, how-to illustrations, blog title header graphics, and stat graphics! All are great ways to blow off the cobwebs from your old blogs, making them look clean, informative, and stylish! The one thing to keep in mind when creating these graphics is to make sure they can be embedded inline in your posts and that they make sense in context to your social channels.

In Conclusion

Repurposing content is a great way to utilize all the elements of existing content, in order to expand that content’s reach! This makes these blogs much easier to scale, or, in other words, you don’t have to start from scratch. Recreating old blogs gives them clean new looks, and can allow your content to get in front of a completely new audience. So why wouldn’t you want to take advantage of repurposing content? At Social Eyes Marketing, we have a team that would be more than happy to help you out with this. After all, we enjoy bringing you the success you want!

How Podcasting Can be An Effective Marketing Platform

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How Podcasting Can Be an Effective Marketing Platform

What is Podcasting?

We continue to hear “Podcast” “Listen to this podcast” around us nowadays. But what is podcasting? It is simply a form of digital broadcasting. It’s similar to listening to music; you can easily pause, go back or restart something. Someone can start a podcast, listen for 20 minutes, pause it and resume later. You can also subscribe to them to know when new podcasts are available. 

Podcasts have changed over the years, and are continuing to grow and evolve for individuals and businesses. The term ‘Podcast’ was coined in 2004 by Adam Curry and David Winder as a combination of ‘iPod’ and ‘broadcast’. Their program, iPodder downloaded internet radio broadcasts automatically, and uploaded them to iPod, creating first-ever podcasts. Apple and Spotify jumped in shortly after to over time offer thousands of podcast options. 

How can this help with your marketing efforts? Podcasts usually have a series of related topics, but can also be random. They can be used to describe new products or services, or to market your company in general. On average, a person will stay on a website for about 2-3 minutes, while people listen to podcasts for about 20 minutes. This is a great opportunity to sell your product or business. Not everyone has time to read or watch long videos. Podcasting falls in between, and you can reach people at any time. Whether you’re listening while on a walk, taking a shower, or driving to work, they are easily accessible and a good option for future marketing efforts. 

Advantages in Business

Audience Connection

There is a stronger connection between the presenter and listener when it’s through podcast form because it builds familiarity that the viewer doesn’t get from reading information on a web page. This familiarity keeps listeners interested and coming back for more. It is a much more personal way to reach out to new potential customers. They may understand the company’s values and business model that they never saw through TV ads or online articles. With traditional print articles or websites, users must focus their attention on the task, something they may not have time for. Podcasts allow the audience to listen while doing other things, while they take the position of important background noise.

A podcast also shows your authoritative presence. It gives you the opportunity to share your expertise in your industry. Audio files allow you to talk with enthusiasm and add authenticity to the information that is often lacking in written work. Podcasts with accurate info or ideas help your company establish credibility. Customers want to trust you, and podcasts help with that. 

Brand Awareness

The consistency of regular podcasts can help develop your company’s brand to make it a household name. You may also get new customers when loyal listeners recommend you to friends and family. It’s easy to integrate your products and services throughout your normal conversations during the podcast. It serves as a type of advertisement for your business. Another option is to have well known podcasts give an ad about your company. Paying a podcast to shout you out may help if it’s a subcategory of listeners that may enjoy your product. 

Easy and Convenient

Traditional advertising is very expensive and takes time and commitment. A podcast is easy to produce and not as time consuming. You simply need a computer to record the podcast, a microphone to pick up the audio, and a software program to edit the audio files. You can also incorporate video elements if wanted; allowing users to watch you as well if they want to watch and listen. There are more advanced ways to make it higher quality, but starting out is pretty simple. As the podcast generates more viewers, you can invest in higher quality products. Press record, start talking, edit, publish in simple words. The more knowledgeable and easy going you are, the more listeners will want to tune in. 

Additional Revenue Stream

The initial thought may be, how do I make money from this? But as you start, you’ll realise it’s fun and less dull than you may have thought. If you have fun with it, so will your listeners. The U.S podcasting industry is getting big, they had a record year in 2017, reaching $314 million in revenue – that’s up 86% from the $169 in 2016 according to the Interactive Advertising Bureau. They also estimate podcast revenue will see 110% growth between 2017 and 2020, revenue will reach $659 million. 

The more consistent your company is with posting, the more you’ll grow. As you become more well known, you are more likely to receive ways to monetize your episodes through affiliate marketing and sponsored content. There are no guarantees, but it’s a possibility down the road. 

