Would you believe me if I told you that people spend 33% of their time online watching videos? If you are reading this and are one of the people that spends 33% of their time watching videos, then you understand the importance of video marketing. Preeminently, you are aware of the fact that brands can no longer just rely on written content and images alone for social media marketing. This is considered unengaging and boring for the consumer.

Brands are recognizing the benefits of video marketing and the value of short videos. A strong video marketing campaign implies that your brand has researched its target audience and has identified the content they want to see. This provides numerous opportunities for your brand in terms of reaching its goals through creating videos that elaborate on your mission.

Importance of Video Marketing Efforts

The creation of video content is an effective way to build your brand and reach your intended audience. The production of videos allows your brand to visually explain your mission whether it be through video ads, educational videos, or explainer videos. Overall, it will help your brand increase its engagement through various social media platforms, educate your audience on your product or service, and allow your brand to engage your audience through a new medium.

All things considered, video marketing is a powerful tool that can help you gain new followers and grow your brand in a variety of ways.

Importance of Product Videos

Video content is a great way to explain your company’s product or service. Many brands focus their efforts on product videos since they educate potential customers about the benefits of their products.

Simply put, video footage allows your brand to use visual elements to help explain the benefits of your product and how it works.

How Brands Use Video Content in a Variety of Ways

Marketers have plenty of options regarding the creation of video content. Meaning it is easy to establish a good strategy that fits your company’s marketing goals. While creating a Youtube channel is the most common place to start, multiple other social media platforms are just as effective.

The majority of social media channels such as Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook allow you to post stories that disappear within 24 hours of posting. These are effective because they can be a quick and cheap way for your company to create social videos. Furthermore, it allows your brand to speak directly to both new and existing customers. However, for stories to be effective, your brand must either have or be building an intended audience.

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Live videos have become increasingly popular over the recent years, especially on social media platforms such as Youtube and Facebook. Live videos allow your viewers to retain the information presented and remember the message much more effectively. Thus, it becomes one of the most powerful ways to communicate with potential and current customers. Engaging with your customers in real time also helps you establish a personal relationship with your targeted audience by making the customer feel special. Plus, live videos often get six times as many interactions as social media videos.

Customers Love Videos

Technology has revolutionized our world. Moreover, it has made it easier for businesses to post video content while making it incredibly convenient for customers to watch.

If your company is not using video marketing efforts in your digital marketing campaigns then you are missing out, especially since it’s one of the most popular ways customers consume content.

Video Content is Great for SEO

Keywords are essential when trying to reach your intended audience. When your brand begins to upload videos on Youtube and Facebook you must use key terms. This increases your chance of being on top of Google’s search engine.

From the customer’s perspective, Google videos will often pop up as they search for various terms on the internet. Additionally, when customers search terms on various social media channels the channel itself will show up based on keywords that are searched.

As more customers visit your channel, search engines will recognize the traffic and boost them accordingly. Hence, video SEO will help increase traffic on all your social media platforms.

Importance of Goals in Video Marketing

I am sure you have heard before that “a goal without a plan is just a wish.”

Creating goals for your video content strategy is very important because it measures what your company is setting out to achieve. Goals help your business create objectives your brand wants to meet from its video marketing activities. Having a clear vision and key goals in place are critical ahead of creating your video marketing strategy.

What does a good Video Marketing Strategy Look Like

A good video marketing strategy is just as important as the execution of your video content. A solid strategy will be built around various goals concerning your company’s objective. To accomplish these goals you will want to follow an outline of the following components:

  1. Outline your video goals
  2. Know your target audience
  3. Identify the story your want to tell
  4. Create a video marketing timeline
  5. Analyze metrics of your video strategy

These components will help ensure that your video content is meaningful. It will help increase overall awareness of your brand’s mission and create opportunities for growth and expansion.

Outline of Video Marketing Goals

The goals that you create for your video content strategy will be used as marks to hit as your company sets out to achieve its goals with video content.

Ideally, your brand will want to create videos for every stage in the marketing funnel. But first, your company will want to decide which stage is most important to target. When considering the right stage of the funnel, you will want to have a deep understanding of your objectives and goals.

Video Marketing Funnel Determination

The marketing funnel is divided into three stages consisting of awareness, consideration, and decision. Each of these stages has its benefits; however, they are all designed to target a specific objective.

A concept of the conversion funnel, drilling down from "attention" to "interest" to "desire" to "action."

