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Digital Marketing

Marketing For Attorneys And Law Firms

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Every business type requires a special marketing plan that is specific to its target audience. Trying to decide between the different tactics you could implement into your marketing plan takes hours of planning and researching. You have to take into account your competitors, your customer’s needs, and the location of your business. When it comes to marketing for law firms and attorneys, your biggest interest will likely be drawing in new clients. Because of the lack of repeat business, you need to make sure you are well-known and your current customers have stellar experiences. Our team of professionals at Social Eyes Marketing has created a guide to marketing for law firms and attorneys. Check it out!

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization, or SEO for short, is a process that increases the visibility of your website. Improving your SEO is a long-term strategy that entails engineering your website content in a way that Google “approves of or likes.” Not only does this increase the quantity of traffic but also the quality. Over 70% of customers will only click on the links that appear on the first page of Google based on their search.
This means when a potential client searches for “attorneys near me,” you want your website to be among the top businesses that come up. There are many different ways that you can attempt to improve your SEO, but some may work better than others based on your type of business. Using keyword-heavy, relevant content is great for targeting your intended audience.

Demonstrate Credibility

It should be instilled in all of your clients that you are trusted, hardworking, and people believe in you to fight for them. It may be easy for you to market your credibility in person when a client meets you, but online marketing involves a few different tactics. Having proof of awards and case studies on your website is great content as well as demonstrating your expertise and successful cases. Placing past client testimonials on all of your platforms will show other’s honest opinions of you and help shape your image and work ethic. It’s also important to write in a style that will resonate with how they are feeling in the moment to make them feel like you truly understand what they are going through.

Retargeting Ads

Using remarketing ads is not for every law firm, however, this can be a very successful marketing tactic if you are in the right category. For example, if you are a divorce attorney then remarketing ads may not be the right niche for you. If you are an attorney whose focus involves using the same client multiple times, remarketing ads could ensure you have clients frequently coming back to you. Some clients need to see your ads multiple times before they feel like they understand your message and almost have a sense of who you are before they are ready to contact you. If you think remarketing could be successful for your firm, here are some effective ways to create remarketing ads!

Think Locally

If you are producing content that is too general, then your target audience is not going to be successful at finding your business. Ultimately, you need to target local audiences to increase your business. When writing content, you should be specific with the location of your firm. Instead of saying “located in Idaho”, indicate that you’re in Boise, Twin Falls, etc. When a potential client Googles what service they need and add the city they’re in, you are much more likely to appear on their front page.

Use Directories

Legal directories are used to boost your business, help find new clients, and help you stand out from your competition. While there are general directories like Yellow Pages or the Better Business Bureau, using attorney-specific directories are much more beneficial. Rather than presenting as a traditional directory listing, there will also be citations that will boost your SEO. Like mentioned earlier, improved search engine optimization will increase website traffic and generate new clients. Not all directories are created equal, here is a list of the best legal directories.

Google Paid Search

While Google Ads can be a very challenging marketing tactic to master, it is highly successful. If a potential client searches a keyword that is related to your business, your advertisement will appear at the top of the page. This is a win-win situation because Google makes money from the ad you paid for and you have a new highly targeted potential client that you now know is in the market for an attorney. If you are not familiar with how to use Google Ads, it is recommended to hire a professional to avoid overspending.

Video Marketing

Implementing videos into your website and other online platforms is the perfect way to introduce yourself and make content that is easy to understand. Your client likely has no experience with the legal environment as a whole and that is why they are searching for help. Filming videos can show them that you are easy to communicate with and won’t use terms that go over their head so they will feel more comfortable. From informational to testimonial videos, this will help create a strong brand for your firm. High-quality videos will make you appear more experienced and put together which will further reassure that you are the right attorney for them. If you are looking for a professional video production service, click here!

Positive Word Of Mouth

If a client has a bad experience with your law firm, they may not be shy about letting others know. This means it is crucial to ensure that you do everything in your power to create good interactions with past, present, and future clients. If they have a good experience and you worked hard to do all you could, even if it wasn’t the outcome they hoped for, they will not be able to talk negatively about your firm. If they had a great experience they’ll spread the word to any friends, family, or coworkers who are experiencing the same situation they did. This is free advertising that will heavily pay off in the long run!