Why Podcasting Works

Podcasts can be about anything and everything. You could be an expert in fuji apples or apple computers, maybe gardening, software, education, you name it. No topic is too niche, and you can talk about whatever you are passionate about. For your company, maybe having various topics you talk about while promoting/highlighting yourself. Making it interesting to listen to while still informative. 

Podcasting is simple. There are so many streaming platforms that everyone can listen to easily through their computer, phone, car, even Alexa or Google Home. Listeners can listen when and where they want. The potential customer is listening to you, that’s a personal relationship you don’t get through traditional marketing. 

Podcasting is free. They are free to create and for the audience to listen to. Accessible, engaging, variety at no cost. Everyone loves free stuff. 

Here at Social Eyes, we provide a variety of services to help you and your podcast dreams. Whether it’s with the video production, media and public relations, or helping you with your online presence, we are here to help. Contact us today to help you with your business needs. 

Must Know Brand Marketing for Boise Startups

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Must Know Brand Marketing for Boise Startups

When you start a business you need to think about how to position yourself to reach potential customers. How are your ideas different from competitors? How will you convey your brand identity in a clear way that will attract attention? How will you create personalized experiences for Boise residents? Here at Social Eyes Marketing, we are based in Boise, ID and we know how to make an impact in this fast-growing landscape. We have cutting-edge marketing strategies that will help you grow your new business. 

Analyzing Your Target Market

You need to analyze your market – in other terms, gather information about your market. Analyzing your market will help you determine the potential risks and opportunities with your startup. The goal is to understand what kind of market you’re entering.

  • Demographics: You need to decide if you’re going to run your business locally, nationally, or globally. Depending on this, your demographics will be a lot different. For the sake of this article, we’re going to focus on your business being local, here in Boise. How big is Boise? What is the potential volume or value of the market here in Boise? You need to research your potential customers and see what their shopping habits look like. This research can be conducted many different ways, a few of the most popular being through surveys and interviews.
  • Target Market: What kinds of people are you hoping to sell your product or service to? You need to consider who your customers will be and what their motivations are. Is there a demand for your product? For example, you want to open an ice cream shop, but there are already 30 ice cream shops in a two mile stretch in downtown Boise. Do you think Boise needs another ice cream shop? Think of other barriers to success you might encounter. 
  • Competition: Going off of your target market, look at the competition in the neighborhood. You want to be better, so look at their strengths and weaknesses. Play off of those when getting your startup going. Talk to customers to see what they think about your competitors. You can also gather additional data on your competitors online – this is usually public information. 

How are you going to thrive? Consider what is going to set your business apart from another competitor who could come in and take all your customers. These are critical ideas to think about when you’re carrying out your business plan. 

Target Market Analyzed – What’s Next?

Let’s say now you know your target market and you know how you will perform alongside competitors. You need to gain a following. You need to think about what potential customers will see when they take a look at your business. 

  • Talk to people! You need to know what is important to people. It’s 2021; you need to have social media platforms set up for your business. Engage with potential customers this way. Set up polls that people can answer and send out surveys to followers. Most people in this generation use the internet, but there are still some that don’t, so consider what you can do to also attract the non-internet users. Do some more research to see how the majority of people shop. Where do they purchase products and find services?
  • Define your brand: This goes beyond just a logo. This is the part that makes you stand out. An outstanding website is a great place to start. Lucky for you, we have professional web designers here at Social Eyes Marketing. If you need help creating the website of your dreams, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Branding also means having a good reputation. This is all about what your clients are saying about your business to their friends. You can’t control everything about your reputation, but you can do your best to be memorable. If customers and clients are satisfied, they are more likely to have positive things to say. This will also create trust and they will become repeat customers!


Now you have all the tools needed for a thriving startup in Boise! If you need help We know that your brand is everything to you – that is why we want to work alongside you and see it succeed! Give us a call today to learn more about the services we offer. 

What’s in a Logo

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Take a second to picture a blue bird, an apple, a swoosh, and golden arches. What do these images remind you of? Chances are that you’ve thought of Twitter, Apple, Nike, and McDonalds. But why do these simple images conjure up brands in your mind? The answer is easy, they’re good logos.

A logo represents your company. It’s the face of your brand and instantly displays the unique identity of your business. They’re anchors for your company’s branding that can create a relationship of trust with your customers. Because of this, a logo is one of the most powerful weapons that a business can have in their arsenal. With the right approach, you’ll be able to create a memorable logo design that represents your brand, but logo design isn’t as easy as it looks. With that in mind, here are our tips on how to design an outstanding logo.

The Purpose of a Logo

Before we delve into how to design a logo, it’s important to have a bit more understanding as to what a logo is. Logos are combinations of text and images that visually represent your brand and vision. A good logo should capture your attention and make a strong first impression. Plus, as the foundation of your brand identity, they are often the first thing people will remember when they think of your business.