Awareness Stage of Marketing Funnel

If your business is wanting to attract a new set of customers you will want to focus your marketing videos on generating awareness. Your company’s video marketing strategies will be centralized around telling people about your brand’s mission through creating videos that appear in targeted search and social media ads.

For example, a social media video would be a great way to describe your business and your company’s goals to your intended audience. The video style for awareness content is generating excitement through creativity, making it easier for viewers to understand and retain the actual video.

Consideration Stage of Marketing Funnel

On the other hand, if your brand is focused on wanting to solve a customer’s problem, you will focus your efforts on the consideration stage. In the consideration stage, the customer is aware of the problem they want to solve; however, they are searching for a solution.

Ideally, the perfect marketing video for this stage is an explainer video. Explainer videos help provide your customers with general knowledge about your brand and industry. Additionally, these videos can empower potential customers to make better decisions while making your brand a trustworthy source in the process.

Decision Stage of the Marketing Funnel

This stage of the funnel is convincing your potential customers that your product or service is superior. Brands use this stage when they see inconsistency in sales.

At this point, it is all about converting your leads into sales. Since emotion is such an important factor in decision-making, your brand must create compelling videos. The content created in these videos should explain your product, why your customers are happy, and your brand itself. For example, a brand video that features someone who purchased your product and explains how it solved their problem can very captivating to potential customers.

Know your Target Audience

I am sure your business has heard of the phrase, “know your audience.” Knowing your intended audience is the foundation of your video marketing campaign. Identifying your target audience is crucial since it is impossible to reach everyone at once.

The more you know about your customers, the better you understand their needs, the easier it becomes to create a solid marketing strategy. When your brand builds a deep understanding of the intended audience then you gain a better perspective on how you are going to talk to them on video. Additionally, you will produce videos with content that relates to them by using the correct language, emotion, and tone.

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In today’s world, it is more important than ever that your brand focuses on establishing an emotional and personal connection with new and existing customers. This is all done through storytelling in marketing videos.

When you look at most viral social media and advertisement videos, they all have something in common. They have well-established stories that make their audience feel something special. A video campaign should contain a well-structured story.

Stories help people relate to your mission. Storytelling is a way we communicate with one another, playing an important role in how we relate to each other. Creating videos that are between 30 to 60 seconds long can better captivate a person’s attention by having them invest in your brand.

There is an age-old saying that actions speak louder than words, meaning that it is important for brands not just to tell but also to show how their company can offer something more superior to another. One of the greatest parts of video marketing is that your brand can visually show its benefits and what it does for people. This helps put the customer into the role of the product user, making them feel special.

Video Marketing Strategy Timeline

Once your business starts to plan your video production, it is important to implement a timeline. You should have multiple timelines specifically outlining production, video editing, and distribution. Your timeline serves as a guide to give you a perspective of how much you have done and how much you still have left to do.

Timelines are very important not just for the production department, but also for the departments of marketing and social media. This forces each department to communicate with one another to keep everyone informed on changes and completion dates.

Understand and Analyze Metrics of your Video Content

Measuring the performance of your video is essential in respect to understanding your strategy’s effectiveness. At Social Eyes Marketing, we focus on video metrics so our video marketing team centralizes its goals and objectives around delivering results.

Metrics for success differ per video marketing goal. However, our team focuses on metrics that fall under the marketing funnel. Key performance indicators such as views and impressions are also very important. They help give insight into the distribution of the videos helping your business understand if your strategy is working or not.

Other very important metrics that are analyzed throughout the video marketing strategy are attention span drop-off rates and demand generation. Both are very important indicators of success; however, demand generation allows businesses to understand if they are converting new leads into customers. The increase of new customers is vital in the development of brands, but potential customers must watch the whole video to be converted into new leads. Drop-off rates are the metric rate that explains whether your customer is watching the entire video.

This step in your marketing strategy focuses on how you will collect information, which creates a more effective video marketing campaign.

Ready, Set, Go

Video marketing can be very overwhelming at first; however, with a strategic plan in place, your business can easily produce high-quality content that reflects your brand’s mission. The team at Social Eyes Marketing implements a strong video strategy that will ensure that your brand videos provide valuable and easily digestible information.

We believe that to create a successful video marketing strategy you must have an experienced production team on your side throughout the process. Our team has a diverse group of experienced individuals who are experts in video planning and the video creation process.

Lets us grow your business through our mission of providing a plan that will help your business inspire, persuade, and educate your customers about your brand.

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