Don’t let the marketing plan for your law firm fall through the cracks. It may not seem important now but marketing significantly increases recurring business, website traffic, and bringing in new clients. If you are looking for help with search engine optimization, Google Ads, or a complete marketing campaign, contact our professional team at Social Eyes Marketing today!

The Purpose Of Google Reviews

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Although some Google reviews can be taken with a grain of salt, positive reviews are essential for a business to develop and grow. When businesses post a Google review link, it allows clients to publicly post their experiences and rate the company for other customers to see. The quick and easy process allows potential customers to read past client’s reviews so they can make an informed decision for what business fits their needs the best. This process is a repeated cycle of businesses posting the link, clients writing their opinions, and prospective clients reading up on the authentic reviews. This ensures businesses cannot boost their online presence where credit is not due.
Google reviews even the playing field for small businesses and limited liability companies who may not have the numbers to compete with larger, more well-known companies. The need for reviews from a business perspective is quite different from the purpose for customers but they are equally important. The Social Eyes Marketing team has put together a plethora of the main purposes on why they are mutually beneficial for both sides!

The Purposes For Businesses

The core of Google reviews is based around a business. Businesses take these seriously because the analysis exposes the quality of the company to the entire online world. Components within Google’s search engine optimization algorithm can boost or hinder a business’s presence based on the review’s rating and comments. Multiple low-rated reviews can knock a business’s web presence from the top of organic search to the very bottom. This is why it is important to make sure clients are always getting high-quaitly products or services.

Build SEO

Now that the digital era of business is in full swing, building a brand through search engine optimization, or SEO, is essential. At the top of Google’s local searches, lies the map pack. The map pack provides users with a list of businesses that fall into the category of their search. Any qualified business in the area will get ranked based on the searcher’s keywords, reviews, and preferences. Using SEO strategies will help your business reach the top of the map pack, resulting in more exposure. In turn, this will result in more clients and more profit. However, the process is not easy and oftentimes requires professional work. Google is highly complex that a small amount of optimization will not automatically boost your company. Studies show that about 9% of Google’s entire search algorithm is based on signals similar to those of Google’s business reviews. The algorithm analyzes review quantity, velocity, and diversity as the most beneficial characteristics that boost search engine optimization. Because the map pack only offers three to four spots for the best businesses, now is the time to focus on your business’s online presence and Google reviews!


A business can gain a competitive advantage by simply paying attention to Google reviews. Google’s review links give feedback to a business, providing them with information on what they could do better to make the product or service a more enjoyable experience. From a business perspective, it is better to respond to the review to keep your online presence up to date. Customers will think highly of this because it provides the client with satisfaction knowing that their issue or praise was recognized. Google also boosts businesses that are active online because it knows that you are still in the competitive mix.

Brand Trust

Loyal and repeat customers are the holy grail to any small business. To have these well-known customers, a business must develop a trusted brand name by having a good review rating and an updated, easy to navigate webpage. A business is much more likely to get repeat customers with high ratings. If their ratings are high, the business should strategically advertise their review ratings through Google My Business or their website. It is not uncommon for a potential customer to research review links before deciding on a purchase. This is why feedback is also an essential part of building brand trust because. It helps potential customers get a sense of how the business reacts before they even visit the storefront.

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By having consistent and effective feedback, reviews will improve click rates on your business’s website. When a potential customer sees nothing but positive reviews in the Google search, not only does it improve click rating, but it can also contribute to pay-per-click services and click-through rate.

The Purposes For Customers

Google review links provide customers with information about the business that may not be available before they purchase a product or service. This could be any circumstance from late or lost shipping to extremely helpful employees. Here, old and new customers can collaborate on their experiences to decide whether or not your business is the right fit for them.

Businesses with superior reviews are easier to find on Google. Customers who want to find the most highly touted business in that specific niche are more likely to find it if Google review ratings are high. The business will often have a plethora of 5-star ratings but a good Google review score is usually between 4.2 to 4.9. Businesses that have a review rating of 4.2 or higher are much more likely to end up in the map pack of nearby businesses that fit best for the customer.