Logos are responsible for creating brand loyalty and separating you from your competition. Consumers crave consistency and are more likely to shop with a brand they recognize than one they barely remember. Let’s say you’re shopping for a new athletic outfit, and you happen to see the Nike swoosh on a tank top. You’re already ready to purchase it based on that fact alone, even though you don’t necessarily know the size or feel of the fabric. This is because the swoosh is recognizable, and Nike is a trusted brand. You know you’ll be getting a quality product just because their logo adorns that tank top. You should strive for your logo to have this same effect.

Decide on Your Identity

Before you head to the drawing board, make sure that you know your brand intimately. A logo will be the visual face of your company, so designing it without having a deep knowledge of the brand would be like going to draw yourself without a mirror or a photo on hand. If your logo doesn’t show off at least some piece of your brand’s identity it won’t have any purpose in existing.

Consider your audience and even your competitors when designing the logo. What have your customers come to expect from you? What would you like them to see? How do you want to make your brand stand out from your competitors? Ask yourself all these questions before you even put pen to paper, and you’ll be able to have a better jumping off point to start with.

Sketch and Double Sketch

Once you have the idea of your business cemented in your head, it’s time to start designing. Get ready for your sketchbook to become your best friend as you go about sketching all the design ideas bursting in your brain. No matter how simple the idea is, make sure to jot it down. Who knows? It might end up being your top choice.

After you have a few designs sketched out go ahead and pick your favorites to start refining them. Make sure that they are unique and that they’ll stand out if ever placed in a crowd. Maybe even try and wrap some meaning into your logo design. If we look at the Apple logo, we see a simple apple with a bite taken out of it. A byte is a unit of digital information that sounds the same as the word ‘bite,’ so people enjoy the tech company’s double-meaning logo.

Screen Shot 2021 09 21 at 10.37.08 AM

Simplicity Sells

As you go about designing your logo you might be tempted to cram every meaning and aspect of your brand into some facet of the design. Don’t do this. Beyond people preferring simple designs over overly complicated ones, the simpler something is, the more easily it will be recognized, the more easily it will be remembered! This concept holds true when it comes to any aspect of design, from billboards to news articles, but can be seen explicitly with the Apple logo.
In 1979 Apple had a gorgeous logo, but it was much too complicated. It was an entire piece of art that would be more suited for hanging in a frame than adorning a computer package, so it comes as no surprise that they changed it the following year. The new logo was still a bit complicated, featuring a whole rainbow of colors, but the basic design was simple enough. A few years down the road Apple decided to change their logo once again to just a silhouette. This new logo has been their standard for years since then, proving that sometimes, less is in fact more.

Screen Shot 2021 09 21 at 10.38.22 AM

Design for Recall

In the previous section we mentioned that the simpler something is, the easier it will be remembered. However, you can also create memorability with a nice bit of complexity. Think about the Starbucks logo, a detailed face, two scaled tails, flowing hair, and a complex crown doesn’t scream simplicity, but it’s still recognizable. Check out the drawings of more than 150 people trying to recall the Starbucks logo from memory. Sure, they’re not perfect and there might be an octopus or two scattered in there, but for the most part people have the general design idea behind it. Perfect recognition isn’t necessary, if people can generally recall the logo, you’re all good to go!
Even if some complexity can result in a memorable logo, it is still a good idea to try and simplify your design as much as possible. Even Starbucks, with their complicated siren, has slimmed down its logo a fair bit from its original design. Keep this in mind when designing yours.

Screen Shot 2021 09 21 at 10.39.07 AM

Keep Color in Mind

When designing a logo, color is one of the most important design elements you’re going to be focusing on. This is because the choice of color can draw in viewers and say something about your brand. Every color symbolizes something; blue symbolizes tranquility, green reminds us of nature, and red invokes excitement. Make sure that the colors you choose to include in your logo will represent your company correctly.
As important as color is, your logo isn’t going to be seen in all its hues of glory all the time. If it’s being printed in a newspaper, photocopied, or even included in some stationary products, it’s going to be black and white. A good logo works as well in grayscale as it does in full color, so keep this in mind when designing your logo.

Screen Shot 2021 09 21 at 10.40.11 AM

It’s Not Set in Stone

You’ve gone through the entire design process and have finally settled on a logo that you love. Maybe you’ll keep that feeling forever, or maybe that ‘love’ might fade a bit to just ‘like’ in a few years’ time. Don’t worry, this is normal! All the major brands, from Nike to Coca-Cola, have had tons of logo revisions over the years. Just keep in mind that you don’t have to reinvent the wheel every time you design a new logo for yourself. Pick a facet of the design that you like and stick with it. You can see aspects of the current Coca-Cola design all the way back in the one from 1900 after all.

Screen Shot 2021 09 21 at 10.40.48 AM

Work with a Designer

Logo design is one of the trickiest aspects of branding that a company can go through, so it’s always helpful to have a hand from the professionals. Working with a professional designer will ensure that you get exactly what you want from your logo, while saving you the headache that inevitably comes with any design project.
The Social Eyes design team has the expertise and know-how to create a modern logo for your business! Contact us today to get started on the journey toward your new logo!

SEO and Why It’s Essential

Search engine optimization is essential for growing your business online! If you want to reach the top of Google, read this!5

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of driving traffic to your website from search engines through organic search engine results. These search engines, specifically Google, rank your website based on the amount of traffic to your website, how optimized your online presence is, and how established your portfolio is. When marketing through the search engines, it is essential for you and your team of marketers to consistently update your business with marketing strategies to stay on top of Google’s standards. If executed correctly, digital marketing can boost your website to the top of Google’s search results while ultimately driving traffic to your business.

Digital Marketing

Because the world wide web has truly gone global, making sure your business’s online presence is optimized is one of the most important areas to focus on when growing your business. As of quarter two in the United States in 2021, 61% of organic search results came from mobile devices (Statista). Organic search results are the top-ranked URLs that an advertiser does not pay for. Because mobile searching is so prominent today, developing your website to be mobile-friendly is essential when trying to increase your business’s rank to the top of Google. Based on the digital marketing agency you choose, search engine optimization strategies like Google My Business, keyword incorporation, and backlink building are just a few of the strategies used to increase your business.


The distinct difference between search engine optimization and search engine marketing is that search engine optimization revolves around the organic search – in other words, the free search results. Search engine marketing is promotions to paid advertising, like pay-per-click services, so you can increase your business’s visibility within the advertised section of Google’s search engine. Oftentimes, using advertisements will boost your website to the top of Google’s first page, however, the services can be quite expensive.

Organic Click-Through Rates

An organic click-through rate shows the percentage of searchers that click on a search engine result. In other words, it collects data on how often a person clicks on your search result after it is viewed so adjustments can be made based on click/crawl rates.
There are many techniques that a digital marketing agency can implement that will help improve organic click-through rates. Some of the easiest techniques include:

Digital Marketing Agencies and Their Purpose

Because search engine optimization/marketing is quite difficult to understand without a basic background in marketing, digital marketing agencies often provide services like web design and development, graphic design, search engine optimization, pay-per-click, and much more. It often requires changes to content, images, coding, and other pieces of a website to improve SEO results. Search engine optimization services are executed by Google analytic and algorithm experts who can properly analyze a company website to implement the necessary changes that will improve the visibility of a website.

Google Analytics Reports and Their Purpose

Similar to click-through rate data, Google analytic reports provide businesses with insight on what areas of their online portfolio are beneficial or harmful based on Google’s algorithm. Ultimately, the information gives the business owner an idea of how well the digital marketing agency is performing and how much traffic or clicks your company has gained. If your business is still not accumulating enough traffic, don’t be so quick to blame your digital marketing firm. Your business may need additional services to boost your presence because of poor past strategies, non-updated optimization, and poor reputation management.
There is no reason to stress, however! Digital marketing firms like Social Eyes Marketing have the experience and expertise to bring your digital presence back to life!

Why Online Marketing Is Essential

Marketing your business online requires the use of search engines, social media, videos, email, blogging, and so many other online tools. Fortunately, these efforts allow you to reach a large, targeted audience. While you can certainly focus your marketing efforts locally in the Boise metropolitan area, online marketing makes expanding your products or services to your desired location much easier. For this reason, web marketing is increasingly important to modern businesses and absolutely essential for an e-commerce company. In order to successfully market your business online, it is important to focus on search engine and website optimization. Along with SEO techniques, it is crucial to design your website content in ways that will ensure that it is clear, concise, and relevant to your products or services.

Social Eyes Marketing is a digital marketing agency in Boise, Idaho primarily focused on providing ROI-focused strategies to make an impact in a rapidly changing online environment. We don’t just build websites, we build partnerships. Using the right keyword incorporation, backlinks, and Google My Business strategies, your business will skyrocket to the first page of Google. Don’t believe us? Take a look at our client case studies!