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Insight Of Other Customer’s Experiences

Perhaps the best purpose of Google reviews for a customer is the access they have to hundreds of other assessments. More often than not, customers will decide on their purchase based on the reviews. If a customer sees even one red flag while reading old ratings they are likely to keep exploring their options. Customers will also explore other review sites such as Yelp to gather more information. These details are also important for customers because Yelp reviews are generally more in-depth than those found on Google.


Customers become loyal when they repeatedly have a good experience with a business. Developing trust is a big deal for any company because loyal customers are more susceptible to post about the business. Reviews help the non-loyal or new customers know what they are getting before they get it based on positive feedback the loyal clients give to the company.

More Reviews, More Business

It’s simple! The more reviews a business receives, the higher it will climb on Google. Once your business is in the map pack or at the top of the search results, traffic to your website will consistently increase! If you have unappealing reviews, the consumer will often disregard your product or service. Social Eyes Marketing has search engine optimization experts to help you get more reviews, clicks, and customers. If you’re looking to get your website to the first page of Google, contact us to learn more!

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5 Tips For Writing Content That Converts

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Learning how to be a better writer is not as difficult as one might think. The biggest thing to remember is that it takes a lot of time and practice to master. The Digital Content Team at Social Eyes Marketing has compiled a list of our top five tips for improving your writing. Check it out!

Brush Up On Grammar

Bad grammar is one way to instantly turn away readers from your content because it can make your writing hard to follow and digest. Now, this doesn’t exactly mean that you need to have a thorough understanding of every single grammatical element – but a strong understanding of all the basics is going to be crucial for producing content that people will actually want to read. Correct grammar is one way to instantly improve your writing skills. Luckily, there are many online workshops to help you brush up on your grammar skills and give you some writing tips to implement on your website.

Remove Extra Words

Many writers will add in extra words just to fill space or try to sound smarter when ultimately, this just adds redundancy to your content. Sentences that are overwritten can confuse readers or come across as not worth taking their time to read. The power that a straightforward sentence can convey is not utilized as often as it should be!

Do Your Research

Research, research, and more research! Having correct information when you are writing about a topic that is outside your core competency is crucial to writing new content for your or your client’s website. In addition to getting you in trouble when publishing, inaccurate information can also have negative repercussions for the company you work for. Take your time to double-check those stats or quotes and make sure that you are giving credit to the author to avoid plagiarism.

Create An Outline

Outlines are great for setting up the structure of your essays or blogs. Identifying your topic and what you want the body of your writing to consist of can help get your ideas flowing. Having your ideas laid out in advance can help your writing have a better flow throughout your document. With an outline, it is also less likely to have unnecessary repetition within your writing or accidentally leave out any important information.

Rigorously Edit Your Work

Proofreading is one of the best habits that you can implement into your writing routine. Not only does editing help ensure the content you are producing is adequate, but also it will improve your writing skills in the long run. Creating a checklist is one way to effectively edit, and stepping away from your work and reviewing multiple times can help you see mistakes that you may have missed the first time you reviewed.

Becoming a better writer will be beneficial in many different aspects of your life. Editing your work and reviewing the basics of grammar are two of the biggest takeaways for improving your writing. At Social Eyes Marketing, our professional content team is constantly finding ways to write effective blogs and content for your website. For more information on how our SEO-focused blog writing service can help your website get more traffic, contact us today!

A Guide to Google Analytics and Its Benefits

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Ever since its launch in 2005, Google Analytics has continually grown to become the most used analytics service on the internet. It’s incredibly likely that most of the websites you visit utilize the service. But what is Google Analytics anyways, and are its benefits really worth it? Below, we explore what Google Analytics is and how it could benefit your business. Check it out!

What Is It?

In short, Google Analytics is a set of analytical tools that help you to understand your digital customer base a little better. It’s incredibly easy to install Google Analytics on your website: you just have to sign up for a Google account and from there Google will give you a tracking code to embed into your website.

What Does it Show Me?

After installing the code on your website, you will be able to view a number of metrics related to your website and its traffic. These metrics can be incredibly useful to you if you know how to read them and use the data to develop solutions in order to improve your website or digital advertising campaigns. Below are just a few of the metrics you will be able to track and their benefits.


This metric is to get a gauge on the demographic of your website traffic. It will break down demographic factors such as age, gender, location and device technology to name a few. This can be used to influence who you cater your website to.

Session Duration

This metric will track how long a user of your website stays on the website on average. This can be important in determining whether or not you need to make your website more eye-catching and engaging.

New vs. Returning Visitors

In this metric, you can see how many of your website visitors are new to the site, and how many have already been there before. This metric can help you determine the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns.

Bounce Rate

This is a metric that will show you how many visitors leave your website without visiting another page besides the landing page. This can help you realize if you need to make the landing page more engaging, make the website easier to navigate, or if there’s a technical error on your site.

If you’re still wondering if Google Analytics could help your business, the short answer is yes! Any business, no matter how big or small, can utilize Google Analytics to improve their business. If you need help getting started with Google Analytics, be sure to contact Social Eyes Marketing. We consider ourselves Google Analytics experts and will make sure you get the most out of your website. Give us a call today!

Building Your Brand Through Backlinks

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In order for any company to grow, people must be aware of it! Using backlinks is a successful strategy for search engine optimization and an effective way to connect your business through the web. Different types of backlinks include citation/directory listings, guest post links, and reciprocal backlinks. Involving yourself in citation, directory, and guest post linking while avoiding grow their social media presence, and improve their backlink profile, all of which ensure a chance at securing the top spot on Google. Finding and fixing any broken backlinks on your website will benefit your SEO and site authority, so you can be more reputable on the web.

Reciprocal Linking

Reciprocal linking is the exchange of hyperlinks between two websites with the goal of boosting SEO for both parties. Although they aren’t a main source to building your business reputation, reciprocal links are best in online directories within your business’s niche. This type of link can lead to people clicking away from your website, but the mutually beneficial exchange builds a relationship that helps you connect with your online community and extends your reach to more people.

Why it’s Important

Building site authority through backlinks can be an easy way to boost business online. In order to maximize search engine optimization, citation/directory listings, guest post links, and reciprocal linking are just a few ways to improve your website’s credibility. Google’s algorithms and crawlers will notice a domain’s improvement with viable backlinking and use that information to rank the domain higher for specific searches. If you would like your business to grow online through professional SEO tactics, get in contact with us today!

Showcase your Local Expertise to Increase Conversion Rates

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A big challenge for local businesses is contending with large, out-of-state companies with large, out-of-state marketing budgets. It’s easy to fall behind in Google listings or find yourself buried underneath ads from your large competitors. Although local businesses may not have as large of a marketing budget as their out-of-state competitors, they do have one big advantage. Simply being local gives them an edge over non-local competitors.

Local businesses are often highly sought after for a few reasons. Many consumers enjoy investing in their community, and that includes using local businesses as much as possible. It’s much easier to trust a business that has been operating locally because they have far more accountability than a company that’s never set foot in your town. Local businesses also have local knowledge and expertise that improves a customer’s experience.

Although local businesses already have a built-in advantage over out-of-state competition, many owners aren’t capitalizing on it. If you’re a local business owner, there are a few things that you can do to increase conversion rates on your website and bring in more leads.

List a Local Phone Number Prominently on Your Website.

Your phone number should always be prominently listed on your website. At any point, a prospective customer should be able to see a number on your website and call. On mobile, it’s crucial to have a “Click to Call” button floating on the screen. The easier it is to call you, the more calls you will receive.

Displaying your phone number not only makes it easier to call you, but also demonstrates that you are indeed a local business. With this in mind, it’s important for your area code to be the local area code.

Consumers seeking local expertise will shy away from out-of-state or 1(800) numbers. They want to speak to someone with specific knowledge of the area, and a non-local number casts doubt on regional authority.

Let’s use the example of cash home buying in the Treasure Valley. This is a highly competitive business, with both local and out-of-state businesses competing for properties. Selling a home is an emotional transaction, and many sellers prefer to have that transaction with a local buyer. Displaying the (208) area code in this case gives the local business a leg-up immediately from out-of-state competition that will be more difficult to trust.