If you are in need of improvements to your website and/or online presence, contact Social Eyes Marketing today to schedule a free 30-minute consultation.
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4 Key Elements to Graphic Design

Multiple computers with graphic design projects on them

Competition will always be present, but how do you distinguish yourself from your competitors? It can be difficult to gauge this when you aren’t quite sure what the next best step is. At Social Eyes Marketing, graphic design is seen as a key fundamental for recreating a company’s image and a perfect place to start when trying to gain more attention for your brand! Overall, the branding of your company can affect your company along with the future profitability of your company. As your friend in the marketing world, we put together the four types of graphic design elements used to change your image and increase brand awareness!

Logo Design

Some of the most renowned companies can be easily distinguished based on their logo. Even if it’s a fortune 500, the name of the company won’t be needed as much as the logo because the logo has gained so much attention and popularity to the point where it’s easily recognizable. At Social Eyes Marketing, our graphic design team realizes this is highly important. A modern and unique logo can be a significant difference-maker when trying to gain more brand awareness for your company. By grasping a firm identity with your company, you can increase success rates all while giving your customers a brand they can trust!
Give us a call at Social Eyes Marketing! Our team is more than happy to create a stylish yet unique logo for your brand.

Social Media Marketing

It seems today that social media is tied into almost everything. Brands have turned to social media as an easy outlet to get their name out there, all while establishing their logo across multiple platforms to increase awareness and popularity. Furthermore, the consistency of these posts increases loyalty and trust amongst current and future clients. With a whopping 90% of people expecting brand consistency amongst all social media platforms, Social Eyes Marketing realizes the importance of sticking to this method. By creating a repetitive identity across multiple platforms, not only do you create a recognizable brand in your marketing presence, but it gives your customers a sense of trust that wouldn’t be obtainable without it. Afterall, strong branding can give people the confidence that they have chosen the right company to fit their needs, in turn creating loyal customers.

Print Materials

Perhaps your company isn’t quite tied into the digital world of marketing. That’s fine! Social Eyes Marketing realizes that print marketing is still alive and well. Printed brand material gives your customers a tangible product to hold on to, and with consistent advertising, they will be holding your brand in their hands more than once! Digital media advertising works well, but with the density of online advertisements, it’s easy for a future customer to swipe or scroll past your ad. Print marketing can allow you to directly target your audience, placing your brand’s advertisement right in their hand! Whether your company markets through the use of brochures, flyers, or mailers, our team has the marketing and design skills to get your company the awareness it desires.
Reach out to us today for more information!

Website Branding

Like most branding methods, a consistent presence of your logo can create trust and loyalty from your clients! When it comes to branding on your company’s website, it’s important to create a balanced distribution of your logo to build those pillars of authority and trustworthiness with your customers. Perhaps the most important piece to website branding is by establishing a high level of authenticity. Customers want to know the brand they’re looking at lacks no authenticity, because who would want to establish a relationship with a company that is perceived as dishonest? As it is, the numbers show 91% of consumers choose to place their trust in brands that have proven their authenticity! This element, along with brand consistency across your page, is a great way to foster those lifelong customers you and the business world crave. Our web design and marketing team are more than happy to help ensure your branding stays at the forefront of your web presence!

With the business world growing rapidly every day and digital media having a dominant presence, it’s imperative to stay on top of the competition. Whether its company branding, product branding, or personal branding, logo design and overall brand development is essential for any business. With graphic design being a key asset to any company, having help from professionals to create a consistent yet unique brand design might be a good idea. At Social Eyes Marketing, we look to be your friends along the way in the web design process, so the only traffic you run into is when new and repeat customers keep coming back!

Social Eyes Culture

Bird’s eye view of downtown Boise at night.

As many know how great a company Social Eyes Marketing is, a lot don’t know what our daily routine is like and how we get things done. Not only are we a group of hard working employees, we are also really exciting individuals as well! Continue reading to see what work is like in a day in the life of a Social Eyes employee!

Your Goal Is Our Priority

Here at Social Eyes Marketing we only want success for our clients. We are a very well-respected digital marketing company here based out of Boise, ID. Our goal is to give our customers the boost they need to get their businesses up and running and heading in the right direction. We provide many services related to digital marketing such as search engine optimization (SEO), web design, professional photography, and so much more. One thing we pride ourselves on here at SEM is our customer service.
We go above and beyond to make sure our client’s experience with us is enjoyable and their needs are met at a satisfactory level. At the end of the day, if our clients aren’t satisfied with our services, then our job isn’t complete. We want to make sure customers are getting exactly what they are asking for. We are willing to sit down with them to collaborate until they are content with the work.