Your Branding Needs to Appear Local.

Your brand is your identity. It is the first impression consumers have of your business. If you’re local, your branding must reflect that in order to set yourself apart from non-local competition. There are two major aspects to branding: logos and online reviews.

Your logo shouldn’t be generic. Generic looks big and national; you want your brand to look specialized and local. Try to include something easily recognizable to your local consumers within the design of your logo. For example, Action Home Buyers in Boise, Idaho uses the Idaho state shape in their logo (along with prominently displaying a local 208 phone number and using local photos). Check out their website ( to see these examples. The idea here is that you want a logo that differentiates you from your out of area competitors.

Create Specific Pages for Local Cities

The content on your website is a great opportunity to showcase your local knowledge and experience. Create local pages on your website with content specific to cities that you service. The content you put on these pages demonstrates your local knowledge and expertise to both Google’s algorithm and your prospective customers. These pages, along with the rest of your website, should feature local photos. For example, Carlon Heating & Air in based out of Nampa, Idaho, but they serve all of the surrounding cities in the Treasure Valley (Eagle, Meridian, Boise, Caldwell, etc.). So they have created multiple local service area pages for each of those individual cities. Most large, out-of-state competitors only use stock photos, which feel impersonal and staged. By using local photos, you make a subconscious connection will a potential customer, helping to increase your conversion rates.

The three practices above can massively increase conversion rates for local businesses. Local businesses do have an advantage over out-of-state competitors, but you must showcase the fact that you are local to your potential customers, otherwise you risk losing them to you out of state competitors.

The Importance of Adobe Creative Cloud in Marketing

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As marketing continues to explode in the digital world, it is important to utilize digital marketing apps that will help your business grow. Being one of the top rated application services, Adobe Creative Cloud is a combination of graphic design, video editing, web development, photography, and more that you can use to help expand your business! At Social Eyes Marketing, we want to expand your knowledge on the different aspects of these great tools!

Website Development

To start any business nowadays, you need an eye grabbing website design. With Adobe Dreamweaver, you can create and publish websites that support HTML, CSS, Javascript, and other programming languages. From being able to code to managing your web design, this application is a great first step for building your online presence!

Embedded Metadata

To help increase your SEO, adding metadata to photos on your website is crucial. To understand it easier, when you type something on Google images millions of images pop up. This is because the photos have keywords embedded in them, which causes them to show up higher in search results! Luckily, Adobe Lightroom is a great way to optimize your images! Simply import the photo to the application, add the metadata, and upload the edited photo to your website!

Enhanced Photos

If you are looking for some creativity in your publishings, Adobe InDesign is the place to start your artistry. InDesign is the ‘industry-leading layout and page design software for print and digital media’. With this innovative feature, you can create jaw dropping graphic designs as well as typography for your brand! Not only does this app have hundreds of different features within itself, but you can collaborate with your coworkers and offer feedback right on your project!

If you want to expand the horizons of your creative mind, Adobe Creative Cloud is a strong starting point. If you don’t have the technical skills or don’t have time to learn the different apps discussed above, the creative experts at Social Eyes Marketing are here to help! We are always available to answer any questions you may have about expanding your online presence, so give us a call today!

3 Essential Elements for Writing an Effective Blog Post

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So you’ve got your website up and running, social media accounts growing, but you want to give more content to your audience that will attract them to your business. Adding a blog is a great way to do that, but it can be a waste of your time and effort if you don’t do it right. At Social Eyes Marketing we help people create effective blog content, and here’s a few things we’ve learned over the years.

Make it Useful

Nowadays, there’s content everywhere. It takes on many forms, shapes, and sizes, but what’s the most successful content when it comes to blogs? It has to be useful information. Fluff doesn’t cut it anymore, and if you actually want people to come to your blog and read what you’re putting on there, your content has to be focused on a need or question that consumers are searching for. It’s well-known that showing up in organic searches is a major boost to your website’s SEO, and a strong blog can help you achieve that!