Get To Know The Staff

Our staff here is incredible! We are an outstanding and outgoing group of individuals who work at our best when working as a team. Each and every single one of our staff members goes the extra mile to make sure our customers are having the best experience possible while they are working with us. We have a very diversified range of knowledge that make up our staff who specialize in different aspects of digital marketing.
As we all work individually on our assigned projects, in the end, we all come together to make the final product that we are proud to give to our customers. Having a great surrounding within a workplace is super important. Supportive coworkers who help you when you have a question or just have a nice presence in the office make all the difference in enjoying your job or resenting it. Luckily here at Social Eyes, we have the luxury of having everything you could ever want.

What It’s Like In The Office

What is it like in a day of the life of a Social Eyes employee? Every morning we arrive at the Hoff Building located off of Bannock Street in downtown Boise and go all the way to the top of the Hoff, the penthouse. We all have our own seating in the office and we start getting to work on our assigned projects. Sounds like a typical boring workday right? That’s where we are different. While working on our daily tasks, we listen to upbeat music that gets us in the right mood to keep us going throughout the day. As important as it is to get our work done, we like to have fun while doing it. Sometimes we will take little breaks and have non-work conversations that will spice the day up and allow us to decompress from the workload. Decompressing from constant work reloads our mind to help us focus on one thing at a time.
Occasionally, on Fridays, we will have a company outing and we will go do a fun activity to reward us for the hard work we put in during the week. Not only is it something fun to look forward to, but it is also a great time for bonding with our staff and allows us to get to know one another a little better and see what everyone is like outside of the office.

Views From The Top

As mentioned earlier, we are in the Hoff Building in downtown Boise. The best part about it is that we are on the top floor! One thing that’s unique to our office, that no one else in Boise can say, is that we have the only 360 degree office view of the entire city! Now that is something worth noting. With that being said, we have a great view of the Capitol building, the skyline of Boise, and the Owyhee foothills staring right at us.
Although it can be a great distraction throughout the day when we are working, being able to take a mental break and have a nice view to look at to regain our thoughts benefits us. Not only is it nice for our sake, but our clients enjoy coming in to have meetings with us. This gives them something to look forward to when they come into our office.
Come stop by today and make your business as great as the views are from the top of the Hoff Building.
Don’t forget to check out our Facebook page where you will find weekly updates of what’s going on at Social Eyes keep you in the loop!

Build Backlinks for More Business

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One of the more underrated aspects of expanding your business on the web is backlinking. There are several different types of backlinks that can be utilized in different ways to boost your online presence. Whether you are incorporating backlinks for your own business or a client, these tools will help you increase traffic to your desired website. In this blog, Social Eyes Marketing will show you how to develop new backlinks, build broken backlinks, and where to find the best backlinks to give you a competitive edge over your competitors.

About Backlinks

Backlinks are incorporated links from another website that connect to your website. For example, within a website, any link that directs you to another URL is a backlink. Having backlinks in different areas on the web will increase traffic to your page and improve your Google rating so you can reach the first page of Google. According to Hubspot, 75 percent of users do not scroll past the first page of Google. Backlinking is a substantial piece of achieving Google algorithm. Since Google has tweaked its algorithm, choosing relevant backlinks to post consistently is the key to improve your rating. This blog will help you become familiar with the types of backlinks and how they can be beneficial to your business!

Types of Backlinks

Citation Backlinking

Consistency is most important when building your brand through citation and directory listings. Citation and directory listings, also known as name, address, and phone number (NAP) listings boost brand awareness by increasing your presence through SEO. To add your business name into a directory or citation list, conduct a backlink search through a helpful backlinking tool like Ahrefs, UberSuggest, or BuzzSumo. When using these resources, just insert your URL into the search bar. From there, there will be a list of links. Your job is to find universal directories or citation links that are specific to your business niche. The best way to find citation lists within your business is to search a competitor’s URL in the same search bar to see where they are listed! Steal traffic from opposing businesses while boosting your brand is an easy way to get your business to the top!

Guest Post Linking

Hard work pays off! Guest post links, often the toughest but most rewarding link to obtain, are earned by providing quality content for another website or blog. To utilize guest post linking, find a willing reciprocal that will insert your link onto their website. Businesses that accept guest blog posts often get increased traffic, grow their social media presence, and improve their backlink profile, all of which ensure a chance at securing the top spot on Google. An easy way to find willing participants for the guest post is to filter your Google search results to “Blogs That Accept Guest Posts” while using the “Past Week” timeframe.

Internal/External Linking

Internal linking takes place within your own blogs. These are any links that navigate the user to another page within the same website. Incorporating your own links into your own blog not only boosts your Google rating through its algorithm but also increases traffic to your website without any cost. This is one of the easiest ways to improve your backlink score without doing research on competitors’ backlinks or using outside sources.
External linking is the addition of outbound links that are integrated into your business’s blog post. These types of links boost your SEO more than casual people think. By including external links, Google’s algorithm will better understand your business niche so it will appear in more search engines, creating more traffic to your website. Although there is no limit on the number of links you can include, most blogs make sure to have 1-2 external links.

Repair Broken Links

Once a link has been added, website changes or updates can alter that backlink to where is no longer accessible. Broken links can impact your Google algorithm rating so be sure to check on a repeated basis if there are any backlinks that need to be repaired. To repair a broken link, reach out to the website with the broken backlink and ask them to replace the backlinks with a working link that has similar information. Sometimes this may not be possible because the URL has been deleted from the web and the directory or citation list is no longer available. Be sure to delete the link altogether if the website has not gotten back to you as it may be affecting your Google rating.

The Missing Piece of the Puzzle

Because search engine optimization has become a huge part of digital marketing, people often overlook the power of the backlink. While some may see backlinking as the last piece of the puzzle to perfect search engine optimization, some people are still missing the final piece. Make sure to cover all areas of Google’s algorithm by using this forgotten strategy. For more information on search engine optimization and any other aspects of digital marketing, visit Social Eyes Marketing!
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5 Benefits Of Redesigning Your Business Logo

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Throughout the years, the design of business logos has morphed tremendously. With the marketing world transitioning to primarily online, simplified logos are becoming more popular. It’s significantly easier for a customer to remember a logo that portrays your company in a modern, sleek design rather than an overly complicated one.
Let’s take a look at the famous logo revamp of Coca-Cola. In 2007, when the company decided to simplify their logo they connected with a new generation, increased sales, and rekindled the love of Coca-Cola within the older generations. One of their new founding logo principles was “the confidence to be simple.” This case study is a prime example of how revamping your logo can reap numerous benefits for your business. Our team at Social Eyes Marketing has created a list that shares more of the advantages that you will receive after a logo redesign!

Keeps Your Logo Modern

It’s no secret that minimalistic business logos are highly popular among companies still in their infancy. This is actually changing the way that established companies are viewing their own logos. To stay popular amongst the up and coming brands large companies are realizing that they need to modernize their logos. A few ways to create a modern logo are by using simple lines, clean layouts, and bold colors. Utilizing a logo revamp also shows your customers and competitors that you are here to stay and you are ready to be flexible with the new market trends!

Attracts New Customers

Your logo may be the first thing a potential customer sees when they look up business in your genre. If you have a lackluster design, then they may scroll right past it to something newer and more visually appealing. If you have an eye-catching logo, even if the customer doesn’t initially click on your website, they will have a much higher chance of remembering your logo which will bring business in the future.
Now that we understand that younger clients look for modern logos, what about older generations? For the established brands to make all ages happy, they need to take a deep dive into why their current logo keeps customers coming back. Is it purely based on nostalgia or is there a certain color palette? Understanding this can help you redesign your logo to incorporate the elements that will appeal to your entire audience.

Reflects Your Company Identity

Every little line, splash of color, and word in your logo is going to reflect your company’s identity. Your logo is going to be the first symbol of your business that new clients will see and base their initial opinion on. Within your logo, people are going to associate your values, character, and company values all in one glance. There are many different types of logos to choose from while you are in the redesign process and you can learn from your previous logo how customers portrayed it. Learning from your current client base and asking other customers in the market is a very effective way to create a logo that accurately represents your company’s identity.

Consistent Across All Platforms

Having your logo consistent across all platforms is very beneficial for brand recognition and brand trust. If you have multiple company logos or even ones that vary slightly, then a customer is significantly less likely to remember your logo. Brand consistency is the best way to foster lifelong relationships with customers. Having a vast knowledge of your services and knowing what to expect every time they use your services helps customers feel like they personally know you. Revamping your logo to be consistent and being able to take your logo and put it everywhere you can from vans to t-shirts to all of your online platforms is going to help build your brand recognition!

Increased Revenue

When you put all of these benefits together and see how they are able to grow your customer base and promote long-lasting relationships. This will ultimately lead to increased revenue! A logo revamp will attract new clients as well as get others talking about how you changed your design. The chatter about your business will get others interested in your products or help you become a well-known brand in many households. Not only can it boost business, but all engagement on your website and social media platforms. High engagement levels can bring your business to the front page of Google or on the explore page of other platforms to get you more customers.

A logo revamp is not something to be taken lightly. When you decide it’s time to take the leap, hiring a professional is the best way to effectively update your logo. If you make a half-effort attempt to change your logo, you will see a decline in your customer base and brand recognition. Our professional design team at Social Eyes Marketing is eager to help you create a logo that fits your company’s values while fostering a modern, cutting-edge appearance. Contact us today to start your logo redesign!