Capture the Attention – and Keep It

With the amount of distractions battling for our attention on a daily or even hourly basis, it’s especially important to keep your readers engaged with your content the whole way through. This is not to be mistaken with clickbait-y titles and misleading content, though. Compelling introductions will make your readers want to keep going, while breaking up long sections of text with bullet points, subheadings, and shorter paragraphs will keep them from getting tired or bored.

Add the “Special Sauce”

One of the best ways to keep readers engaged and wanting more? Create a personal connection with them. You can do this by telling stories from your own experiences, adding personal photos, or simply writing from a first and second person point of view. Doing this will make your readers feel like you are talking directly to them, establishing a kind of digital conversation (even if they don’t talk back).

Don’t Know Where to Start?

We can help! If you want to deliver strong, additional content to your audience but don’t know where to start, give Social Eyes a call. Our team can aid you in creative direction, content planning, or full content creation.

Why Branding and Logo Design is Important for Your Business

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There’s a lot to think about when running a business. You’re already branding yourself, maybe without even knowing it! Are you sending the right message? It’s important to have strong initial impressions in logo design and suitable branding so consumers know what to expect and are more trusting of your company.

Logo Design

A logo should not only grab your customer’s attention, but it’s also a chance for you to make an impression on what your business is all about. This is a chance for consumers to get a good grasp on your business and this may even help separate you from other competition. When logos are done well, your consumers will be able to recognize your company logo anywhere they go. This fosters brand loyalty and keeps your customers coming back again and again.


Branding comes in many different platforms. There is social media branding, print branding, and website branding, all of which are services we provide here at Social Eyes Marketing. When you brand your company correctly, you make a memorable impression with your consumers and they know what to expect from you going forward. It’s extremely important to have a good social media presence that people can recognize and share to grow your business. In our online world, your website is vital in keeping consumers on board with an easy-to-access website and pleasing athletics to look at.

Why Social Eyes Marketing?

Running your business alone is hard work. Our team of professionals can help take over the visual piece so you can focus on your work with your customers. At Social Eyes Marketing, we help create logos that are modern, original, and perfect for your business and your goals. Let us help with your online, social media, and paper presence in the area so your customers can feel confident in your company. We know how to correctly post and brand your business to ensure that you are growing traffic online and in-person!

Questions? Contact us today and we’ll be happy to help you and your business any way we can!

What To Do When You Get a Negative Review in Google My Business

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If you’re familiar at all with digital marketing and advertising, you know that Google My Business is one of the most important tools out there. Utilizing Google My Business gets your business visible on Google, one of the biggest search engines in the United States.
Through this tool you can get some very helpful feedback from consumers to help improve your product or service- but what should you do if you get a negative review? Lucky for you, the team at Social Eyes Marketing has come up with some top tips for what to do when you get a negative review for your business!

Confirm It’s Real

Generally speaking, it’s bad practice to remove negative comments and reviews. Before you resort to this, make sure it’s a genuine review from a real person. If it is, leave it. If it is fake, you can then flag the review for deletion. Though there are several ways to tell if it’s fake, a great way to find out is to contact the reviewer. Here you can find out if they actually purchased your product or service.


After confirming the review was from a real customer, now comes the response to the review. When responding to the reviewer, you should treat them just as you would your customers that left a positive review. You should be considerate of their complaints, apologize for their experience, and evaluate whether to ask them how you can make the problem right. If you only respond to positive reviews, people may get the sense that you are avoidant of customers that had issues with your product or service.

Resolve the Issue

After responding to the reviewer, you should be in contact with them to resolve their issue. Whether this is a replacement of the product they received, a free session of whatever service you offer, or a refund, your negative reviews deserve the same respect as the positive ones. After resolving the customer’s issue, you can ask them to consider editing their review. Reviewers have the option to go back in and change the score they gave you, helping your company’s overall review score.

Ask the Reputation Management Experts

Responding to negative reviews shows potential customers that you are there to help in any way possible and listen to their concerns. Not only this but getting a negative reviewer to change their score can help your total review score immensely, making your business look better.
If you need any extra help with Google My Business or reputation management, contact Social Eyes Marketing. Our Google My Business experts will help you optimize your profile and can help answer any questions. Give us a call today!

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