Marketing For Attorneys And Law Firms

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Every business type requires a special marketing plan that is specific to its target audience. Trying to decide between the different tactics you could implement into your marketing plan takes hours of planning and researching. You have to take into account your competitors, your customer’s needs, and the location of your business. When it comes to marketing for law firms and attorneys, your biggest interest will likely be drawing in new clients. Because of the lack of repeat business, you need to make sure you are well-known and your current customers have stellar experiences. Our team of professionals at Social Eyes Marketing has created a guide to marketing for law firms and attorneys. Check it out!

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization, or SEO for short, is a process that increases the visibility of your website. Improving your SEO is a long-term strategy that entails engineering your website content in a way that Google “approves of or likes.” Not only does this increase the quantity of traffic but also the quality. Over 70% of customers will only click on the links that appear on the first page of Google based on their search.
This means when a potential client searches for “attorneys near me,” you want your website to be among the top businesses that come up. There are many different ways that you can attempt to improve your SEO, but some may work better than others based on your type of business. Using keyword-heavy, relevant content is great for targeting your intended audience.

Demonstrate Credibility

It should be instilled in all of your clients that you are trusted, hardworking, and people believe in you to fight for them. It may be easy for you to market your credibility in person when a client meets you, but online marketing involves a few different tactics. Having proof of awards and case studies on your website is great content as well as demonstrating your expertise and successful cases. Placing past client testimonials on all of your platforms will show other’s honest opinions of you and help shape your image and work ethic. It’s also important to write in a style that will resonate with how they are feeling in the moment to make them feel like you truly understand what they are going through.

Retargeting Ads

Using remarketing ads is not for every law firm, however, this can be a very successful marketing tactic if you are in the right category. For example, if you are a divorce attorney then remarketing ads may not be the right niche for you. If you are an attorney whose focus involves using the same client multiple times, remarketing ads could ensure you have clients frequently coming back to you. Some clients need to see your ads multiple times before they feel like they understand your message and almost have a sense of who you are before they are ready to contact you. If you think remarketing could be successful for your firm, here are some effective ways to create remarketing ads!

Think Locally

If you are producing content that is too general, then your target audience is not going to be successful at finding your business. Ultimately, you need to target local audiences to increase your business. When writing content, you should be specific with the location of your firm. Instead of saying “located in Idaho”, indicate that you’re in Boise, Twin Falls, etc. When a potential client Googles what service they need and add the city they’re in, you are much more likely to appear on their front page.

Use Directories

Legal directories are used to boost your business, help find new clients, and help you stand out from your competition. While there are general directories like Yellow Pages or the Better Business Bureau, using attorney-specific directories are much more beneficial. Rather than presenting as a traditional directory listing, there will also be citations that will boost your SEO. Like mentioned earlier, improved search engine optimization will increase website traffic and generate new clients. Not all directories are created equal, here is a list of the best legal directories.

Google Paid Search

While Google Ads can be a very challenging marketing tactic to master, it is highly successful. If a potential client searches a keyword that is related to your business, your advertisement will appear at the top of the page. This is a win-win situation because Google makes money from the ad you paid for and you have a new highly targeted potential client that you now know is in the market for an attorney. If you are not familiar with how to use Google Ads, it is recommended to hire a professional to avoid overspending.

Video Marketing

Implementing videos into your website and other online platforms is the perfect way to introduce yourself and make content that is easy to understand. Your client likely has no experience with the legal environment as a whole and that is why they are searching for help. Filming videos can show them that you are easy to communicate with and won’t use terms that go over their head so they will feel more comfortable. From informational to testimonial videos, this will help create a strong brand for your firm. High-quality videos will make you appear more experienced and put together which will further reassure that you are the right attorney for them. If you are looking for a professional video production service, click here!

Positive Word Of Mouth

If a client has a bad experience with your law firm, they may not be shy about letting others know. This means it is crucial to ensure that you do everything in your power to create good interactions with past, present, and future clients. If they have a good experience and you worked hard to do all you could, even if it wasn’t the outcome they hoped for, they will not be able to talk negatively about your firm. If they had a great experience they’ll spread the word to any friends, family, or coworkers who are experiencing the same situation they did. This is free advertising that will heavily pay off in the long run!

Don’t let the marketing plan for your law firm fall through the cracks. It may not seem important now but marketing significantly increases recurring business, website traffic, and bringing in new clients. If you are looking for help with search engine optimization, Google Ads, or a complete marketing campaign, contact our professional team at Social Eyes Marketing today!

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